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Top Grossing Hollywood Franchises Ruling Indian Market

Published On: 05 June 2018 | Hollywood | By:

These franchises have created a huge riot in almost every part of the world. These franchises have also established a fanbase in India as well.

Top Grossing Hollywood Franchises Ruling Indian Market
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Here are some of the hollywood franchises which are ruling currently the Indian Market:

1. Marvel Cinematic Universe: The only franchise which has been popular for almost a decade. The series started out with Iron Man in 2008. With ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ shattering almost every box office record, we are excited to know what’s going to be next in the Marvel Universe.
Marvel Cinematic Universe
2. DC Cinematic Universe: This series started in the year 2013 with Man Of Steel, most recently the Justice League had released and it has managed to collect $657.9 million in the box office. ‘Aquaman’, ‘Shazam’ are the upcoming releases which are lined up this year. 

DC Cinematic Universe

3. Mission: Impossible: Hardcore action, exotic locations, death-defying stunts & state-of-the art gadgetry, you name it, they got it. The journey started in 1966 as a TV series, 30 years later it immortalised the magic on silver screen with Tom Cruise playing the role of Ethan Hunt, a superspy for IMF (Impossible Missions Force). The series produced 5 films and all of them got positive reviews from critics. The sixth one will be releasing this summer.
Mission: Impossible Series

4. The Fast and the Furious: Started out with just street racing in Los Angeles in the year 2001. Now the franchise has evolved a long way with hardcore action, awesome cars, exotic locations, stylish antagonists & physics-used stunts. The series gained popularity with Paul Walker’s death in 2013, which had caused sadness worldwide among the fans. The complete box office collection is worth $5 billion. A spin-off called Hobbs & Shaw starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprising their roles as DSS Agent Luke Hobbs and SAS Special Forces soldier Deckard Shaw.
The Fast And The Furious Series

5. X-Men: The only thing which kept this franchise on-going for 18 years is Hugh Jackman & Halle Berry, who were famous for his role as Wolverine and Storm in the movie. With many spin-offs and backstories of characters like Jean Grey, Wolverine, Deadpool, the fans are desperate to see more in this franchise.
X-Men Movie Franchise

6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp’s iconic role as the comically adventurous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow got a huge fan base because of the role. They started out in 2003, two back-to-back movies in the year 2006 and 2007 released. The fourth film released in 2011 and the recent one released in 2017.
Pirates Of The Carribean

7. James Bond: A super-stylish British spy carrying a gun, sporting an Omega watch, black tuxedo and a vodka martini in his hand. This series was the work of a famous British writer Ian Fleming, which was later immortalised on the silver screen in the year 1962 with Sean Connery playing James Bond. There were many over the years like David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig. The 25th film will be releasing in the year 2019 with Daniel Craig reprising his role.
James Bond

8. Jurassic Park: The movie which happened to be a vision of the master filmmaker Steven Spielberg, which later spawned three sequels all of which were financial success. The fifth one will be releasing this summer.
Jurassic Park

9. JK Rowling’s Wizarding World: The series which started out with children’s only movie with the first Harry Potter movie has evolved into a mature one with Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, half-blood prince, deathly hallows part 1 & 2. They rebooted with Fantastic Beasts in the year 2016 which opened really well in the box office. The second one will be releasing this year.
JK Rowling Wizarding World

10. Star Wars: The most loved franchises by almost everyone with its space-like setting. The journey started in the year 1977 with the movie ‘A new hope’. The only highlight of this movie is the music, which rings in almost everyone’s years even now.

Star Wars

How many more are we expecting from them? Please let us know.

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