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Teachers We Want In Our Life And Teachers We Do Not Want Ever In Our Life

Published On: 04 September 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Bollywood has managed to give a huge set of teachers and there are some whom we wished we had in our life and there are some we want them to get lost rather than ruining our lives with their so-called knowledge.

Teachers We Want In Our Life And Teachers We Do Not Want Ever In Our Life
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On the occasion of teacher’s day, here are some of the teachers we want and we don’t want.

The Teachers from Bollywood we want:

1. Debraj Sahai in Black: He might look crazy and alcoholic from the outside but he is filled with dedication to make sure that his student shines like a diamond despite his Alzheimer's crippling his life entirely.

Debraj Sahai

2. Raj Aryan in Mohabbatein: The teacher who is the new thinking which will bring down the conventional methods set by the elders who think that they are the best with their kind of teaching.

Raj Aryan

3. Miss Braganza in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: The dream girl to every kid in school or college who wants lessons in love and she doesn’t mind flirting with younger boys who have been swayed by her looks and charm.

Miss Braganza

4. Ram Shankar Nikumbh in Taare Zameen Par: He has a clear vision about the capabilities of his student and also knows when the diamond has to shine at a given time with his slow and steady methods.

Ram Shankar Nikumbh

5. Naina Mathur in Hichki: The teacher who has a very different way of teaching students which don’t involve rote learning and brainstorming sessions. She believes in witnessing the real world when a student is studying a subject.

Naina Mathur

6. Santhosh Duggal in Do Dooni Chaar: A teacher who not only teaches maths all his life but also knows about the importance of life which is much beyond marks and grades. We must have a teacher just like him in school. He doesn't succumb to the tempting money offered by one of the students who want to pass by hook or crook.

Santhosh Duggal

The Teachers from Bollywood we do not want ever in our life:

1. Viru Sahastrabuddhe aka Virus from 3 idiots: The only chap whose ass I want to kick is this guy who thinks he is the best and he doesn’t give an F about the talent. The only damn thing he cares about is marks for which he has been screwing all our lives. Thank you Rancho for tarnishing this dirty pig’s reputation with your modified Balatkari speech, he goes to the hall of shame.


2. Narayan Shankar From Mohabbatein: Parampara, Pratishtha, Anushasan (Tradition, Honor and Discipline). We have been hearing this for a very long time and we want to evolve out, not be the same for a very long time. Man, please take retirement and throw your Parampara, Pratishtha and Anushasan in a dustbin as that is so outdated.

Narayan Shankar

3. Babubhai Verma aka Khadoos From Stanley Ka Dabba: Oh please, not this guy again. This guy has made our lives a living hell with his lustful eyes when sees our tiffin boxes and the only thing you can actually do to stay away from him is by running away.


4. Professor Rasai From Main Hoon Naa: The only teacher you need to be beware because of his unhealthy habit and that is none other than spitting when he talks like a barking Alsatian. The best thing to do is get yourself protected from his unannounced rainfall as who knows what’s gonna happen next?

Professor Rasai

5. Dr. Asthana From Munnabhai MBBS: Well, this one gets on my nerves coz this man has zero empathy when he speaks to his students. The only thing which matters to him is the damn reputation for which he has whitewashing it for so many years.

Dr. Asthana

If any of these teachers were there in your life then please mention in the comments section below.

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