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Movies that left you in Awe that they were actually true stories

Published On: 11 June 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Significantly, 2018 has got a whole line-up of movie's coming up for us which are true stories which are quite unbelievable to be true. Here's 9 movies which are too good to be true, but they are. True stories which will unfold for us this year:

Movies that left you in Awe that they were actually true stories

1. Billionaire Boys Club

A bunch of rich boys led by Joe Hunt who drive through to try and become rich real quick. Their the upcoming big boys of the investing world but soon they meet their demise when they mess up, as Hunt and his friend murder an investor.


2. 12 Strong 

The U.S Army Special Forces has got a rich history of their battles and many of them have been revealed and here's "12 Strong" yet another movie of brave hearts who have been deployed to Afghanistan to repel the Taliban and kill their leader.


3. Tag

It was really hard to believe this was a true story. You'd be surprised after you watch the upcoming movie that comes out later this June. Tag is a movie of 5 competitive men who's been playing the same game of 'Tag' since their first grade till even as one of them gets married. The friend getting married is the defending champion, but as he gets married his friends plot against to finally catch him and finally say "You're It!"


4. First Man

Ryan Gosling stars personifying Neil Armstrong, signifying the title of the film First Man. The movie is the story of the most terrifying and most dangerous mission ever accomplished by man, walking on the moon. The movie explores the costs put and the sacrifices made by scientist of NASA, astronauts and their families.


5. The 15:17 to Paris

Is the true story that shook the world as the train from Paris was attacked by a terrorist armed with multiple arms. But 3 young men took down the sole terrorist and were acclaimed as hero's. The cast includes the actual three young men who were indulgent in the real incident. Billionaire-Boys-Club-true-story-12-strong-tag-first-man

6. White Boy Ricky

Is the upcoming true story of the youngest ever FBI informant ever, who of 14 years old helped FBI gain hold of big-time drug dealers down in the state of Detroit. Billionaire-Boys-Club-true-story-12-strong-tag-first-man

7. Adrift

Finally there's a true love story dawning solo in the list. Adrift is cut chase love, passion and strife. There's no government dealing, drug dealing or any arms involved. Raw emotions and scenes from the true incident in which a couple got stuck in the mouth of a hurricane. The wife is capped with the epitome task of getting back home with a boat and with her heavily injured husband. Billionaire-Boys-Club-true-story-12-strong-tag-first-man-adrift

8. Chappadaquiddick

Senator Ted Kennedy and his unforgettable story has now been made it to the cinema halls from newspapers and history books. Ted after going for a party, he and Mary drive back home. But they try to evade a police officer and end up dashing the waters of a pond. Ted was able to escape but was not able to recuse Mary. Ted is accused of a murder. He tries to get back the sympathy and trust of voters by ways and methods paved by his family's legal consultants. Billionaire-Boys-Club-true-story-12-strong-tag-first-man-adrift

9. Papillon

This is the remake of the same movie Papillon- 1973. Unjustly convited for murder, Papi was sent to a prison for life in a penal colony on Devil’s Island. Billionaire-Boys-Club-true-story-12-strong-tag-first-man-adrift

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