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What makes us love Movies ? why ?

Published On: 10 July 2019 | Bollywood | By:

Ever wondered What makes us re-imagine or re-think about that one scene from a movie days after watching it? why we can't get over the movie w liked easily? Why did it strike a chord with you in the first place? Maybe there’s something so relatable in that scene. indeed! Cinema ain't just Escapism

What makes us love Movies ? why ?
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We generally become interested in movies because we enjoy them and what we enjoy about them has little to do with what we think of as art. At the movies, we get low life and the high life, and we get along with both. Though Movie audiences will take a lot of garbage, Yet they still look forward to the next release. What Builds that loyalty ? 

The very basic nature of cinema is to entertain people, to make them enjoy themselves by exhibiting their emotions. During the time of war while nations were fighting to establish supremacy over one another at the same time cinema was binding people together. Motion pictures had that ability to make people escape reality, even if it is only for a few hours. 

The basic idea of getting to escape the reality is to be able to live in an environment different from their own. But cinema is not always escapism: One can hardly accept the fact that cinema can be so remote from escapism. Cinema is real. Cinema is a reality. An art form can only survive if it grazes the reality, the real-life of people and society.

A filmmaker’s job is to feed the audience with stories, making people watch what he wanted them to. But the story and the people in it, they can be real. They may be a part of the maker’s life. it's the human material we react to most and remember longest.

But we don't just wanna see ourselves on screen but then we want to know why  the character behaves the way they do and later we want to see what they  could be  in that situation 

The situations get relatable and hit a cord with similar situations that happened with you before and you get intrigued to know what would the protagonist, either He/She would validate you or would show a perspective you regret taking then. You then either root or hate the protagonist.

Such magical is the world of cinema and rarely a movie does that magic! but we hope for it in every movie we watch and as unrelatable the movie gets, so does it results.

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