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Moviekoops Finest: Top 5 accounts of bollywood actors you must follow

Published On: 15 September 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Here are Top 5 accounts of Bollywood actors you must follow in Instagram.

Moviekoops Finest: Top 5 accounts of bollywood actors you must follow
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1. Sushant Singh Rajput -

Profound actor who had a instant jump into stardom after PK and MS Dhoni has one of the most decorated Instagram profiles that a bollywood celebrity has. We all know for a fact he’s a fitness freak. He’s all about the hardwork and the process and pain put into crafting a better bod to shape his mind. Sushant is walking and talking inspiration. Not only in terms of his workout syc, but his mindset. He is currently working on his mind and the psychology behind thoughts, actions, reactions and perspectives.

An activist for the betterment of a better society and a human looking to fulfill his dreams. Sushant has his mindset towards all the right paths and is also inviting aspirants and fans to follow and get better.

2. Ranveer Singh

Insane. Loony. Sexy. Brave. Ludacris. There’s still many words yet to describe this nutty man of a human being. Its hard to explain the kind of energy he translates into the work he puts up on media or on stage or even the silver screen. Ranveer is one of the most versatile actors. He’s had numerous avatars, we lose count of how many we’ve seen.

His Instagram shows how much of a mixed bag he is. Muscles are a kick and his exceptional style sense makes him look like the superman of GQ. He doesn’t just shares the frame with his muscles, cut sharp face and fluorescent and fresh colored outfits, but also with other fan favorites. 

3. Jacqueline Fernandez

That look in her eyes! Something you really can’t fight. She’s a very prominent person on the social media space. Jacqueline in real time on Instagram shows that she’s not just beautiful on the outside but also beautiful inside. Her profile is very real and subtle. She isn't too into the glamour and fab, but what makes all her work all the more easy is her smile.

She’s a comic bass. A show-off of sass. 

You really would be missing out on something special not following her feed. Her fitness, dance shows and comradery she has with her crew and the journeys she travels. She runs, want to join her? Follow Jacqueline!

4. Neha Dhupia

A wildcard of a character to have on this list.. Is what you’d be thinking. Neha Dhupia is far ahead of many actors off the film sets. She’s an actor/anchor(show host)/influencer/model etc. The roles she’s performing to perfection shows the character and portfolio she carries as a human being.

Before her marriage with Angad Bedi she was highly active on with her roadie’s episodes. Her persona is full of boldness and absolutely stunning. 

She’s going around the world and nowadays we’re aren’t really informed of her activities as before. We got to give her a break to expect that, after all she’s having a ball with her baby bump. Wishing her all the best to endure in this time of patience and compassion.

5. Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti is so fly. She’s got a flame different from her sister like, Priyanka Chopra. Her presence is resonated in the media as we’ve seen her changed her physique to become more fit. Parineeti shows-off the endorsements she’s had with Vivo and Speedo.

Exotic locations, photo shoots, magazine covers you name it, she has it all on her profile. She’s kept her fans always on the buzz with her insta stories.

These are 5 favourite actors of mine that I love following on my feed. If you think there’s someone I'm missing out, hit us up on the comments or email us.

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