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Over The Top Action in South Indian movies, Ever Thought Why ?

Published On: 10 April 2019 | Tollywood | By:

Most movies of South India will definitely have a disproportionate, unrealistic fight sequence and if it stars a Mass hero the action will have no boundaries.

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Best articulated by our Superstar Mahesh (above video). Some times these action sequences go so out of proportion that they become comedies.

Cinema is an amalgamation of a life-long story into 3 hours, it is the biggest Chinese Whisper game where every technician working on it has a different interpretation of it and the final output hence always turns out to be something unexpected sometimes good and most of the times bad.

Cinema is an exaggerated format which requires uninterrupted attention of the audience, hence we see it in a dark theatre. To make the movie more impactful redundant parts of the story are removed and Good aspects are intensified, like emotional scenes, comedies and the actions sequences. sometimes these intensifications so go over the top that  'unrealistic' seems a minor adjective. The real problem begins when such OTTs works at Box Office. it takes another decade of flops to realize that what worked was the script, not the ingredient of OTT.

when the Action Hero Era started, the expectations on fights of Heros Sky-rocketed. fights became an integral part of Indian Cinema and so did in South Indian film Industry. 

Everything Begins with a purpose and with the course of time reasons fades away. So the action sequences which began to intensify the anguish and closure of a protagonist became an act itself. 

Better Explained by Javed Akhtar in below video byte.

The real problem Began when the stories didn't required an action sequence but were added to please the Mass Appeal. The believability of action sequences wasn't keeping up as the action sequences were done by characters with normal roots and background. So the '90s and 2000s was the era of ridiculous action sequences, sometimes the physic of the actors also didn't match, and hence the lesson is learned that action sequences alone don't bring audiences to the cinema but an equally compelling story does. with the advent of technology and reason en-routing back the action sequences of the 2010s are somewhat believable, reasonable or at least watchable.

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