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Hollywood Films Which Were Based On Real Life Incidents

Published On: 20 August 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Hollywood has a flair of showing the real-life incidents in such a manner that most of the viewers get enamored with the screenplay and a stellar star cast. Most of these films have won praises from critics and the audience with their powerful messages.

Hollywood Films Which Were Based On Real Life Incidents
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Here are some of the Hollywood films based on real-life incidents:

1. Schindler’s List: Steven Spielberg's most acclaimed films which was set during the Nazi period in Germany. The film revolved around a German Businessman named Oskar Schindler who takes charge of various people of Polish and Jewish descent by saving them from being gassed under Hitler’s orders. The film won multiple awards at the Oscars.

Schindler's List

2. Blood Diamond: The film is set during the conflict period in the mid-90s where many Africans were brutally killed and exploited by international honchos to start a million dollar empire of illegal diamonds. The story revolved around an English mercenary, an American journalist helping an innocent villager from Sierra Leone in finding his son who has been brainwashed by a militia group to spread bloodshed worldwide.

Blood Diamond

3. World Trade Center: The film is set during the September 11 attacks in New York. The story of two beat cops in New York City who leave their duties aside when they hear the news of a plane crash at the World Trade Center and get themselves trapped for hours after the collapse and exchanging their life stories before the authorities come and save them. This one brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

World Trade Center

4. The Walk: Based on the impossible walk by a French trapeze artist Philippe Petit who flew from Paris to New York only to attempt a walk between the twin towers with the help of cable wires and no safety gear during the mid-70s. This was surely death-defying and scary.

The Walk

5. Barry: One of Netflix’s films which depicted the student life of former US president Barack Obama when he was studying law at the Columbia University and how often he was subjected to racism which was prevailing over there. The film was directed by an Indian and it was screened at various film festivals.


6. Erin Brockovich: Julia Roberts’s award-winning film about a single mother of the same name who files a case against an electric and gas company which responsible for polluting the groundwater of a locality in California. The acting of Julia Roberts was commendable.

Erin Brockovich

7. Zero Dark Thirty: One of the biggest manhunts in the history of the United States, which revolved around the killing of Osama Bin Laden who was into hiding for 10 years after striking America in 2001. The film showed the chronological pattern from September 11, 2001, to May 1st, 2011 with various terror incidents in the background, the film was said to be shot in India mostly.

Zero Dark Thirty

8. Everest: A true story of two mountaineers from New Zealand and the United States who arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal to scale the Mt Everest which has been scaled by almost every mountaineer in the world and the journey which almost claimed their lives due to a deadly storm which occurred during their descent after scaling Everest. The box office of the film went to the charity for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake which took place a few months before the film released.


9. Dunkirk: One of Nolan’s finest works set during World War II, which dealt with a bunch of soldiers trapped in an isolated island which was surrounded by enemies when the soldiers were slowly getting outnumbered. The screenplay was very commendable.


10. United 93: A film which was more of a documentary about 4 planes which got hijacked on September 11 and only 3 managed to reach their target and the fourth one didn’t. The film showed actually what happened on the flight and what made it not reach the target.

United 93

11. Patriots Day: The film was based on the Boston Marathon Bombing which took place in April 2013 in the wee early morning hours and how a beat cop got himself involved in the shootout of two terrorists who masterminded the bombing and also conspired to detonate a nuke in New York City. The film featured Mark Wahlberg in the lead.

Patriot's Day

12. Captain Phillips: A film based on the infamous Maersk Alabama hijacking which took place on 2009 which was bound to Mombasa, Kenya from Port of Salalah, Oman. Tom Hanks took the titular role and the film earned a lot of appreciation for its realistic portrayal.

Captain Phillips

I wish Bollywood could use this formula and make Oscar worthy films in the future

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