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Movies that rightly capture the mind, when suffering with Depression

Published On: 15 June 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Movies that clearly depict the inner lives and thoughts of a depressed person

Movies that rightly capture the mind, when suffering with Depression

Depression is usually not talked about in society, considered a taboo and usually considered not as an illness but as a personality. Here are some movies that truly show us that Depression is not something a person brings on oneself but is an illness that is manifested through experience and incidents that the person has been through that disrupts the life of the concerned person.

Let's keep in mind that these movies are not put up on this list to show you that Depression is normal, it is a truly disease that destroys people and even their families and loved ones, if handled right, one can avoid many disasters, and if not, it teaches us lessons.

1) INTERIORS (1978)

Interiors is a movie that shows us that, even with the closest of family there can be disputes and things that occur in one's mind when they surpass an incident. Interiors talks of a dark story of three sisters and their attempts to come to terms, not only with their own lives, but with the divorce of their parents.

Depression can never be inc operated but with things that the person goes through that even has a spark of traumatic influence. The movie also brings out the topic of instability with one's life that leads the person to suicidal tendencies.


Prozac Nation speaks of the life of girl who seems completely normal but is distraught by the relationship between her mother and father, her father who she has not seen for over 4 years. 

Based on the best selling novel, set in the mid 1980's before the prevalence of anti-depressants, it follows a young working class woman's bout with depression during her first year at Harvard. The film explores this generation's struggle to navigate the effects of divorce, drugs, sex, and an overbearing mother.

3) THE HOURS (2002)

The hours is a movie that looks into the life of women who are suicidal and have to deal with these thoughts everyday. The story of how the novel "Mrs. Dalloway" affects three generations of women, all of whom, in one way or another, have had to deal with suicide in their lives.

4) SYLVIA (2003)

Sylvia is a movie that looks into the life of Sylvia Plath and how her career started and how sadly ended with her suicide. The movie goes deep into what Sylvia was going through and the depression she had to keep secret.

Young Sylvia Plath  dreams of becoming an important writer. Her childhood is scarred by the unexpected loss of her father, and by the time she enrols in college Sylvia has become emotionally fragile, suffering from depression. In 1955, she travels to Cambridge, England, to study literature, and falls in love with well-known poet Ted Hughes. As she struggles to balance a rocky marriage and growing literary success, Sylvia becomes increasingly obsessed with death.

5) GARDEN STATE (2004)

Garden State shows the doings of a dysfunctional father who feeds his son anti depressants for he thinks his son has anger issue when he was only 9 years old and continued it for years. which later affected his Son getting him to be detached from the world and everyone in it even when he goes into substance abuse. 

Andrew, a young troubled man, returns home after a decade to attend the funeral of his mother. However, what follows ahead is a journey of self-realisation that changes him forever.


Little Miss Sunshine has hidden messages all over the place, it is a movie that shows a dysfunctional family who all have dark secrets and lives that almost reflect that to a depressed person, but the only member in the family that they look for joy in is daughter and sister. It is only when she gets selected to be in a beauty pageant that they start to realise things A family travels across the country when their daughter wants to participate in a beauty pageant. Things take a turn when they set out on their journey.

7) NUMB (2007)

Numb is a movie that was inspired by true life events by the director who had to overcome depression himself earlier in his life. the film talks of a man ho suffers from denationalisation disorder and goes around looking for psychiatrists to help him with his cause and hopefully cure him of his disorder.


World's Greatest Dad is a movie that has a twist and usually have people surprised. A single father and a high-school poetry teacher dreams of becoming a famous writer but is rejected by the publishers. A personal tragedy provides him an opportunity to fulfil his greatest dreams. His son dies of autoerotic asphyxiation that is lack of oxygen to the brain due to sexual arousal. To not humiliate his son's life, the father makes it seem like a suicide and plans a fake suicide note that he himself writes very poetically which seemed to be from his son.

This movie is so full of depth because it is the father who has depression and writes the suicide note with so much precision because only he would know how it feels to be depressed and want to die.

9) HELEN (2009)

Helen is a movie that speaks of the story of a woman named Helen. Helen almost has a perfect life, with a loving husband and a cheerful teenage daughter. But inside Helen's perfect sanity lie grave secrets that put her under clinical depression.

This movie talks on how people with depression usually hide their disorder so as to not be treated differently.


It's kind of a funny story goes into the life of a teenage boy who discovers that he is depressed and admits himself into a mental hospital where in he finds out more on his personal issue making new friends and having a better life. Craig checks into a psychiatric ward when he realises that he is suicidal. He undergoes a transformation as he comes across people less fortunate than him.

11) CAKE (2014)

Cake is a movie that talks of the struggle of a woman who looses her son in an accident which causes her to have depression caused by the trauma and suffers from Chronic.

After one of her friends from the support group she attends to help cope kills herself, the woman starts to have more troubles with her mental life.

12) ANOMALISA (2015)

Anomalisa is a stop motion picture that shows the life of a man who is depressed and thinks that everyone looks and talks a like and had nothing to look forward to in his life. Michael Stone, a man living a dull life, is tired of his monotonous routine. However, things change when he meets a stranger on a business trip

These movies give us a true picture of what depression really looks like and cab be different to many extremes in different peoples lives.

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