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Goosebumps 2 - Haunted Halloween Movie Review: Not Scary For A Faint-Hearted

25 October 2018
Goosebumps 2 - Haunted Halloween Movie Review: The famous works of RL Stine were frequently loved by most of the teens and they have been adapted into films and TV shows as well. Check out our review for the sequel right here. ... Read more

David Schwimmer States That "Its Not Him" Who Stole The Beers

25 October 2018
The internet was shaken with a shocking news which stated about David Schwimmer stealing a crate full of beers from a store and making a run for it. This has been going on the rounds for many hours ever since we got the wind of it. ... Read more

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First Man Movie Review: A Peek Into The Historic Event Of The Century

12 October 2018
First Man Movie Review: Ryan Gosling has decided to take up a really cool subject in his acting career after his stint in La La Land in 2016. The film is directed by Damien Chazelle and produced by Universal Pictures. ... Read more

Smallfoot Movie Review

04 October 2018
A Yeti is convinced that the elusive creatures known as “humans” really do exist. ... Read more

Vice Trailer Decode; Its time. This is big and you won’t see it coming. A conversation for the upcoming award season.

04 October 2018
Christian Bale leaves us speechless. Totally transformed just like a chameleon It was almost unidentifiable who it was… but holy moly it was astonishing to find out it was ex-Batman himself. The movie is a biographical drama to the life and work of Dick Cheney. ... Read more

Venom Movie Review: Not the great movie we were expecting it to be

04 October 2018
An alien life form bonds with a disgraced reporter and they find a way to work together in Ruben Fleischer’s Venom. ... Read more

Gal Gadot To Feature In Death On The Nile

01 October 2018
Gal Gadot seems to be on a role for bagging the role in the film adaptation of Agatha Christie's book Death On A Nile and it will be directed by Kenneth Branagh. ... Read more

Holmes and Watson trailer decode: Not your usual Sherlock Holmes

01 October 2018
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are back to their usual absurd antics in a new trailer for Colombia Picture’s latest comedy “Holmes and Watson,” released Friday. ... Read more

Dark Phoenix Trailer Decode: Unleash Your Power

27 September 2018
The next X-Men movie has finally released the trailer for the anticipated movie of the year Dark Phoenix. ... Read more

Johnny English Strikes Again Movie Review: Wanna be James Bond and Kingsmen makeover, minus Technology

21 September 2018
We 90’s kids have had our moments of glory watching John Atkinson’s silent acting bring us moments of infinite laughter. He was funny on a whole new level only few could act out. The first two parts gained much praise and name from the box office. ... Read more

Captain Marvel Trailer Decode - Most Underrated Trailer

19 September 2018
Captain Marvel Trailer Decode - Most Underrated trailer. A big ticket although to keep fans on their feet on their wait for the 2019 upcoming releases. ... Read more

Mary Poppins Returns: Trailer Decode

18 September 2018
Mary poppins reminding us time and time again that anything is possible with just a bit of imagination ... Read more

The First Look Of Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker

18 September 2018
The Joker happens to be one of the most loved villains in the DC Universe and there is no deniable fact that the only actor who could pull this off was none other than Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. ... Read more

Tatiana Maslany's pin at the Emmy's shows her support to the LGBT community

17 September 2018
Tatiana Maslany's Emmys Pin Was a Powerful Statement of Support for the LGBT Community And you can get your very own. ... Read more

Woody Allen’s Wife Soon-Yi Previn Defends Him, Claims Mia Farrow Abused Her

17 September 2018
Woody Allen‘s wife, Soon-Yi Previn, defended her husband against abuse allegations in an interview with New York magazine on Sunday ... Read more

Matthew Perry Emerges Victorious After 3 Months Of Hospitalization

17 September 2018
Matthew Perry, the actor who is famous for his portrayal of Chandler Bing in the popular series FRIENDS had been hospitalized for 3 months and he emerged victorious in this life-threatening battle. ... Read more

The excitement that comes along when we find out about Avengers 4 shoots

16 September 2018
Here’s what you need to know about the ‘Avengers 4’ reshoots that are taking place currently ... Read more

The Nun Movie Review: Combinations of subtle suspenses and jumpscares

12 September 2018
Ever had a strict teacher the whole class was afraid of? And then down the line, you start getting to know their true colours and start to find it funny everytime she/he tried being scary again. I had the opportunity to rediscover this feeling all over again. ... Read more

Dev Patel unmasks the emotions behind ‘Hotel Mumbai’

11 September 2018
As TIFF was served with the exclusive premiere of Anthony Maras’s ‘Hotel Mumbai’, Dev Patel reveals the message of the film. The fictionalised movie has got eyebrows movie and lips gossipping about the movie and its elements. ... Read more

‘The Nun’ makes no jump scares at the box office

11 September 2018
Brought from the Conjuring universe, ‘The Nun’ hasn’t failed to make an impact in the box office in the global box office. $18.5 Million and counting within the first 2 days. The Taissa Farmiga film hasn’t led to many disappointments but rather hasn’t awoke much great emotions. ... Read more

Angelina Jolie regrets her whole relationship with Brad Pitt

06 September 2018
Who could have seen a time where Hollywood's power couple (past tense) regrets to have ever started a relationship? Angelina Jolie has totally moved on from her marriage to Brad Pitt and although they still share children together, she wants as little to do with him as possible. ... Read more

Hotel Mumbai To Be Screened At The Toronto International Film Festival This Year

06 September 2018
Hotel Mumbai is the upcoming film directed by Anthony Maras, the film stars Dev Patel, Jason Issacs, Anupam Kher and many others playing pivotal roles. ... Read more

No Police Investigation On Demi's Drug Dealer

05 September 2018
Demi's hospitalization due to overdose was one of the most shocking news in the world of entertainment and the dealer will not have any police investigation. ... Read more

Henry Cavill To Make A Debut In A Netflix Series

05 September 2018
The new Superman on the block Henry Cavil is all set to make a debut in a Netflix film, the actor has stated that the film will be an adaptation of a popular video game called The Witcher. ... Read more

Searching Movie Review: There's More Than What Meets The Eye

31 August 2018
Searching is an upcoming thriller film starring John Cho and Michelle La playing the role of a father-daughter in the film. The film got an enormous response in the film festivals. ... Read more

Venom Trailer Decode: Get Ready To Be Blown Away

01 August 2018
This one has surely got me intrigued and the best part is we are getting to see the origins of the most dangerous villain of Spider-man. ... Read more

Christopher Nolan: The Next Spielberg In The Making

30 July 2018
The man who is famous for giving futuristic films and making them close to reality as well. I'm talking about Christopher Nolan who is famous for his films which are popular with the young adults and the intellectuals. The director had even visited India later this year and promised to shoot a film in India this time. ... Read more

Slender Man Trailer Decode: Bringing the myth to life

26 July 2018
Slender Man, the creepy, well-dressed supernatural creature who originated as a meme, has taken on a life of his own since his original 2009 incarnation ... Read more

SHAZAM! Trailer Decode: A Funnier Side Of A Superhero

23 July 2018
Just say Shazam and suddenly you transform into a different person just like saying Open Sesame and suddenly the cave opens. ... Read more

Aquaman Trailer Decode: Welcome To The Deepest World Of The Ocean

23 July 2018
Aquaman is another film in the DC Cinematic Universe and the best part about this film is that this will surely keep us hooked with its awesome storyline and stunning visuals. ... Read more

Chester Bennington: The Only Singer Who Sang To Wipe Out Our Depression

20 July 2018
The voice which most of us loved during our teens and that voice silenced forever on this day a year ago, when Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the popular rock band Linkin Park was found dead in his home. He had committed suicide. ... Read more

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Movie Review: Enjoy The Ride With Lot Of Laughs

20 July 2018
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is the continuation of the previous two predecessors and the film released today in India. ... Read more

Overlord Trailer Decode: World War II Zombie Apocalypse

20 July 2018
From the makers of Cloverfield series, the producer presents Overlord. It's big, scary and intense. ... Read more

The Dark Knight To Be Re-released in IMAX on the occasion of its anniversary

19 July 2018
The only superhero film which is the most loved film of them all and was loved by most of us is finally going to release in IMAX after 10 years. This is an excitement for most of us who have kept this film in the bottom of our hearts and still love it. ... Read more

'Bohemian Rhapsody' Trailer Decode Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

19 July 2018
The makers of some of the most renowned songs from the 70’s which has carried on to this day “We are the Champions” and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘We will Rock You’ etc. and their life depicted all in a movie. A delight for the various fans of Queen. ... Read more

Assassination Nation Trailer Decode: No privacy exists

18 July 2018
Here comes a movie that will blow our minds in terms of how we merely think Hacking can take place in a person's life ... Read more

Robin Hood Trailer Decode: The Retelling Of The Famous Tale

18 July 2018
The only tale which most of us have been hearing and viewing for many years together has been again revamped and it looks much intense than the older ones. ... Read more

Die Hard: The First Action Flick Set In The Background Of Christmas

16 July 2018
Its been 30 years since we all went gaga over Die Hard, most of us weren't even born when the flick hit the theatres. Fortunately, thanks to our Dads who loved this film a lot. ... Read more

Hotel Artemis movie review: a fun filled action movie that is worth the while

13 July 2018
Set in riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles, Hotel Artemis follows the Nurse (Jodie Foster), who runs a secret, members-only hospital for criminals. ... Read more

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Movie Review: An Action Packed Thriller With A Lot Of Edge-Of-The-Set Moments and Adrenaline Rushes

13 July 2018
The sixth installment of Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible has got most of the fans excited for many days especially when the fans of Cruise were shocked after hearing the Tom's Injury while shooting the stunt in London. ... Read more

Quentin Tarantino finally reveals his cast and who they are going to play

11 July 2018
Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time finally has their list of actors and the roles they are going to be playing ... Read more

Superwoman to the Rescue in her Full Armour bodysuit to the Inova Children’s Hospital

11 July 2018
Gal Gadot shows us that she’s beautiful both inside and out! The past weekend has seen much buzz around, but something as sweet as this completed it. Gadot touched the hearts of many ailing children who suffer from rare diseases who range from babies to early teenagers. ... Read more

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are not a couple that should be missed

07 July 2018
The rumors of the famous two Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are finally coming to light, though slowly but very romantically ... Read more

Sicario 2: Soldado Movie Review: Don't Miss This One If You Have Seen Sicario

06 July 2018
Sicario 2: Soldado is the sequel to the 2015 critically acclaimed Sicario which starred Emily Blunt as the lead playing the role of an FBI Agent. ... Read more

Spider-man takes a vacation, but this time, 'Far from Home'

05 July 2018
News is as it true as it comes out that Tom Holland will be suiting up for the sequel of "Spider-man: Homecoming". This is the twenty third movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and will be one to look out for along with the Untitled Avengers 4. ... Read more

Movie Uploaded Instead Of The Trailer of Khali The Killer

04 July 2018
Khali The Killer is a crime thriller which stars Richard Cabrol in the lead role. ... Read more

Ladies In Black Trailer Decode: A Transformation From Dork To Glam

04 July 2018
Ladies in Black is the movie adaptation of The Women In Black written by Madeleine St John. The movie is set in Sydney, Australia and takes us back to 1959 when migrants were on the rise. ... Read more

Skyscraper Trailer Decode: Makes you grip on tight to your seats so you don't fall too.

04 July 2018
Dwayne Johnson successively gets into the habit of jumping off any kind of surface and then grappling on to a thin steel rod to lose his grip, but then some how, SOME HOW gets his grip and goes on to live again. This is yet another one of those movies. ... Read more

Best Films Of Tom Cruise Till Date

03 July 2018
He's the most fittest richest celebrities at the age of 55. Despite having a rocky love life, Tom Cruise has shown his true worth with various set of films. Now Cruise is currently gearing up for the release of Mission: Impossible: Fallout. ... Read more

The Hate U Give Trailer Decode: Racial Discrimination In The United States

26 June 2018
The Hate U Give is an upcoming crime drama which is based on the book of the same name written by Angie Thomas. The movie is slated to release on 19th October 2018. ... Read more

Incredibles 2 Movie Review: Mr Incredible is the Superhero for your Home

22 June 2018
The Incredibles sequel makes no big improvements than the fact that no one has forgotten its name after 14 years. Around the motion that some animated movies only entertain young kids ranging to a mid teen kid, Incredibles is such a pleaser that even if you saw it alone, you'd end up wanting it didn't end. ... Read more
20 June 2018
Its more than just 'A fight' for Micheal B. Jordan as Adonis.Steven Caple Jr. and Sylvestar Stallone come up this time to show that Adonis is coming back in 3..2..1 to beat the breathing life of his opponent after being beaten to the hard ground. ... Read more

Unfriended: Dark Web - Trailer Decode- Wished If we had eyes behind our back.

15 June 2018
Don't just hold on to your seats, keep your friends and family close cause July awaits you with what secrets hide in the dark web. Make sure you're not 'Disturbed' ... Read more

Alpha Trailer Decode: Every paw-friendly reason to watch

15 June 2018
After its first trailer being released at least 11 months ago, Song Entertainment have unveiled the second trailer to make sure we didn't forget the movie yet. ... Read more

Puzzle: Faith, Ambition and Love. Irrfan Khan our puzzle partner.

15 June 2018
Irrfan Khan is just irresistibly intimidating as a poet. His words and the aura with it just makes us fall and plunge deep into his magnificence. He's here this time to help us make the right choices this time in his upcoming Hollywood movie Puzzle. ... Read more

Sylvester Stallone doesn't need any introduction

15 June 2018
Everyone paying attention is wondering whether the sex allegations made against Stallone are real as investigations take place ... Read more

Avengers Infinity War joins the $2 Billion Club

13 June 2018
Movies are almost rarely ever added to the 2 Billion dollar grossing club. But 2018 had a major contestant and made it big there. ... Read more

Relive The Magic of Dumbo in Live Action

13 June 2018
Dumbo is one of Disney's creations in the year 1941 which involved around a baby elephant who's mocked for its large ears appearance and uses it to fly. ... Read more

Pooja Bhatt Stands Up For Priyanka Chopra After She Received Backlash For Quantico

13 June 2018
Priyanka Chopra recently faced a lot of flak on Twitter after the last episode of her crime drama show Quantico was aired. ... Read more

NBA Stars made their appearance to try out in The Equalizer 2

12 June 2018
Just kidding, Denzel Washington is still the Equalizer. For promotion of not just the movie but the 2018 NBA Finals, NBA stars themselves made it their slams for the camera. ... Read more

Ariana Grande engaged to boyfriend Pete Davidson!

12 June 2018
Singer appears to confirm engagement to comedian Pete Davidson. Couple have known each other since at least 2016 and have been dating for just under a month. ... Read more

The Little Stranger: Expect The Unexpected

12 June 2018
The Little Stranger is an upcoming Gothic horror film which is all set to release on 31st of August 2018. The movie is based on the book of the same name written by Sarah Waters. ... Read more

Is Ant-man giving us something similar to Deadpool 2?

12 June 2018
Ant-man is 'finally' considered as an avenger and we see him trying to get everyone's attention to inform them as they still doubt him. Take a look at Ant-man's new trailer featuring Scott. ... Read more


11 June 2018
If you thought this was the best poster you have EVER seen of superhero's weaved together into one. Hold that thought and think again.On the historic occasion of Marvel's first 10 years, Marvel does the unthinkable. ... Read more

Halloween: Watch At Your Own Risk

11 June 2018
A film based on the popular series in the 70s of the same name is going to be featured in the big screen to get you petrified at the theatres. ... Read more

Akshay Kumar to pair opposite Kareena Kapoor Khan in Karan Johar’s next?

08 June 2018
Akshay and Kareena have previously worked together in films like Aitraaz, Bewafaa, Talaash: The Hunt Begins, Tashan, Ajnabee, Dosti and many more. ... Read more
08 June 2018
Years pass by as the Dragons and Vikings find peace and live in harmony together. But like every other fantasy there's no peace if you don't whoop someone who's trying to take over all that you love. ... Read more

Priyanka Gets Support From Her Fans On Social Media

08 June 2018
Priyanka Chopra is now ruling the world with her charm and looks, thanks to Quantico which gave her the international fame and popularity. ... Read more

There’s Going To Be A Legally Blonde 3?

07 June 2018
Most of us just love romantic comedies, don’t we? E! News mentioned that there may be a Legally Blonde 3 and we’re more than excited. ... Read more

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Review: A Memorable Joyride Of A Two Decade Journey

06 June 2018
The first movie Jurassic Park was a vision of the great director Steven Spielberg which managed to grab a lot of people of different age groups to witness a life changing journey. ... Read more

Ralph is coming to Wreck the Internet

06 June 2018
After trying to get a restart into his life of being a 'Bad Guy' , here's Ralph coming to break the internet this time.Join Ralph and Princess Vanellope embark on their journey when they enter through the Wifi Socket. ... Read more

Operation Finale: Avenging the brains behind the Nazi initiated Holocaust

05 June 2018
This movie will be another addition to the movie released in 2018 which sport true stories. Chris Weitz has got a few tricks up his sleeve to show how Adolf Eichmann was captured by a team of secret agents. ... Read more


05 June 2018
After The Lego Movie and happenings of Taco Tuesday, the world has toughened and nothing has remained the same, except for Emmet. In a world full of grown and ferocious lego humans, Emmet stands unshaken. ... Read more

Suspiria Trailer Decode: Has a dancer gone missing?

05 June 2018
The first trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria remake has arrived. Hotly anticipated after preview footage of a dancer ripped apart by supernatural forces grossed out audiences at CinemaCon, the first teaser trailer reveals a horror movie with a radically different aesthetic from Dario Argento’s colorful original. ... Read more

Peppermint Trailer Decode: Jennifer Garcia the Vigilante Mom

05 June 2018
Circumstances make people do things no one expects one to do. But here's how's wonderful mom turns into super skilled fighter loaded with her van and cavalry of guns. ... Read more
05 June 2018
A stellar true story of White boy Rick (Richmond), the drug lord who cooped up crooked cops and the town mayor of Detroit. Richard Wershe Jr. was the youngest ever kingpin cum FBI informant to rack up some impressive takes during his endeavour. ... Read more

Widows Trailer Decode

05 June 2018
Widows is a 2018 heist thriller which is about a bunch of widows who decide to plan a heist which their husbands planned before their deaths. ... Read more

ADRIFT : A true Story of Love, Loss and Survival

30 May 2018
Adrift, a real life story of two lovers, releases this Friday, June 1st. ... Read more

Star studded Zero gets a new addition

30 May 2018
In a bag full of stars for the cast of 'Zero', R. Madhavan is suspected to play a cameo with SRK ... Read more

Old man Stan at 95: A star on Twitter

30 May 2018
Stan Lee is a testament to age is just a number. Twitter is his favourite and only place where he is socially active. He's made very clear of his dedication on twitter. ... Read more

Emma Watson cuts ties with Glee Boyfriend

29 May 2018
There was no happy ending in this short term fairytale relationship between Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet ... Read more
29 May 2018
Marvel Entertainment releases a teaser to its Ant-Man series movie, 'Ant-Man and The Wasp' ... Read more

Morgan Freenman accused for Sexual Assault

25 May 2018
Several women have raised concerns regarding the high profile actor for misbehaving with them. ... Read more

Harvey Weinstein Behind Bars For Rape, Non-Consensual Sex and Sexual Misconduct

25 May 2018
Harvey Weinstein, the founder of Miramax Pictures was convicted of casting couch and sex-related crimes. That one accusation brought the moment of #MeToo in social media where girls could speak about their sexual harassment tales. ... Read more

No One Does J.Lo Like J.Lo !

25 May 2018
Jennifer Lopez has it all in "Dinero"- designer clothes, expensive jewelry, Cardi B. In her new music video, directed by Joseph Kahn and featuring DJ Khaled, J.Lo does everything from burn money (and use it to make s'mores) to take her pet ostrich for a walk. ... Read more

Skyscraper: Another Die Hard in the making

24 May 2018
Skyscraper is an upcoming Hollywood action film starring Dwayne Johnson as a former FBI hostage expert turned private security contractor in Hong Kong. The film is set to release on 13th of July 2018. ... Read more

Priyanka Walks the Talk as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador visits victims of Rohingya

23 May 2018
As continuous mishaps and misfortunes linger at camps where the Rohingya people have been shifting to and fro with out permanence, Priyanka Chopra takes action directly to the borders of Bangladesh. ... Read more

Tom Holland Get High Praise from Stan Lee

22 May 2018
The co-creator of the character Spiderman, regards Tom Holland to be the perfect fit for the role of spiderman just as he envisioned it. ... Read more

City of Lies: Don't Trust Anyone

22 May 2018
City of Lies stars Johnny Depp, Forestwhitaker ... Read more

Mowgli- The Darker Side of The Jungle Book

22 May 2018
Mowgli stars Rohan Anand, Freida Pinto,Christian Bale & Benedict Cumberbatch ... Read more

Deadpool 2: A Funny Tribute To The Pop Culture

18 May 2018
Deadpool 2 releases today, now playing in a theatre near you ... Read more

May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Day

04 May 2018
The latest star wars is going to be different from the previous ones ... Read more

90th Academy Awards Oscars 2018: Winners List

06 March 2018
The 90th Annual Academy Awards was held at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. ... Read more

Avengers: Infinity War, Rampage Release Date Advanced

06 March 2018
Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War was slated to release on May 4 and Dwayne Johnson starrer Rampage was slated to release on April 20. ... Read more

US reality TV star Kylie Jenner Welcomes Her First Baby Girl

05 February 2018
Its official now! After months of secrecy surrounding her pregnancy, Kylie Jenner confirmed on Sunday that she has given birth to a baby girl. ... Read more

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Review: Dwayne Johnson–Kevin Hart pair never fails to entertain us!

30 December 2017
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan is an Action-Adventure that entertains you this holiday season. ... Read more

Ferdinand: American Animated Comedy Film to Release Tomorrow

14 December 2017
Ferdinand is inspired by the book "The Story of Ferdinand" by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson ... Read more