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Top 5 Pandemic Movies To Watch In Self Quarantine.

24 March 2020
Due to COVID 19, a fascination with the pandemic-themed films is spreading. We picked the 5 films which are based upon pandemic.... Read more

Oscar Throwback: When Marlon Brando refused to receive the Best Actor Oscar Award.

07 February 2020
Marlon Brando refused to accept the Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather at the 45th Academy Awards in 1973 and instead sent actress and the President of the National Native American Affirmative Image Committee, Sacheen Littlefeather to deliver his controversial speech. ... Read more

Spider Man: Far From Home's Mysterio, A Social Commentary Underlying Speculative Fiction ? Minor Spoilers Ahead

11 July 2019
The fundamental theme of the movie at the core of its conflict - In the digital age, where Perception has Supplanted Reality, Can truth be hidden by creating a deluded public perception? Mysterio does it through His Illusion and Hologram tech and in real-world aren't sold-out News Media houses and Marketing geniuses doing the same?... Read more

Censor / Central Board of Film Certification : How it works ?

25 June 2019
Every once in a while, the censor board does something that results in outrage amongst the twitterati and movie critics alike. The censor board, its critics argue, should only certify movies and not ask for any cuts. After all, its formal name is the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Curious to know how it works?... Read more

The best outfits from May 2019

31 May 2019
Packed with outfits from the Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival... Read more

Kylie Jenner out and about in LA wearing Julien Macdonald!

28 May 2019
The social media celebrity turned heads last night, as she showed up for dinner.... Read more

'Sikkim' Documentary film made by Satyajit Ray was banned for 39 years.

02 May 2019
On the occasion of the 98th birth anniversary of the greatest filmmaker of all time, Satyajit Ray. We discuss his documentary which was banned by the Indian government.... Read more

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 'The Long Night' Review: God of Death came and left

30 April 2019
Game of Thrones season 8 Episode 3: The god of Death came and left Winterfell, giving proud battle scars, grief and fatigue. But in the end you must always remember what we say to the God of Death, “Not Today” and then you “stick him with the pointy end” ... Read more

International Dance Day: Passionate, Spiritual and Rebellious Humanly art of Dance

29 April 2019
On the occasion of International Dance Day, we celebrate the spirit with which ritual of Dance has evolved worldwide. ... Read more

IMDb, Rotten tomatoes, Metascore : what does a Score on these Review aggregators actually mean ? whom do you trust the most ?

26 April 2019
Ever wondered the Same movie having a contrastingly different score on each of above-mentioned review aggregators? How these scores differ when they are gathered from the same audience? Moreover knowing the basis on which these Review aggregators calculate their scores will indeed make our choices more certain!... Read more

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3: Teaser pictures released: What to expect from the battle against the Night King

25 April 2019
Ultimate doomsday is here, with a quick death for some and haunting tomorrow for those who survive. No one is coming out of this long night in Game of Thrones unscathed. ... Read more

Game of Thrones theory: Symbolism of the dead Dire wolf and its five abandoned pups.

24 April 2019
Is the end preconditioned in Game of Thrones ? Is it all just a perpetual cyclical change of summers and winters? We are all trapped in this transition with the rest of living and dead of Westeros. ... Read more

Six times Gigi Hadid perfected street style

23 April 2019
Love nailing the street style game? We have some inspiration for you... Read more

The Best Oscar Red Carpet Looks Of All Time

24 February 2019
From Audrey Hepburn to Julia Roberts, here are the best red-carpet looks.... Read more

Current Obsession: Moschino Paint Prints

18 February 2019
From Alia Bhatt to Rita Ora, here's something we are all interested in.... Read more

Reminiscing over the wonderful role of Captain America

27 October 2018
On the light of Chris Evans leaving the Marvel Universe, here are a few moments we'd like to remember him as Captain America.... Read more

5 movies that give us the fantasies of having super powers

25 October 2018
A list of 5 movies that we probably kept under the over powering of super 'hero' movies.... Read more

10 movies that can be watched over and over

25 October 2018
10 fun, comedic,dramatic and action films that give you the pleasure each time you watch them... Read more

Who or What Is Venom?

25 September 2018
A briefing into the history of Venom and how we will expect his return on screen.... Read more

Appreciating Will Smith

24 September 2018
He is the actor who has been entertaining his fans with multiple roles which were mixed with comedy, action, tragedy and romance in every film he has taken. That actor is none other than Will Smith who has been entertaining us for a very very long time. ... Read more

10 movies that exceeded our expectations

15 September 2018
For this list we will be looking through movies that we thought wouldn't do too well in the industry but proved us wrong... Read more

Top 13 Hollywood actors who went crazy with fame

13 September 2018
Fame can make a person reach many levels. these actors went too far with the fame that they recieved... Read more

Unforgettable Johnny Depp movies

22 August 2018
It comes as no surprise that Johnny Depp has vowed to never play the same role twice. He has made a name for himself as possibly the most chameleon-like actor of the century, with each new role as unforgettable as the last. ... Read more

Hollywood Films Which Were Based On Real Life Incidents

20 August 2018
Hollywood has a flair of showing the real-life incidents in such a manner that most of the viewers get enamored with the screenplay and a stellar star cast. Most of these films have won praises from critics and the audience with their powerful messages.... Read more

5 movies that were influenced by Hinduism

07 August 2018
The philosophy behind a couple of super hit movies in Hollywood is based on Hinduism. Hollywood itself has actually been embracing arcane Indian systems for a long time now. A few well-known Hollywood stars have willingly and openly expressed this fact to the public.... Read more

Do movies really do justice to the books they are adapted from?

06 August 2018
The popular notion of the books always being better than the movies was disproved with the movies in this list... Read more

10 movies that will make you believe in love

05 August 2018
Stereotypical love is not only in the movies but exists in real life too... Read more

10 Movies that literally changed the world

04 August 2018
A good film does more than entertain or fill seats at the cinema. It has the power to change hearts and minds – and sometimes society more widely.... Read more

10 Movies where Leonardo DiCaprio deserved an Oscar

04 August 2018
Leonardo DiCaprio deserved more than one Oscar in his acting career and this list is to show you... Read more

Top 10 Animated movies of all time

02 August 2018
Animated movies that made us cry and even effect our live in ways we never knew animated movies could... Read more

Tom Cruise: 10 best performances

01 August 2018
We all know and love our beloved Tom Cruise, here's more just to fill up your gut for more love... Read more

The Rollercoaster Ride Of Mission Impossible from 1996 to present

26 July 2018
Hardcore action, exotic locations, death-defying stunts & state-of-the art gadgetry, you name it, they got it. The journey started in 1966 as a TV series, 30 years later it immortalised the magic on silver screen with Tom Cruise playing the role of Ethan Hunt, a superspy for IMF (Impossible Missions Force). ... Read more

10 Movies that Robin Williams made sure we would never forget

10 July 2018
10 of the best movies that will forever keep us in love with Robin Williams and his acting... Read more

'NO FAME FOR MY KIDS', said very few celebrities

18 June 2018
Celebrity kids who were kept away from the spotlight. Imagine the difficulty hiding your kids from people practically stalking your every move (paparazzi)... Read more

Movies that rightly capture the mind, when suffering with Depression

15 June 2018
Movies that clearly depict the inner lives and thoughts of a depressed person... Read more

10 Hollywood films inspired by Bollywood films

14 June 2018
Not everyday do we find out that the Hollywood film industry has taken content, inspiration and more from the Bollywood film industry... Read more

What makes Marvel so Special?

12 June 2018
The Marvel Universe is gigantic and its almost come to an end. But throughout their reign they've always stayed on top. Wondered why? Their humour. Nothing cheap or scrappy. Just plain, simple and funny.... Read more

Movies that left you in Awe that they were actually true stories

11 June 2018
Significantly, 2018 has got a whole line-up of movie's coming up for us which are true stories which are quite unbelievable to be true. Here's 9 movies which are too good to be true, but they are. True stories which will unfold for us this year:... Read more

Bring out the inner child in you this Year

06 June 2018
There's always time for some fun when it comes to movies, dig into these movies not just for fun, nevertheless channel the inner kid in you. Here's 8 movies you should pick up on in 2018.... Read more

Top Grossing Hollywood Franchises Ruling Indian Market

05 June 2018
These franchises have created a huge riot in almost every part of the world. These franchises have also established a fanbase in India as well. ... Read more

Happy Birthday Morgan Freeman. 10 of his best movies you shouldn't miss.

01 June 2018
Morgan Freeman is the perfect translation of "Like fine win, gets better with age". H'es made it through all and now with his recent accusations, he's in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Here's 10 good reasons to still resound why we love him.... Read more

NERVE WRECKING Horror Thriller films to watch!

20 May 2018
This article is basically for the ones who don’t jump off their place seeing horror/thriller films, instead, they wonder how they did that or make fun of the film because it’s not scary at all. And all this only because they’ve become so immune to watching such films! ... Read more

Cannes film festival 2018: Final list of films

16 May 2018
The official selection has been announced for the 71st Cannes film festival running 8-19 May. Here are all the titles screening.... Read more

Jurassic Park Over The Years

03 May 2018
The forthcoming sequel of ‘Jurassic World’ called ‘Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom’ has got the fans excited for it. Before the release of the sequel, let’s have a look at the journey of this franchise which has entertained both adults and kids thanks to the film making genius Steven Spielberg.... Read more