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What Do We Know More About Superstar Upendra?

Published On: 18 September 2018 | Sandalwood | By:

The one name which is more than enough to make most of the fans of Kannada cinema to throng at the theatres, Upendra and the best part about him is that he has that charm which is more than enough to create a magic which not only impressed the fans but even the big names in the Indian cinema like Rajinikanth.

What Do We Know More About Superstar Upendra?
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He has a craft of filmmaking in such a way that it is quite different from the usual filmmakers who have a knack of making films larger-than-life. Most of his films explore human emotions and the inner conflicts of a human being which is quite relevant even now.

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Here is what we need to know about the superstar of Kannada Cinema Upendra:

1. He started his career in the film industry by working under the late veteran actor and director Kashinath as a writer and an assistant director.

With Kashinath

2. After learning a lot from the veteran actor and director, he decided to make his first feature film Tharley Nan Maga which was a runaway hit in the box office. He then directed ‘Shhh!’ which became a box-office success with its one-of-a-kind story with horror elements which was quite new in the industry.

Tharle Nan Maga and Shhh!

3. He had transformed the villain Jaggesh into a comedian in his debut venture Tharley Nan Maga and also gave a big break to Prema when her two films failed miserably in the box office.

Jaggesh and Prema

4. His third film called ‘Om’ starring Shivarajkumar became an overnight success in the box office, the film was critically acclaimed for showing the realistic portrayal of the gangsters based in Bangalore. Upendra once stated that he started writing the script of the film during his college days. The film still runs housefull in most of the local theatres and was recently broadcasted in TV with satellite rights sold for 10 crores.


5. He made a full-fledged debut with the film ‘A’ which starred Chandini in it and he was even part of the directorial at the same time. The film became a trendsetter in the box office and ran for almost 175 days in theatres.


6. His 1999 directorial ‘Upendra’ which was quite popular in those days was critically praised by a Japanese who actually loved the film and also stated his retelling of Buddha’s life in it. The film was later screened at the Yubari International Film Festival conducted in Japan in the year 2001.


7. His science fiction film, Hollywood, which released in 2002 was one-of-a-kind film which marked the debut of an Australian actress Felicity Mason, the film was a profitable venture in the box-office. The film was completely written by him and directed by Dinesh Baboo. Eight years later, this was also an inspiration for Shankar’s blockbuster film Enthiran in 2010.


8. He is married to the winner of Miss Kolkata Beauty Pageant Priyanka Trivedi, she is a Bengali and he is a Kannadiga, sounds like a deadly combination, they are blessed with two kids. They have featured together in films like H2O, Shrimathi and Uppi 2 where Priyanka had a cameo in it.

Upendra and Priyanka

9. Before becoming a star in Bollywood, Deepika Padukone made a debut in Sandalwood film ‘Aishwarya’ featuring alongside Upendra. Deepika took up the film as a practice as she was then offered Om Shanti Om and she wanted to feel the experience of working in films as she was a model back then.


10. His directorial ‘Super’ which was a dystopian science fiction film released in 2010 was one of the critically acclaimed films and Thalaivaa appreciated the film. The film was later screened to the employees of Infosys and they had praised the film including the non-Kannadiga employees. The film portrayed India in a futuristic era.


11. He had been part of a political party KPJP (Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janta Party) in the year 2017 and later this year he had quit the party in the pretext of making his own political party which will contest for assembly elections.


We wish him all the best for his further ventures in the near future.

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