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It's Proven That Bollywood Has Literally Shown A Fake College Life

Published On: 06 August 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Parties, exploits, bunking adventures and love stories, this is college. Which Bollywood has been glamorizing for many years and the kids who have just completed their high school are filled with such glittery stuff like rolling in a Lamborghini or worst having multiple girls falling for you.

It's Proven That Bollywood Has Literally Shown A Fake College Life
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But sorry to burst your fairy tale dreams as these are totally absurd and untrue.

Here is how Bollywood has been fooling you the whole time:

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: This one is quite tolerable as some things I have seen when I was in college, ranging from crushes to fun pranks and good time at fests. What was unreal was how did the Principal turn out to be sexist AF when his own daughter and the teacher were wearing miniskirts whilst he was attacking the other girls wearing them.

Principal Is Sexist AF

2. Rang De Basanti: This was surely one of those films which gave youngsters a huge glimpse of college life ranging from wild parties to long drives to organizing hangouts. It is a little different from what we usually see in real-life as this one might end up costing our lives.

Rang De Basanti

3. Main Hoon Naa: This was just as weird as it gets as an older student starts hitting on a teacher who is an age younger than him. Or worse who wants to race to grab the flag for the sake of a kiss from the hottest girl of the college? I’m totally going ROFL with this one.

Main Hoon Naa

4. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham: I can’t handle this nonsense, like how can someone announce on the mic stating that a girl has just arrived in the college. Or worst turn up in the college in a Lamborghini with girls running after him. Sounds really extreme right?



5. Student Of The Year: We understand that KJo is pretty famous for introducing new faces, but this one was a little extreme. We understand that Varun and Alia had sugar daddies with them but why Siddharth Malhotra like this. Like he lives in a village and how the hell did he get those Ray-Ban glasses or the expensive smartphone or worst how the hell did he even get those scuba diving kit in the first place? Did Bruce Wayne sponsor them?. This one is like a desi version of High School Musical. Sounds really wacky and dumb?

Glam Students

Scuba Diving WTF?

6. Rockstar: This one can get you in prison if you try these weird antics to get the hottest chick in the classroom or worse barge into her classroom, just to propose her and get her mad as well. Be very careful.

Proposing in class

7. 2 states: Most of us have read this book to our heart's content during college days but have any of you observed in the movie that how can a guy get in a girls hostel to meet the girl or worse a girl entering the boys hostel and both of them end up having a romantic moment. Just like every Bollywood film, there are background dancers of IIM-A who keep shaking the leg when Arjun Kapoor is singing.

8. Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon: The most torturesome film courtesy Pretentious Movie Reviews, who roasted it like anything. Have you ever seen a college where every teacher behaves like a family member to the student or worse expressing love towards each other? This one is overdosed with not just overacting but with too much sweetness in college as well. 

If any of these mentioned incidents ever happened with you during your college days then please mention in the comments section below or if you are yet to experience your madcap college life in some weeks, all the best and these moments are most memorable just like mine.

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