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From Negativity to Positivity Attitude In Bollywood Movies

Published On: 18 June 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Most movies are famous for showing mostly protagonists who are self-righteous most of the time but there are some protagonists who were laidback, troubled, scared and pessimistic. But as movie progresses they change.

From Negativity to Positivity Attitude In Bollywood Movies
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Check out these protagonists right below:

1. Sid in Wake Up Sid!

Sid aka Siddharth Mehra was a usual rich spoilt brat who was always addicted to gaming consoles, emails, hangouts and parties. He never paid attention to his father’s business too. He left the house after failing in his college exams and lived with a newly made friend Ayesha who just arrived in the city. During this time, he discovers his passion in photography and undoubtedly it becomes his career.

Sid In Wake Up Sid!

2. Karan in Lakshya

Just like Sid, Karan was also a good-for-nothing slacker who had no goals and ambitions in his life. Until one day, he decides to join the army after watching Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando. Despite being selected in the army, he turns out to be a slacker and a lazy candidate who often receives punishments from the superiors. Karan finally comes to his terms when Romi breaks up with him and he accepts the punishment from seniors for escaping from the military academy. During this phase, he works hard and eventually becomes an army officer.

Karan in Lakshya

3. Sanjay in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Just the complete opposite of the elder brother, the elder brother was dedicated and hard working and Sanjay was lazy and good-for-nothing. Sanjay never cared about academics or sports, he was only focussed on flirting with girls and smoking with buddies. Until one day, his brother gets seriously injured because of a gang war. Sanjay takes the decision to participate in the cycle race which his brother was preparing for and he starts training for it with hard work and dedication, he even beats the rival in the end in the final minute of the race.

Sanjay in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

4. DJ in Rang De Basanti

A happy-go-lucky college graduate who’s always involved in crazy bike riding and the beer challenges. He was always seen just pulling everyone’s legs and being laidback the whole time. Until one day, his best friend, an air force pilot has been martyred and his reputation has been tarnished by the politicians. He decides to fight for his friend’s justice and realizes that he’s a part of the revolution which has been ignited by him.

DJ in Rang De Basanti

5. Ved in Tamasha

Ved was a hen-pecked chap who was spoon-fed throughout his life ranging from his childhood to adulthood. He was in short a slave of the so-called society. When Tara makes him open his eyes, he goes into a relapse and loses his job as well. That phase gives him a life-changing experience to follow his true passion which is storytelling.

Ved in Tamasha

6. Naina in Kal Ho Naa Ho

Naina was a pessimistic, bespectacled and a traumatized girl who is always sick of her family especially her nagging grandmother who’s hostility to her mother instigates fights everyday. Her life takes a turn when Aman shows up as a neighbour and gives a complete makeover to her and also motivates her to face her demons.

Naina in Kal Ho Na Ho

7. Adi in Jab We Met

Aditya Kashyap was completely shattered with his life, despite being a wealthy industrialist, he is disturbed with unhealthy workplace and disastrous love life which ruins him even more to attempt suicide. Until Geet, a free-spirited and a feisty girl walks into his life and makes him lead her madcap adventures. Apart from this, he experiences success in his life because of her. Apart from curing himself, he even helps Geet settle a score with a guy who cheated her.

Adi in Jab We Met

8. Arjun in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Arjun was a donkey in his entire life, ranging from the workload, father’s death and even a bitter breakup from his girlfriend he used to love. His workaholic habit took him a toll in such a way that it even resulted in a fight with his best friend during a road trip in Spain. Until Laila walked in and helped him in facing his fears and changing his perspective of life.

Arjun in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

9. Rani in Queen

Despite being rejected by her fiance two days before the wedding, Rani makes an impulsive decision of going on a honeymoon all by herself. Despite moving solely in Paris, she decides to quit after having a run-in with the cops and being mugged. But little did she know that the friends she made gave her a bucketful of memories and  never looked back her past.

Rani in Queen

10. Milkha in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Milkha was a troubled lad ranging from partition to his family being massacred which traumatized him like anything, which even led to serious consequences ranging from run-in with the cops, the title of coal thief and a street ruffian. Even if he became the top athlete for India, still the trauma of his family’s death never left him. Finally, an opportunity arrived and decided to take the risk for one last time by participating in the race conducted in Pakistan and succeeds eventually.

Milkha in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

11. Veera in Highway

A girl born with a silver spoon gets kidnapped just one day before the wedding, she starts trembling at first and later as the time goes by she finds freedom in the hands of the abductor and tastes life much better than the fake honour which presides in her home. After getting rescued, she gets her uncle punished for abusing her when she was a kid and moves on with her life.

Veera in Highway

12. Jasmeet aka Jazz in Namastey London

A spoilt, alcoholic and arrogant girl who despises everything Indian for the sake of British boyfriend who’s infamous for his multiple affairs. Even a trip to India never gets her over despite being married to a guy who loves her more. But little does she know that her Indian husband has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to make her fall in love with him which she realises and unites with him in India.

Jazz in Namastey London

13. Jagdish Mishra in Jolly LLB 2

Jagdish aka Jolly Mishra never cared about his profession properly and he was always taking things lightly the whole time, until one day the case he took from a client commits suicide after realizing that he was cheating the whole time. Jolly takes the matter to himself and decides to fight for justice by producing the case in the court by any means necessary and succeeds in bringing the culprits punished.

Jagdish Mishra aka Jolly in Jolly LLB 2

I never knew that Bollywood could churn out life lessons to most of the youngsters out there.

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