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Moviekoop Coins
Because You Deserve It!

What is the Journey without a Reward?

In Moviekoop, we believe that all movie buffs should be rewarded with the best offers for the fandom they show.

Referral Policy Rewards

How To Earn Coins

Free Ticket Contest

Participate in Free Ticket Contest and Win Coins!
1 Coin / Ad View


Invite a Movie Buff

Invite a Movie Buff and you and your friend get 50 coins.
50 Coins / Referral


Update And Verify Phone Number

Update and Verify Your Phone Number to get 50 coins.
50 Coins


Update Language Preference

Update your Movie Language Preference and win 25 coins.
25 Coins


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Moviekoop means “Couplor Technologies Private Limited".
  2. MK Coins is an instrument to earn credit points on your transactions made on India site (“website, mobile apps and mobile web”) only. The credit points get credited to a customer's Moviekoop account and can be redeemed only for coupons on the website, mobile apps and mobile web.
  3. MK Coins, its benefits and terms and condition are valid from 01st March, 2020.
  4. Customers using MK Coins should be above the age of 18 with a correct mailing address in India and eligible as per the rules laid down by business. These rules are subject to change.
  5. Customers may opt to receive MK Coins as refunds on bookings made on the website, mobile apps and mobile web instead of cash, which can be used for making further transactions on the website, mobile apps and mobile web.
  6. MK Coins does not bear interest, and is non-refundable (subject to the relevant RBI guidelines).
  7. MK Coins that you earn when you transact on the website, mobile apps and mobile web has a definite validity of 365 days.
  8. Transactions on the website, mobile apps and mobile web can be made using a combination of MK Coins and other payment methods. - For transactions made using combination of MK Coins and other payment methods, in case of cancellation, the refunds would be adjusted in your MK Coins account first and then in your credit/debit/net banking account from which the transaction was made.
  9. In case of cancellation of transactions made through MK Coins only, the refunds if any after deducting cancellation charges will be processed into your Moviekoop registered account in the form of MK Coins only.
  10. MK Coins at all times remains the property of Moviekoop, which reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion and without giving notice to such customers to withdraw the same and benefits arising from it.
  11. MK Coins and terms thereof may be modified at the sole discretion of Moviekoop without prior intimation to the customers.
  12. Moviekoop shall not be liable in the event it fails to fulfil any of its obligations under this agreement due to flood, earthquake, storm, cyclone or any other acts of god of similar nature, war strike, lockout, or governmental or judicial or quasi-judicial policies/intervention/direction /prohibition or change in law or for any other reasons beyond its control.
  13. A waiver of any of the terms and conditions by Moviekoop shall not be deemed to be a continuing waiver, but shall apply solely to the instances to which the waiver is directed.
  14. All claims and disputes arising under the terms and conditions should be notified to Moviekoop within 15 days post transaction date after which no customer shall have any claim against Moviekoop.
  15. Moviekoop reserves the right to change, at any time, these terms and conditions, features and benefits offered through MK Coins.
  16. Moviekoop shall have the right to transfer, assign and sell in any manner, in whole or in part, MK Coins to any third party of its choice without reference or intimation to the customers.
  17. Moviekoop shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination or change of the – MK Coins or any of its facilities, benefits or arrangements which are made available to customers utilizing MK Coins.
  18. Customer grants his/her consent to Moviekoop for creating, storing, maintaining and updating their personal data. Such data shall include customer’s data (like name, address, telephone number, mobile number, date of birth, areas of interest, preferences etc. as provided by the customers), usage data (including without limitation, transactions and MK Coins accrued, etc.), and data concerning contacts with Moviekoop (including without limitation, enquiry regarding transactions) for the purpose of providing relevant information, personalized offers and customer services to the customers.
  19. All customer data shall be collected, stored, protected and used in the manner indicated in Moviekoop’s Privacy Policy (as updated from time to time) available at
  20. The customer solicits and authorizes Moviekoop to contact him by voice call, sms and/ or email. Customer hereby unconditionally consents that such contact by Moviekoop is (a) upon the request and authorization of the Customer, (b) 'transactional' and not an 'unsolicited commercial communication' as per the guidelines of Telecom Regulation Authority of India (TRAI) and (c) in compliance with the relevant guidelines of TRAI or such other authority in India and abroad. The Customer will indemnify Moviekoop against all types of losses and damages incurred by Moviekoop due to any action taken by TRAI, Access Providers (as per TRAI regulations) or any other authority due to any erroneous compliant raised by the Customer on Moviekoop with respect to the intimations mentioned above or due to a wrong number or email id being provided by the customer for any reason whatsoever.
  21. MK Coins is available to registered Moviekoop customers only. It is the customers' responsibility to share the correct communication details with Moviekoop at the time of signing up for his account in Moviekoop. Customers are required to inform any changes to registered contact number, email address and address to Moviekoop immediately.
  22. Moviekoop reserves the right to offer MK Coins to any customer as it may deem fit.
  23. Registration to Moviekoop account is at the sole discretion of Moviekoop and it may refuse membership to any applicant without assigning any reasons.