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The Only Best Friends Of Bollywood We Wish We Had

Published On: 05 August 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Every Bollywood film has a side hero and the best part about it is that the friends of the protagonist are the driving force in the film. This is the only thing which has been implemented in every film.

The Only Best Friends Of Bollywood We Wish We Had
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On the occasion of friendship day. Here are some of the best friends we wish we had:

1. Vicky From Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein: He might look comical and nonsensical from the outside, but he’s actually street-smart and clever with tricks up to his sleeve. Most of us should have a friend like him who will bring a comical relief in our life.


2. Poplu and Shonty From Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya: The only best friends you can have during tough situations. These two best friends are filled with a lot of vigor and energy to tackle every problem with their innovative ideas.

Poplu and Shonty

3. Kamli From Sanju: The only friend you will be having in your life who will always motivate you, support you in difficult times. This friend will never leave your side until you have achieved your goals.


4. Vijayalakshmi From Queen: The weirdest looking and a bold woman who never shies away from doing the impossible. She makes you forget your fears and even bring a smile to your face. You must have her in your life if you are facing any fears in your life.


5. Sameer From Dil Chahta Hai: The only person in the entire group who is a bridge between a mischievous brat and the sensitive chap when a rift is caused between them because of the sensitive chap falling in love with an older woman. Out of two insane people, one sane person is always important to have in the group.


6. Rancho From 3 idiots: A friend fuelled with positivity and enthusiasm who will stop at nothing to help his friends by saving them from sticky situations, even if it meant defying the rules set by the so-called inventors. You should have a friend like him in your life to bring some laughter to your life.


7. Circuit From Munnabhai: The only buddy who looks menacing and wild like a bull who will make sure that your problems are handled well, even if it means by using the means of violence. He is like a bodyguard to you in the real world.


8. Aman From Kal Ho Naa Ho: A person filled with a breath of fresh air who doesn’t care for himself but makes sure that his friends stay happy and content. His only wish is to see you smile and love yourself.


9. Pappu Master From Om Shanti Om: The only friend who is always with you during good times and bad times. He will never leave your side ever in your life. If you decide to die, he will also be ready to die along with you.


10. Anjali From Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander: The only friend who will judge you by the attitude and honesty despite the vulgar display of wealth. She will be with you only for your kindness, not wealth.


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