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Shankar Nag: The Star Who Was Lost Too Soon

Published On: 01 October 2018 | Sandalwood | By:

Shankar Nag is one of the multi-talented actors in the entire industry and there is a huge fan following of the actor as well. It is saddening to hear that he left us too early but gave us some memories to cherish even now.

Shankar Nag: The Star Who Was Lost Too Soon
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Shankar Nag happens to be the younger brother of the veteran actor Anant Nag who was already an established actor in the industry. Under his brother's motivation, he started his journey by first entering the Marathi theatre industry where he was well known for his plays. During that moment, he had met his future wife Arundhati with whom he was good friends with.

The actor made his debut in the film Ondanondu Kaladalli which was offered to him by Girish Karnad and slowly that managed to establish his base in the industry. His base expanded by directing films like Minchina Ota, Janma Janmadha Anubandhana and Geetha, these films were well known for the music given by the legendary composer Iliyaraja. 

He was typically famous in featuring in most of the masala entertainers in Sandalwood which were mostly entertaining the masses. The most successful masala entertainer was Auto Raja which is remembered by almost everyone even now. Auto Raja was a cult classic at the time of its release and still, the film is remembered for Shankar's style. Owing to the success, the film was later used in most of the films which released during this period.

Apart from films, the actor had also directed some films namely Minchina Ota, Janma Janmada Anubhada and Geetha which were remembered for Iliyaraja's music. He then became famous for his directorial on TV with the famous series Malgudi Days, which was inspired by RK Narayan's impressive works. The serial featured many actors like Girish Karnad and his brother was also featured in some of the stand-alone episodes. The serial became famous for Master Manjunath who was a household name for his portrayal as Swami. Owing to the success, Swami was made as a spinoff on TV. Most of the 90s kids remember the iconic song at the opening of the series which made them throng in front of the TV screens when the show used to begin.

Despite all the success, his life was shortlived when he was travelling for Davangere for shooting a film titled Jokumaraswamy along with his wife and son in a car and that caused a severe accident where he died because of the injuries and his wife and son were saved. His later films Sundarakanda was released just a few days after his death and Nigooda Rahasya had his brother taking care of the dubbing. 

He might not be there with us right now but his legacy and his dedication towards the craft will be immortal and will remain forever in our hearts for generations to come.

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