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Stereotypes, Paradigms, Cliches : Everything that Bollywood has Overdone!

Published On: 03 May 2019 | Bollywood | By:

A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth! Stereotypes, Cliches, etc all of these unreal plot points have been normalized into general perception by Bollywood, so much that people have to go through the onslaught of judgement based on them, despite not being a party to any of it. Here are some Bollywood stereotypes that we cannot love anymore.

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Emotionally Unavailable Ladka (Boy)

  • - Always a flirt or a playboy.
  • - Doesn't believe in love.
  • - will always cheat and then regret his choices.

Sanskari Girl 

  • - Life goal, to change a wild desi man’s wayward ways with sanskaar.
  • - Obedient to the core, never disrespects anyone.
  • - speaks so low that no one could hear it in the first go.


  • - Wears colourful/flashy clothes.
  • - Walks weird.
  • - Falls for straight men. desperately.

Corrupt Cop 

  • - Police constables with Marathi surname. eg, Tawde,Patil, Gaitonde, etc.
  • - Always looking for a bribe.
  • - The sincere ones have anger issues Suspended because of indiscipline. The department has appointed him in this case because he’s the only one who can crack it.


  • - Random codes in green are the way he hacks.
  • - Wears gloves and a hoodie, even in summer
  • - When time is ticking, types faster and *boom*.
  • - Can hack anything right from a CCTV camera to a refrigerator.


  • - Mostly villains, there was a time when every Hindi movie had a Thakur villain living in a big bungalow and torturing poor people.
  • - Power hungry, like Dashrath Singh of Jai Ho, the villain of Dhadak, Duggi Banna in gulaal, etc.
  • - False pride like Dhadak movie villain, Chauhan of Ishaqzade, etc.


  • - Wears a topi and a taveez.
  • - Addresses everyone as Janaab. Says “As-Salaam-Alaikum” to everyone.
  • - Kurta-pyjamas are a must.
  • - Does Namaz 5 times a day.

Hindu babas 

  • - Are Always Fraud.
  • - Those who follow babas are generally fools and old fashioned.
  • -  Every ghost is cured by Hindu priests or mantras

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