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Closes on 31 October 2021

Want to Subscribe to Zee5? Why Wait? Participate in our contest and win monthly and/or annual subscriptions for Zee5. Win up to Rs.499 Zee5 Coupon*. Enter Contest Now. *T&C Apply.

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Closes on 31 October 2021

Why pay for a Subscription or use your friend's account when you can get it for free. Enter the contest and win a chance to get your Netflix subscription free for a month. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Closes on 31 October 2021

Participate and get the next subscription for Amazon Prime from us. Winners will get an Amazon Pay voucher to recharge their subscriptions. You can win from a monthly subscription to Rs.500 voucher*. Enter the contest now. *T&C Apply.

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Closes on 31 October 2021

Be ready for a binge-watch session in Disney+Hotstar. Win a subscription for Hotstar and watch it all for free. Enter Contest now. Winner to win an Amazon Pay voucher* to recharge subscription. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Closes on 31 October 2021

Participate in Voot Free Subsccription Contest to win a monthly or annual subscription. Win an Amazon Pay voucher* to recharge your subscription. Watch Online TV Shows, Movies, Kids Shows HD Quality on VOOT. Keep Vooting. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Since Moviekoop's main intention is to reduce expenses on Entertainment, we have introduced the "Moviekoop Contest" where users will get a chance to win Free Tickets / Free Subscriptions / Merchandise.
  1. To participate in the Contest, all you have to do is select the contest which interests you and just watch an Ad.
  2. By watching an Ad, you can enter the contest. That's it.
  3. You can increase your chance of winning by watching unlimited ads and increasing your entries. You can also increase your entries by sharing and tagging your friends on social media. You can find more details on this here.
You can increase your chance of winning by increasing your entries to the contest. There are several ways to increase your entries.
  1. To qualify in the contest, you have to watch an ad once and create an entry. You can watch ads multiple times to increase your entries. You can watch up to 500 ads a day and hence create 500 entries every day.
  2. You can also create entries by sharing and tagging your friends on social media.
  3. You can buy at brands by clicking on the link provided by us and gain entries. You can find more details on this here.
Winners are selected based on the total number of participants. Generally, 1% of the total number of participants will be selected as winners by the number of views and lucky draw contest. If the number of participants for a particular contest exceeds 1000 entries, then there will be 3 categories of winners. The participant with a maximum number of views will get a maximum reward. People who have watched the ad multiple times will have more chances of winning a contest.
Winners will be given Coupon codes (Amazon Pay, PayTM, Google Pay) that can be used to buy subscriptions anywhere in India via respective portals. If it is a merchandising contest, users will get the merchandise.
By joining this contest, apart from being eligible, you will also get coins credited to your account which can later be redeemed to reduce your movie coupon cost and also get exciting movie goodies. More details on how to redeem your coins can be found here.

Terms and Conditions:

Minuimum 100 participants
Number of Winners
One In Every 100 Participants will win the contest.
Maximum 100 Entries
Maximum Entries
The participant with the highest entries will be chosen as one of the winners if his ad view entries exceed 100.
Maximum Entries
Number Of Entries
50% Of the Winners are decided based on number of entries.
Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw
50% Of the Winners are selected randomly.
Contest Closes
Contest Closes At 12:00 Midnight
Contest closes at 12:00 midnight of the day it is last active.

Moviekoop Contests are a way to reduce your Entertainment expense for anyone who wins it. The model is planned in a way to help movie buffs reduce subscription prices by showing their fandom.

These are the major things to remember before entering the contest.

The decisions of the company are final in selecting the winners.

We will act in the most honest and nondiscriminatory manner in announcing the winners.

The following things are the steps that will be followed in selecting the winners.

  1. Number of contestants: A minimum of 100 Contestants is required to announce a winner. If there are less than that, a single winner with the highest view (with a minimum of 100 views) will be considered the winner.
  2. If there are more than 100 participants, 1% of the participants are considered winners. For example, if there are 250 participants, a total of 3 winners will be announced. 1 for the highest number of entries, and 2 will be randomly selected.
  3. If there are more than 1000 participants the winners will be divided into 2 categories.
    1. Highest views: 50% of the winners will be based on the number of views or entries by the user.
    2. Random: Users who don't win in the highest view section will get their chance to win in the random section. 50 percent of the winners will be chosen randomly from the users who have participated in a contest.
  4. The contest closes at 12:00 midnight the day the contest closes. Any entries/views after this will not be considered.
  5. There are 3 categories of prize amount - Rs.150, Rs.250, and Rs.500. Winners will be given coupons worth the subscription amount (depending upon the category he/she has won) or up to Rs.500 whichever is lower. Check more details on Winner Categories here. Winners will be distributed coupons that can be used to recharge the subscriptions in their respective portals. In no way, the company will refund the amount already distributed via coupons. The coupons will be given at the company's convenience. And the user will not have any say in this.