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Why didn't Thugs Of Hindostan reach our expectations?

Published On: 08 November 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Most Awaited movie of the season, Thugs Of Hindostan barely reaches our expectations.

Why didn't Thugs Of Hindostan reach our expectations?
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Based on Philip Meadows Taylor's 1839 novel Confessions of a Thug, the movie tells us about a thug named Ameer Ali and his gang, whose nefarious ways posed a serious challenge to the British Empire in India between 1790 and 1805. Thugs of Hindostan is the most expensive Bollywood film. Initially titled Thug, the film marked the first time Khan and Bachchan featured together as leads.

Not only were we excited to see a film that had all the actors we wanted to see clubbed together but also a film on the history of Thugs in India that existed. But what we received was far less than what we amounted to what the film would turn out to be.

What most action crazed fans were waiting for, were action scenes that close to blew their minds, figuratively. But all they received was disappointment. Some of the fight sequences are conceptualized in fun ways, even if not completely new. Unfortunately the very poor digital work along with the even worse editing used, all the fans standing up to see the fight scenes, went crashing down along with their expectations. So much for the excitement of the paired up actors and cast... 

Similarly, the action choreography plays out to the beat of the appropriately energetic percussion in the background. But, it also becomes a tad much and gets boring after a bit. Also, the action comes often enough in the movie to unnecessarily lengthen the film. It makes you wish that the story somehow moved forward during the action. Just to lighten up the mood and get the story going, if probably that would help us like the movie better. 

The question that itched the minds of all who were disappointed was why did Aamir Khan choose this movie? Khan has brought us some of the most ultimate blockbuster movies and here we are with a movie that barely reached it's mark. Now it is smart to keep in mind that it is not all Aamir's fault as he cannot be blamed for the bad script and CGI that played through the film 

The biggest problem with Thugs Of Hindostan is its screenplay. On paper, the story is not bad: a group of thugs facing the giant English empire. But writing the characters, scenes and their chemistry were the most crucial tasks and writer Vijay Krishna Acharya fails at those. The character of Aamir Khan named Firangi lacked the zeal and fun. 

This film is the best example when it comes to the fact that Not all things reach our expectations. We can always imagine for it come out the best possible way but that can only be done with good direction, good editing and good technological skills. none of which can be seen in Thugs Of Hindostan.  

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