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5 Best Films Ever Done By Ganesh

Published On: 02 July 2018 | Sandalwood | By:

He started his career as a television presenter and actor in TV shows. He debuted in the year 2001 and achieved success with Mungaru Male which was a blockbuster of 2006. Now, he's the highest paid actor in the Sandalwood industry.

5 Best Films Ever Done By Ganesh
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Here are some of the films which are considered to be the best of his:

1. Mungaru Male
Mungaru Male was the landmark of Ganesh's career which was not only famous for its songs but it was a highlight of the Sandalwood Industry as it ran for a year in the cinemas and it is still remembered even now.

Mungaru Male

2. Cheluvina Chittara

After Mungaru Male, Cheluvina Chittara also joined the bandwagon of becoming a successful box office hit a year later and the story was so heart touching that it ran for 100 days in the cinemas.

Cheluvina Chittara

3. Gaalipatta

Gaalipatta was another commercial success a year later which was also famous for its good storyline and breath-of-a-fresh-air music which was more than enough for the fans to rejoice every moment in the film.


4. Chellata

Before Mungaru Male, Chellata was one of his best performances as a lead role as he was mainly famous for playing supporting roles in big budget films. This movie was best known for its hummable songs.


5. Mungaru Male 2

Mungaru Male 2 was the second installment of Ganesh's superhit Mungaru Male which was much appreciated than the previous installment and it is also remembered for the songs.

Mungaru Male 2

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