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'Kabir Singh' vs Feminazis : Did Happy Ending made the movie morally incorrect?

Published On: 24 June 2019 | Bollywood | By:

In today's times can cinema 'really' influence our thoughts and provoke a behaviour ? or it mere mirrors the Society and gangs people as those who align or contradict?

'Kabir Singh' vs  Feminazis : Did Happy Ending made the movie morally incorrect?
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When Arjun Reddy (original Telugu version) released the only controversy it faced was for the use of abusive language or perhaps it overshadowed other controversies. But what rage 'Kabir Singh' is facing now from netizens is way bigger than  Arjun Reddy ever had. Hindi films have overcome the barrier of strong language way early, thanks to the likes of Anurag Kashyap. So the bold appeal, which was the USP of Arjun Reddy, doesn't have much significance to the Hindi audience, but then what emerged out even more significant was the Toxic Masculinity, I won't say it was misogyny because if you take out plot points out of context then even self-defence would appear as an act of violence. Moreover, he behaves the same with everyone, irrespective of gender.

Now let's talk about Toxic Masculinity, which we all agree its there and it has been a core trait of heroism in Bollywood, but Arjun Reddy/ Kabir Singh takes it to another level by daring to show it raw, rustic and real, unlike the Bollywood version of romanticising fights. a real human unless he his Gandhi would react the same way or at least would want to react the same way if hurt, and hence it should be the purpose of the movie, to showcase reality, Moreover,  for masculinity, he constantly got punished then and there and even Preeti slaps him many times throughout the movie. What is being liked by the audience is the rebelliousness and not the masculinity. If the context wasn't appropriate no one would have appreciated the rebelliousness too.

Next allegation is of projecting Preeti's character as weak, so can't a person be weak? like why are you generalizing her to all women out there, like all men aren't Kabir Singh (which you are in denial with) but can't just those characters be themselves without being representatives of their gender? if you take the plot points out of context just to suite your biased opinion then every movie is extremely unfair to at least one community.

"I am not expected to be idealistic. I am expected to be real; mirroring life, representing all shades of people in their entirety. Once we become adults, we are on our own, drawing heavily from popular culture. But, we must represent grey shades of human beings in films to represent life. "   - Shahid Kapoor, in a promotional interview.

Agreed, but not showing repercussions for any misbehaviour of Kabir and still, he gets a closure then Why would, anyone like him, challenge their own perspective when they can find sources that think as they do and even glorified? at least the climax should have been different, a sad ending would have justified many, at least the phoney feminists.

The Crux of "Kabir Singh" as per director Sandeep reddy vanga was always about the self-destructive behaviour, if heartbreak happens to someone who is out of control, to which he did complete justice, but the discussion over the internet went on a different track than the main premise of the movie. its no secret it's a flawed character and his life is terrible !  You may empathise with him and somewhat sympathize too , but what you Won't is like him! His family, Preethi, shiva all love him but they too dislike him !

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