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Top 10 Animated movies of all time

Published On: 02 August 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Animated movies that made us cry and even effect our live in ways we never knew animated movies could

Top 10 Animated movies of all time

This list is not a list that has been updated with comments or user viewership but a list that been made very objectively, if you don't agree please do comment on the following.


The Lion King as an animated movie gave us so much to think upon and taught us the value of family. It has for sure made all viewers cry with the depth and the amount of hurt that it spread. Disney's finest masterpiece Good characters, good music, good story and a good morality tale, the lion king is still good! A unique flick. Will always be loved and praised forever.


As Pixar were making this. Some people were unsure about it. After all, computer animated were only used for short films back during the 80s and early 90s. Some even said that people can't watch over a hour of computer animation. Everyone's minds changed soon after the first set of audiences watched it. Soon after, everyone started watching it and almost every other animated movie were made on the computer. The movie itself is also amazing. This movie changed how people looked on computer animated and a classic that everyone should watch.


Finding Nemo is all about how there was once a happy couple with lots of children, but then one day the wife is killed by a serial killer and so are all the kids, one kid escapes with an injury. The father then brings up his son all on his own and fears for his life everyday. Then tragedy hits again as the son is kidnapped and the father goes on a journey facing struggles trying to find his son through clues he keeps finding, along with a companion he made along the way. The complete story of Finding Nemo.


This film is beautiful and thought provoking. The first half has very little dialogue and it is still amazing. This is a movie to be remembered throughout our lifetime. A movie which has to be seen to believed and just how incredible, this is film making at its best The romance between WALL-E and Eve is so heartwarming, and it takes animation in a new direction by talking about something that little kids may not understand, pollution and destroying the earth with our habits.


This was the first film to win the Oscar for 'Best Animated Feature', Enough said. Not really, this film is AWESOME! The story that both kids and adults can enjoy, plus SNL legends such as Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy? That's just way too much to ask for! I think that this film, next to Toy Story, is one of the greatest computer-animated films of all time.

6. UP

This movie is amazing right from the opening you have an adult film about life and how to live it. The complex story of Caral and Russel helps shows how greed, loss, and dreams can change a person in one of the best animated films of all time. UP may have been a very long and a very boring movie at first, but in the end, we learn to hold on to the things you have now, and let go of the past.


This movie is truly one of the best movies I've ever seen in my entire life. It so different from normal animated movies and has such a strange plot, yet still amazes me of the originality and ideas put into this. Its truly amazing, the animation, the story, the music. Spirited Away is masterpiece when talking about animated movies. Pixar Studios already told they've learned a lot from the Spirited Away 's director Myazaki and have lots of influence on him. It's so sad this film didn't actually had a good marketing, its got a perfect plot, beautiful messages and can take you to an amazing fantasy ride.


One of the finest family film of all time. The film teaches a dark message in a very lighthearted style. Its gorgeous animation, talented cast and deep script has made it a must watch film not only for kids but also for adults.

Perhaps one of the most intelligently written animated movies of all times. Deep-rooted concepts put in an animated movie to make it so engrossing and immediately engaging and throughout.


Incredibles is a family movie that no body will ever get tired off, the movie brings forth family values and how efficient it is to work together through everything even when neglected at first. A family of superheroes is what the world needs and how they try to be normal at first but then break out of their shells to save the world when in dire need.


An animation that is truly underrated for its fabulous story and execution. The animated movie shows a moody teenager who lost his father figure and find one in a villain who he later needs to fight against to save himself and his loved ones, he needs to make the decision to let him go or save him, and we see he makes the choice that not all teenagers would naturally make.

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