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Bro Movie Review: A Missed Opportunity To Fully Explore Its Central Themes

Modified On: 28 July 2023 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: Markandeya (Sai Tej) always seems to lack time because he feels burdened with the responsibility of looking after his family. What happens when Titan (Pawan Kalyan) gives him a second lease of life is the story


Director: Samuthirakani | Music Director: S. Thaman

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Review:  "Bro" is the remake by Samuthirakani of his Tamil film, Vinodhaya Sitham. The film follows the story of Markandeya (Mark), played by Sai Tej, who is the responsible head of his family. After a life-changing accident, he is given 90 days to live by Titan (played by Pawan Kalyan) and decides to ensure his family's well-being before he passes away. The movie explores themes of control over one's life and living without harming others.

The film's central theme is heartwarming and life-affirming but is a letdown by its execution. The movie is stretched with too many references to Pawan Kalyan's political ideologies and hit songs, detracting from the emotional core of the story. The addition of commercial elements like duets and special numbers does not appeal much and simply dilutes the emotional impact.

While Pawan Kalyan and Sai Tej's chemistry is comfortable, they do not fully meet the demands of the story. Pawan Kalyan's performance is appreciated, particularly in certain moments, but the film is seen as losing steam as it progresses. Sai Tej's portrayal of emotions is less convincing, with his strengths lying in comedic and action sequences.

The female characters in the film are having refreshing moments of strength but are also depicted as being weepy on-screen. Brahmanandam has a cameo that one wishes were weaved in better The music and cinematography are deemed average, while the VFX and costume department are considered weak points.

Overall, "Bro" had the potential to be a poignant tale of a man's journey but falls short due to its execution and the inclusion of unnecessary commercial elements. The film is seen as a missed opportunity to fully explore its central themes effectively.

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