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What makes Marvel so Special?

Published On: 12 June 2018 | Hollywood | By:

The Marvel Universe is gigantic and its almost come to an end. But throughout their reign they've always stayed on top. Wondered why? Their humour. Nothing cheap or scrappy. Just plain, simple and funny.

What makes Marvel so Special?

1. Thor(2011)

Chris Hemsworth is more than just muscular, good looking and strong. He's pretty hilarious too.


2. Guardians Of the Galaxy(2014)

From start to finish the movie had it all with the other Chris leading from the front. Star Lord and the other fellow Guardians are criminals of their galaxy but they show they they got lives too other than being bad asses. Although, we wouldn't consider Drax funny but.. he is.. just unintentionally. 


3. The Avengers(2012)

Marvel is a significant studio set putting together not just action and drama but also stomach aching worthy laughs too. Hulk doesn't talk much, but his vocabulary is pin point when it has to be funny.


4.Guardian's of the Galaxy 

I give up, it was really hard to pick out the best of the many funny scenes from this one but, I guess the ones here are the best I found. Send me a reply if there's something I should be adding. Caution: Extreme Stupidity is UPROARIOUS (funny). i.e If you're no grumpy grump.


5. The Avengers(2012) 

Tony Stark has such a brilliant personality. His dialect top notch and so is his acting. We wouldn't have seen many of Iron-man and Thor interacting together much, but this scene is from when they first met. First meeting was a fine meeting.


6. Avengers: Infinity War

So Avengers pretty much got the hype it wanted.. more than it needed and got a mixed bag of feeling for the movie. But its cool, its just part of the journey the rest of the universe has to go through to get to the fun part. Well this is just a glimpse of it.


7. Gaurdians of the Galaxy

Okay this time, I kept the sequel of GOTG off of this article cause there's just tons of funny moments there and I'd save it for you all to go see the movie. Also, you missed out that I mis-spelled Guardian. Aaaaand, explicit content, so I advice you do the needful.


8. Avengers: Infinity War

Apart from the drama and the joy of seeing all our favourite hero's show up together. They made the movie more memorable with their antics. Bruce Banner got us cracking here meanwhile Black Panther's dialogue went viral across social media.

Black Panther in Avengers

9. The Avengers(2012)

Marvel's got this one factor that gives them the upper hand over any other comic book based movie studio, good comedy.

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