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Sandalwood Movie Reviews

Avatara Purusha 2 Movie Review : Suni’s Black Magic Drama Fails To Bewitch Us This Time

06 April 2024
Avatara Purusha 2 Movie Review: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5 | Avatara Purusha 2 struggles to blend comedy and supernatural elements, feeling disjointed. While it may interest fans of the first part, it lacks a satisfying conclusion, hinting at a potential third installment. ... Read more

Yuva Movie Review: A power-packed family entertainer showcasing the talents of the lead actor

29 March 2024
Yuva Movie Review⭐⭐⭐ / 5 : Storyline: A rebellious youngster known for gang wars in his college is forced to be responsible and mend his attitude when his family falls in trouble. ... Read more

Upadhyaksha Movie Review: Upadhyaksha: Chikkanna stands out with his comedic performance in his debut flick as the hero

26 January 2024
Upadhyaksha storyline: The film is about a villager, Narayana (Chikkanna), who is the vice president of "Chi-Thu" sangha and refuses to get promoted to the president's place because of his affection towards the current president. He fights Shiva Rudregowda ( P Ravishankar), the local goon, to win over his beloved Anjali (Malaika T Vasupal). ... Read more

Bachelor Party Movie Review: Bachelor Party Struggles To Balance Between Being Peppy And Lackadaisical

26 January 2024
Bachelor Party Movie Storyline: A meek youngster Santosh (Diganth Manchale), stuck in a bad marriage, and a miserable life, lands up in Bangkok with his school friend, Maddy (Yogi), and teacher, PT Sir (Achyut Kumar) after a bachelor party. A bigger surprise awaits him even as he gets ready to return home. ... Read more

Kaatera Movie Review: Darshan and Tharun Sudhir's Rural Action Drama Ensures an Intense Cinematic Experience

29 December 2023
Kaatera Movie Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kaatera caters to film enthusiasts looking for a blend of entertainment and meaningful content. Despite a few shortcomings, the movie successfully communicates a powerful message while providing captivating entertainment. Read full movie review here. ... Read more

Bad Manners Movie Review: A Journey of Suspense and Craftsmanship

24 November 2023
Bad Manners Movie Review: Helmed by Duniya Soori, the Kannada movie "Bad Manners" hit theaters on November 24, 2023. This gripping thriller stars Abishek Ambareesh, Rachita Ram, Sharath Lohitashwa and Niranjan in prominent roles. ... Read more

'Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side B' Movie Review: Rakshit Shetty's performance is impactful and the movie is both powerful and intense.

17 November 2023
The eagerly awaited Rakshit Shetty-starrer 'Sapta Sagaradaache Ello – Side B' has hit theaters. The story follows Manu and Priya, a couple from a middle-class background who fall in love. Their relationship takes a turn when Manu ends up in jail due to certain circumstances. The first instalment is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. ... Read more

Tagaru Palya Movie Review: A heartwarming and humorous film that balances comedy and emotion

28 October 2023
Tagaru Palya Storyline: The film begins with Pandappa (Rangayana Raghu) inviting the village community for a feast. ... Read more

'Ghost' Movie Review: Shiva Rajkumar's Film Exudes Style and Power!

19 October 2023
In 'Ghost,' the main role is portrayed by Shiva Rajkumar. The heist movie directed by MG Srinivas also features Jayaram and Anupam Kher. During the festive Navratri week, the only Kannada release is "Ghost," starring the renowned actor Shivarajkumar. This film follows his blockbuster "Jailer," which featured Rajinikanth. ... Read more
04 October 2023
The trailer of Shivarajkumar's upcoming film "Ghost" seems to have created quite a buzz among his fans, especially because it features vintage Shivarajkumar. The use of technology and VFX has allowed viewers to see the actor in a way reminiscent of his earlier films. ... Read more

Baanadaariyalli Movie Review: A Combination Of Romance, Emotion, And Captivating Visuals

28 September 2023
Storyline: Leela (Rukmini Vasanth) grows up being fascinated by animals and caring for the environment. Her father is everything to her, but their close-knit bond gets disrupted when Siddharth, fondly called Siddu (Ganesh), falls in love with Leela. ... Read more

Tatsama Tadbhava Movie Review : This thriller is worth viewing in theaters, promising an engaging and suspenseful experience

16 September 2023
Storyline: Arika ( Meghana Raj ) desperately inquires about her missing husband and seeks help from the Doddabale Police Station, led by Inspector Aravind Ashwathama ( Prajwal Devaraj ). ... Read more

Toby Movie Review: A Good Cinematic Experience, With Slow-Paced Narration And Predictable Premise

26 August 2023
"Toby" Storyline: "Toby" explores the complexities of human nature and relationships in the backdrop of a quaint village named Thamas Katte in Coastal Karnataka. ... Read more

Kousalya Supraja Rama Movie Review: Movie Addresses The Issue Of Male Ego And Gender Roles In A Family

27 July 2023
Storyline: Ram (Darling Krishna) is a chauvinist who grows up emulating his chauvinistic father but faces a turning point in his life when he meets Shivani. When he meets Shivani (Brinda Acharya), he is forced to mend his ways. Does he change? ... Read more

Darbar Movie Review: A Rural Political Drama Which Fails To Captivate The Audience

11 June 2023
Storyline: Madhu (Sathish), a straightforward and principled man from a village, becomes a target of individuals involved in illegal activities. His unwavering commitment to justice and his refusal to tolerate unlawful behavior create conflicts and tensions between him and those who wish to exploit the system for their own gain. ... Read more

Raghavendra Stores Movie Review: A true Jaggesh film with relevant and realistic subject

29 April 2023
Storyline: Hayavadana (Jaggesh), a 41-year-old cook, cannot find a bride due to his age and profession. When he finally gets married after getting a match in a dramatic way, it is not rosy for the newlyweds who have to battle one hurdle after the other. ... Read more

Shivaji Surathkal 2 Movie Review: A blend of murder mystery with an emotional twist

14 April 2023
Storyline: The responsibility of catching a serial killer who is on the loose is on Shivaji Surathkal (Ramesh Aravind). The case becomes complex just when Shivaji is about to solve it. Four murders, time running out, and no clues; can Shivaji stop the next murder and save the victim? ... Read more

Pentagon Movie Review : Pentagon: A narration of five contrasting stories

10 April 2023
Pentagon is a Kannada movie released on 7 Apr 2023. The movie is directed by Kiran Kumar, and Guru Deshpande. Kishore Kumar G., Prakash Belawadi, P. Ravi Shankar, and Pramod Shetty are in lead roles. Sagar Gowda, Vamsi Krishna, and Anusha Rai also have major roles. ... Read more

Kabzaa movie review: Above average action entertainer

17 March 2023
Storyline: R Chandru’s 'Kabzaa' tells us the story of the unstoppable rise of the once-saintly and now-deadly Arkeshwara (Upendra), an Indian Air Force pilot, in detail. ... Read more

Gowli movie review: Srinagar Kitty's comeback film is intriguing

24 February 2023
Storyline: In a rural town of North Karnataka, an honest shepherd, Gowli, faces an extreme threat when the local cop robs him of all his cattle, which happens to be his only means of survival. ... Read more

Once Upon A Time In Jamaligudda Movie Review : A simple, feel-good film

01 January 2023
Storyline: Chukki narrates the story of the childhood that she spent with her uncle, Hiroshima (Dhananjaya), which also includes a gruesome murder. ... Read more

Banaras Movie review: A touching and mysterious love story

04 November 2022
Storyline: A touching and mysterious love story of Siddharth and Dhani, set in the backdrop of Kashi, with the concept of time travel. The protagonist acts in multiple time zones to amend his misadventure. ... Read more

Gandhada Gudi Review: Puneeth Rajkumar’s Dream Project Is An Experience Of A Lifetime,Must watch for all

28 October 2022
Storyline: Puneeth Rajkumar was known to be an avid travel and adventure buff. To explore Karnataka’s rich bio-diversity he teamed up with award-winning wildlife filmmaker Amoghavarsha. Together, they took off on a journey across the length and breadth of the state, the end result of which is a visual spectacle of hidden gems. ... Read more

Head Bush Movie Review: A cult classic that tells the tale of the underbelly of Bengaluru

21 October 2022
Storyline: Head Bush is about Jayaraj (Dhananjaya), his friends, foes, police officers, and the politicians who changed the course of the political scenario of Bengaluru in the 1970s. The film focuses on the rise and rise of Jayaraj - from a teenager to a rowdy to a mass hero. ... Read more

Champion Movie Review: A pakka commercial movie with all elements in it

14 October 2022
Storyline: Siddarth (Sachin Dhanpal) from Thirthahalli is an athlete who aspires to make it big in his career and faces many adversities. ... Read more

Kantara Movie Review: Undoubtedly a wonderful theatrical experience

01 October 2022
Storyline: Henchman Shiva (Rishab Shetty) lives in a small tribal hamlet with his mother. An unforgettable incident that he had witnessed during his childhood made him stay away from the traditional Daivaradhane and Bhoota Kola legacy. ... Read more

Guru Shishyaru Movie Review: Guru Shishyaru is a break from mindless action films with its honest and neat making

24 September 2022
Storyline: The film is set in the early 90s. Former Kho-Kho national champion Manohar (Sharan) is now a lethargic man, who lives with his guru (Dattanna) in a small house. He gets a job offer as a PT teacher in an aided school in Bettadapura village. ... Read more

Lucky Man Movie Review: A faithful remake of the Tamil original 'Oh My Kadavule'

10 September 2022
Storyline: Arjun and Anu, best friends who are married, are on the verge of getting a divorce. Arjun happens to meet God, who inquires about what went wrong with this couple. Whether Arjun gets a second chance to live his life without making the same mistakes or not is the plot. ... Read more

Gaalipata 2 Movie Review : A tale of three friends and their quest to find romance and more in life

13 August 2022
Storyline: Three former college friends take a trip back to their college in Neerkote to check on their favorite Kannada lecturer, who they came to know is experiencing some hallucinations. As they head to meet him with the hope of helping him out, the viewers is shown the lives of the trio while they were in college, their misadventures, romances ... Read more

NODI SWAMY IVANU IRODE HEEGE REVIEW : A dark comedy which can make for a good weekend watch

06 August 2022
Storyline: Saikumar has broken up with his ‘baby doll’.Even after a lapse of five years though he is doing well professionally, he still is not over it and is suffering from depression and trying to kill himself whether he succeeds in his mission is the story ... Read more

Vikrant Rona Movie Review : Anup Bhandari’s dark fantasy adventure (in 3D)

28 July 2022
Storyline: A fictitious village in an undisclosed era sees mysterious sightings as the children go missing. Culprit whether man or devil is not known. Can Vikrant Rona (Kiccha Sudeep), the cigar-smoking, new cop in the ghostly town crack the puzzle and hunt down those responsible when everyone’s a suspect? ... Read more

Bairagee Movie Review : A good watch for both family audiences and front benchers

01 July 2022
Story-line: Huli Shiva, a hulivesha artiste, works in a police station, doing odd jobs. When he moves along with his inspector friend to a new city, he meets many new people, including Vathapi and Karna. ... Read more

Trivikrama Movie Review : A formulaic romantic film with regular doses of action and songs

24 June 2022
Story-line: Vikram, a rough and tough middle-class guy, falls in love with Trisha, an ahimsa-loving Jain girl. When things seem to be going their way, Vikram's dark past is revealed, causing a crack in their relationship. Do they unite together? ... Read more

Thurthu Nirgamana Movie Review : A wholesome watch to the family

24 June 2022
Story-line: Vikram, at 32, finds himself dead in a morgue. When he gets the chance to relive his last three days to make up for all that he has left unfulfilled, does he able to utilise the chance to the maximum? ... Read more

Harikathe Alla Girikathe Movie Review : A film that promises some good laughs

23 June 2022
Story-line: Three persons - an aspiring director Giri, a bulked-up villain Giri, and an aspiring actress Girija - cross paths by accident. They join hands to make a film, but this escapade ends up being more than what they had expected. ... Read more

777 Charlie Movie Review : An endearing tale of the human-animal bond

04 June 2022
Story-line: When a lively dog enters a loner Dharma's (Rakshit Shetty) life it turns around for the better. ... Read more
06 May 2022
Story-line: When a son of an Ayurveda scholar goes missing, he blames his sister and cuts all ties with her. When the latter's daughter decides to set things right with a devious plan, there seems to be more trouble waiting for the family. ... Read more

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review: A story of raw machismo and a hint at a possible third chapter

13 April 2022
Storyline: Raja Krishnappa Bairya aka Rocky Bhai has become the ruler of KGF after killing Adheera. But as he decides to own the world, he finds big enemies in the form Adheera and Ramika Sen. Whether he gets his 'duniya' is to be seen on the silver screen! ... Read more
03 April 2022
Story-line: Renuka Prasad is a homemaker who takes care of his daughter Kundana, while his wife is a top reporter. What led Renuka, a successful professional, to choose to give up his career? ... Read more

James Movie Review : Appu shines in his Power-packed Star avatar

18 March 2022
Storyline: Santhosh Kumar, with another name James, runs a security agency and has been commissioned to take care of a family that owns a drug cartel. He is swift, agile, and deft with his work and wins the appreciation of everyone. But is there more than this what Santhosh (James) does is the story. ... Read more

Sold Movie Review : A thriller with elements of documentary-style narrative

04 March 2022
Storyline: A 10-year-old girl, Rashmi, is kidnapped by a gang into human trafficking. Journalist Ruchita decides to dig deeper, and she discovers a completely different side to the city. ... Read more

Old Monk Movie Review: Definitely a good watch for the entire family

25 February 2022
Storyline: The story is about Narada being banished to earth by Lord Krishna after he creates a fight between Krishna and Rukmini. The only way he can redeem himself is by getting married! ... Read more

Ek Love Ya Movie Review: Raanna shines completely

24 February 2022
Story: Amar, an aspiring lawyer, leads a life of drunkenness and debauchery after having his heartbroken by his classmate, Anitha. Just when you think his life is set to get back on track, there is a twist that puts him in the midst of proving his love was real. ... Read more
18 February 2022
Balu and Leela are both tired of their mundane family lives in their small towns and go to Bengaluru in search of a better life. They end up being colleagues and form a bond that is deeper than friendship. Will they, who dislike marriage and conventional ties, find a happy ending to their modern love story? ... Read more
18 February 2022
Abhi, from a broken home, leads a sad life as he studies in a medical college. He falls in love with Bhoomika, aka Baby Boo, a social media crazy collegemate. He finds an unlikely kindred 'spirit' to help woo her. ... Read more


07 February 2022
Arts and crafts 'professor' Gopi is excited about his first day as a teacher in a government school. What seems to be his ideal first day ends up being a misadventure when the school is held hostage by four people on a mission. ... Read more

Love You Rachchu Movie Review : A tale of a husband's fierce love for his wife

31 December 2021
A couple is leading the perfect marital life. The story is about the wife subjected to a tough situation that leads her to kill the driver and how they get out of the mess. ... Read more

Rider Movie Review: A movie with romance and lots of mass appeal

26 December 2021
Chinnu and Kitty develop a deep bond at an orphanage in childhood. Now grown up, they are Soumya and Surya, both of whom are in search of their lost childhood friend who they love unconditionally. Will they find one another? ... Read more

Badava Rascal review: A film with fun and meaningful content

24 December 2021
Shankara, the protagonist, narrates his story to a gang of rowdies who had picked him up along with his friend after a street fight. ... Read more

Kannadiga Movie review :A story of uplifting and upholding of Kannada

18 December 2021
Gunabhadra, a descendant of writer Samanthabhadra, wants to preserve the Kannada language and fulfill his ancestors' dream and thinks he has found an ally in German Ferdinand Kittel. ... Read more

Drishya 2 Movie Review: Technically sound and keeps one hooked

10 December 2021
Rajendra Ponnappa, who had cleverly ensured his family avoided punishment for an accidental crime they were part of, is now leading the good life. ... Read more

Madhagaja Movie Review: A action-packed film loaded with sentiments

03 December 2021
Madhagaja deals with the two warring lords fighting over water and bloodshed. When the wife of one of them decides to send her son away from the land to a safe space, he returns to the same battlefield, much to her exasperation. ... Read more

Sakath Movie Review : Ganesh in his best forms in this quirky comedy of errors

26 November 2021
Baalu is an aspiring singer, who ends up on a reality show to woo the anchor Mayuri. While Baalu seems to have a happy life going, he chances upon a murder that puts him in a fix. What follows next is a quirky comedy of errors. ... Read more

100 Movie Review: A good choice for a family movie outing for a weekend

19 November 2021
Police officer Vishnu, very honest, seems to have the perfect professional and personal life. When a stranger named Harsha, who manipulates and cheats women online, enters his life, he's in for a roller-coaster ride. ... Read more

Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana Movie Review: A mass entertainer which leaves lasting impressions

19 November 2021
Shiva and Hari, two friends who are polar opposites in demeanour, are the terror in Mangaladevi. What happens when ego, ambition, and jealousy creep in between their strong friendship? ... Read more

Premam Poojyam Movie Review : Prem excels in this excessively long romantic drama

14 November 2021
Dr. Sri Hari is a selfless cardiologist, who loves and worships his profession. When a patient, Yojitha, stumbles on his diary, we get to know of his love story that has turned him into a successful surgeon. ... Read more

Kotigobba3: Has more classy than ‘massy’ approach

19 October 2021
Sathya, a philanthropist who now runs an orphanage, has to go to Poland for the treatment of young Janu. While there, an international criminal named Ghost carries out crimes. Who is Ghost? And what has Sathya got to do with it all? ... Read more

Salaga: A commendable directorial debut by Duniya Vijay

14 October 2021
Salaga, the debut directorial of Duniya Vijay was released today (14th Oct.2021) on the festive day of Navami and Ayudha pooja. ... Read more

Ikkat Movie Review: A clean watchable humour

21 July 2021
Ikkat is loaded with clean humor, which is established in the way Bengalureans live, talk, eat and engage one another. The parody comes from the couple's battle to adapt to life under lockdown. ... Read more

Yuvarathnaa Movie Review: Mass entertainment with social message

01 April 2021
Puneeth Rajkumar starrer Yuvarathnaa entertains fans and has an ample dose of action, sentiments, comedy and even a dash of romance. ... Read more

Pogaru Movie Review: A mass entertainer which doesn't have anything new to offer

26 February 2021
Dhruva Sarja's Pogaru tries to replicate time-tested mother-son sentimental drama as it portrays protagonist Shiva (Dhruva Sarja) leading a fearless life. The director goes overboard in casting the hero in the mould of a mass character. ... Read more

French Biriyani Movie Review: This 'Biriyani' is Tasteless!

24 July 2020
The plot is quite inspired by film Delhi Belly (2011). But instead of extracting the quirkiness from the premise or the characters, the film lingers with blandness and senseless humour. ... Read more

Love Mocktail Movie Review: An enjoyable ride with perfect blend of romance and nostalgia.

19 March 2020
Darling Krishna’s Love Mocktail gets this connect right as he takes a slice out of a common man's life. The movie takes off with a middle-aged Adi (Darling Krishna) driving to the coastal region and rescuing a woman on the way. She accompanies him through the journey where he opens up about his love, life and plight of emotions he has been through. ... Read more

Dia Movie Review: An unpredictable love story which is impactful.

19 March 2020
Dia is an unusual, unpredictable love story with sheer of uniqueness. the film is directed by KS Ashoka who debuted with 2013 lost and found footage horror film 6-5=2. ... Read more

Drona Movie Review: Shivarajkumar starrer film is a message driven which will not dissapoint you.

06 March 2020
The film is a Tamil remake of Samuthirakani-starrer, Saattai. And like the Tamil version, this film also has a defect of being too preachy. ... Read more

Shivaji Suratkal: The Case Of Ranagiri Rahasya Movie Review: Ramesh Aravind starrrer is an entertaining thriller you should not miss.

20 February 2020
Ramesh Aravind shines throughout the film which is a tribute to Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie's novel. This whodunit has an engaging screenplay with a gripping first half but loses a bit grip in second half due to some flaws in the staging of the scenes and a dragging post-climax sequence. ... Read more

Malgudi Days Movie Review: Vijay Raghavendra's film is a Nostalgic Trip.

07 February 2020
If you love films that take their time to draw you in and are a fan of nostalgia-inducing, emotional, rural narratives and childhood experiences like first love, antics at school, etc, this movie is the pick for you. ... Read more

Odeya Movie Review: Three hours long whistle fest for fans nothing more or less than that.

13 December 2019
The film is just an age-old mass masala entertainer which ticks all boxes of a Darshan fans' needs from his movies. ... Read more

Pailwaan Movie Review: It's a Kiccha Sudeep's Show.

12 September 2019
Pailwaan is an entertaining sports drama which exploits Sudeep brilliant performances but with an ordinary script. ... Read more

'Chitrakatha' Kannada Movie Review: A Psychological thriller which needs your attention

17 July 2019
Recently Kannada movies are gifting us with some good psychological thrillers such as 'Lucia' and 'U-turn', Chitralekha is the new offering. ... Read more

'Yaana' Movie Review: The movie is fresh take on friendship through women's perspective.

12 July 2019
This simple tale of friendship is engaging due to its fresh faces, the debutants Vaibhavi, Vainidhi, and Vaisiri. ... Read more

Devaki Movie Review : the dark and dingy side of Kolkata, with trafficking, prostitution and lonely lanes

04 July 2019
Devaki is not the usual outing that one would go to. It can leave one teary-eyed, especially towards the end of the film. If you're looking for a hatke experience that brings in something new, then this is for you. ... Read more

99 Movie Review: Those who haven’t watched the original will not get disappointed.

03 May 2019
Those who have seen the original might be disappointed because of its exact cut copy paste of the original with Tamil dialogues literally translated to the original. ... Read more

‘Premier Padmini’ review: A well written fun family ride.

29 April 2019
This is seldom Kannada film that deals with relationships, of many kinds, in urban and rural settings. ... Read more

Kavaludaari Movie Review: A neo-noir thriller which drags in some part but doesn’t deviate from the plot.

12 April 2019
Its seldom we see a neo-noir thriller in Sandalwood. Hemanth Rao has written a well-etched script and the characters do justification to the role. ... Read more

Kavacha Review: A remake which is an overdose commercial version of the original.

03 April 2019
The film has retained scenes and plot of the original Malayalam movie ‘Oppam’ starring Mohanlal which was directed by Priyadarshan. ... Read more

Bell Bottom Movie Review: Parody Detective with a Curious Case !

12 February 2019
Rishabh Shetty's Bell Bottom, is a sure-shot Family Entertainer, having elements to please audiences of all age-groups. The mystery in this Detective movie keeps you intrigued, But losses its charm when the motives behind it are revealed. if you could just bear with uncalled for twits in the climax the movie will Surely Entertain you throughout. ... Read more

Natasaarvabhowma Movie Review : A Revenge-Drama at its Core, Puneeth Rajkumar Starrer has all elements of a Good Commercial Entertainer.

07 February 2019
Natasaarvabhowma, a Ghost revenge Drama, is an out-and-out Puneeth Rajkumar Show! It has all ingredients of a Commercial Entertainer, made purely for its target audience. ... Read more

Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni Movie Review

17 January 2019
Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni, deals with the subject of Crime-Thriller in a different way than usual (Dark and realistic) rather as a commercial entertainer. But how much this blend will succeed in impressing you, check-out in this detailed review ... Read more

KGF Movie Review

16 December 2018
KGF Movie Review / K.G.F Chapter 1 Review: A Movie For Yash Fans All The Way. ... Read more

Orange Movie Review

07 December 2018
Orange Movie Review: Orange is an Indian kannada romantic entertainer movie directed by Prashant Raj starring Golden Star Ganesh and Priya Anand in the lead role. Check this space for Orange Movie Review. ... Read more