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Happy Birthday Rekha: A Timeless Diva and her Timeless Beauty

10 October 2019
The actress has turned 65 today. And we present you 5 rare photos of Rekha which proves she is evergreen beauty.... Read more

Happy Teacher's Day: 5 Adorable Bollywood films which should be strictly watched on this day.

05 September 2019
All from Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan to Rani Mukerji have played teachers at least once in their careers. ... Read more
16 August 2019
Today is the first death anniversary of the renowned politician and ex-prime minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and we go down the memory lane when his poem was used in a video album directed by Yash Chopra sung by Jagjit Singh starring Shah Rukh Khan.... Read more

Sridevi the lady Superstar who knew how to tickle your funny bone.

13 August 2019
The late actress would have been celebrated her 56th birthday anniversary today. She was the first and arguably the only mainstream female actress who had impeccable comic timing.... Read more

Revisting 'Love Aaj Kal' before 'Love Aaj Kal': A love story about 'Mango' People.

01 August 2019
Imitiaz Ali made a modern-day love story 10 years back and the film is still relevant. And before the release of his new Love Aaj Kal starring Kartik Aaryan and Deepika Padukone, we revisit the 2009 film.... Read more

These 5 Photos of Kiara Advani proves that 'A Star is Born'.

31 July 2019
As the Kabir Singh actress Kiara Advani turns a year older, we take a look at her most memorable and fashionable photos. ... Read more

Kriti Sanon's looks in this body hugging gown will not allow you to blink your eyes.

25 July 2019
Kriti Sanon raised her bar in the fashion game by wearing this sizzling body-hugging gown during Arjun Patiala promotion.... Read more

4 years of 'Masaan', A film which shows real humans and their real emotions.

24 July 2019
Its been 4 years of Neeraj Ghaywan's beautiful piece of work 'Masaan' which also gifted us a promising actor Vicky Kaushal.... Read more

Screenplay : what seperates it from a Novel ? What is an Adapted and Original screenplay ? What gives 'Screenplay by' and 'written by' Credit ?

24 July 2019
Movies are a combination of Art and technology; A screenplay is a story told with pictures, in dialogue and description, and placed within the context of dramatic structure. That's what it is; that is its nature. it is the art of visual storytelling.... Read more

Literature : what is it for ? Do Movies belong to literature ?

23 July 2019
Literature represents the culture and tradition of a language or people. The concept is difficult to precisely define; the accepted definition of literature is constantly changing and evolving. For many, the word literature suggests a higher art form; merely putting words on a page doesn't necessarily equate to creating literature.... Read more

Kriti Sanon looks stylish in this rocking pant suit and we can't take our eyes of her.

17 July 2019
Kriti Sanon shows us a different way of rocking the trendy pantsuit with a twist for the promotions of her new movie, Arjun Patiala. ... Read more

Happy Birthday Katrina Kaif: We are 'Kamli' over you for your style and elegance.

16 July 2019
It's known to all Kat fans that this diva is known for her style and fashion and here are some pics to prove it right.... Read more

Storytelling Advertisements, Humanising Brands : Raw Authentic Human Emotions, A New Yardstick of Marketing ?

12 July 2019
Have you seen a Tv advertisement that moved you by its emotional story? Are you following any brand handle on twitter, that tweets in first person ? Then you are acquainted with this style of Marketing. Does it empowers consumers or exploits them ? ... Read more

what makes us love Movies ? why ?

10 July 2019
Ever wondered What makes us re-imagine or re-think about that one scene from a movie days after watching it? why we can't get over the movie w liked easily? Why did it strike a chord with you in the first place? Maybe there’s something so relatable in that scene. indeed! Cinema ain't just Escapism... Read more

Box Office: What If Movies success was measured in number of tickets sold rather than the gross earnings ?

28 June 2019
Even if you're in denial, but you can't change the fact that the ultimate parameter to judge a movie's success is still the Box office numbers it rakes in, no matter the rating, reviews, awards or appreciation all are secondary! But what difference will it make if the numbers are the ticket sold rather than the Crores of Rupees ?... Read more

Tragic Heros : Why do we root for flawed characters ?

26 June 2019
The trend which has prevailed in the western content for long, with Breaking Bad, House of cards, etc., has forged its way strong into the Indian celluloid as well with the recent success of Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Sanju, Kabir Singh, etc. what is it that attracts us towards them and makes us even root for them? despite them being Badass Assholes ... Read more

The 5 underappreciated characters of SRK which should get its due.

25 June 2019
Today Bollywood King Khan Shahrukh Khan completes his 27 years in Hindi Cinema.... Read more

'Kabir Singh' vs Feminazis : Did Happy Ending made the movie morally incorrect?

24 June 2019
In today's times can cinema 'really' influence our thoughts and provoke a behaviour ? or it mere mirrors the Society and gangs people as those who align or contradict?... Read more

Come On India: A throwback video song of 1999 Cricket world cup which became a Cricket Anthem.

30 May 2019
The song was released during 1999 world cup which was hosted by England. Let’s revisit that video again to set our excitement for this world cup which is also hosted by England (and Wales).... Read more

Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy: Episode 1

29 May 2019
This is the new series where we discuss a film which inspired many other films and it itself was inspired by multiple films. (Interestingly, our title of the topic is also inspired by the dialogue of the film 'Fight Club').... Read more

Trap of TRPs : Data of Just A Select Few Households Are Extrapolated To Entire Nation ?

21 May 2019
TRP/BARC ratings for Week 19 (May 4-May 10, 2019) are out. yet again the same old daily soaps have topped the list, ones that are terribly made fun of on social media, the ones no one says proudly that He/She watches (at least in metro culture) and yet they top the list. Ever Wondered how TRP is calculated and why is it trusted despite the flaws?... Read more
03 May 2019
A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth! Stereotypes, Cliches, etc all of these unreal plot points have been normalized into general perception by Bollywood, so much that people have to go through the onslaught of judgement based on them, despite not being a party to any of it. Here are some Bollywood stereotypes that we cannot love anymore. ... Read more

Kyunki TV Shows, Bhi Kabhi Ache The! : What went wrong? And it isn't just Ekta Kapoor

02 May 2019
Are you one of those who religiously watches GOT, Breaking bad, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., etc. and don’t have the slightest trace of what is happening in Indian Television? Why is that we don’t have at least one show of our own, airing now on TV, we could be proud-off? Don't just blame it on Ekta Kapoor, if not her there would be someone else doing the same.... Read more

Game of Collections : From 100 days to 100 Crore Clubs, What fraction of a movie ticket actually goes to the Studio/Producers ?

23 April 2019
Gone are the days when movies success was calculated on the number of days it ran in theatres. Now it comes down to just the first weekend or max 2nd-weekend collections. Ever thought how many fractions of the collections is actual profit? and why 'Thugs of Hindustan' is a flop even after making 350 core ? ... Read more

This World Book Day we revisit some of the best films of Bollywood adapted from the novels.

23 April 2019
World Book Day, also known as World Book and Copyright Day, or International Day of the Book, is an annual event the organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote reading, publishing, and copyright. World Book Day was first celebrated on 23 April 1995 and continues to be recognized on that da... Read more

Kalank Movie: 5 Reasons that makes this movie a hit.

16 April 2019
A huge ensemble cast, aesthetic set, soulful music with heavy dialogues, this movie has everything to be a hit.... Read more

End Of Movie Theatres Near ?

15 April 2019
Why? As if Declining Single Screen and Soaring ticket prices of multiplexes weren't enough, Movie-Makers are now selling out one thing that always put butts in seats. It's not giant screens, or booming sound, or "the communal experience of a darkened movie theatre," all things that movie people love to romanticize.... Read more

You cannot miss Khushi Kapoor's chic wardrobe

24 March 2019
If you thought Janhvi Kapoor had her best foot forward, wait till you see the younger sister!... Read more

A Bollywood guide to Sequin Dresses.

19 March 2019
Bollywood's leading ladies are opting for sequin dresses, and so should you.... Read more

All the Bollywood celebrities wearing House Of Masaba

11 February 2019
From Sonam K. Ahuja to Katrina Kaif, here are all the top-notch celebrities looking gorgeous in Masaba.... Read more

Nobody does sister goals better than Jahnvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor

23 January 2019
With their similar outfits at the talk show, sisters Jahnvi and Khushi are giving us some serious Twinning inspirations!... Read more

Vidya Balan: From A Middle Class Upbringing To The Most Influential Woman

02 January 2019
Vidya Balan always aspired to be an actress right from her younger days. Her source of inspiration was Madhuri Dixit and Shabana Azmi when it came to becoming a film actress. The actress’s climb towards stardom began when she featured in the popular sitcom Hum Paanch back in the 90s. ... Read more

The Miracles And Mishaps Of 2018 In Bollywood

02 January 2019
This year was filled with a lot of surprises in Bollywood, most of the films were heavily relying on good starcast and perfect story which was the driving force of the movies of this year. Some were standing on our expectations and were surprise packages whereas some turned out to be ditching our hopes.... Read more

The Complete Rewind Of 2018 In The World Of Films

31 December 2018
This year is almost coming to an end, there were many eventful moments happening this year and there was a change in the industry in terms of content and functioning. There were some whom we lost along the way but there were moments which brought a smile to our faces. ... Read more

Deepveer: The Real Life King Queen As Portrayed In Reel Life

22 November 2018
Bollywood’s love birds Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, popularly known as DeepVeer tied the knot on November 14th and here is a complete detail on how Deepveer looked on their wedding and reception events.... Read more

Why didn't Thugs Of Hindostan reach our expectations?

08 November 2018
Most Awaited movie of the season, Thugs Of Hindostan barely reaches our expectations.... Read more

The Four Shades Of Shah Rukh Khan

01 November 2018
Shah Rukh Khan, the only name which has been a crush to every teenage girl who had a soft corner for him. His popularity is not just limited to India, it has expanded in different parts of the world too. He has a huge fan base in countries like UAE, USA, UK, Germany and Russia where the audience throng in theatres when his films release over there.... Read more

Many Women May Come And Go But Not As Beautiful As Aishwarya Rai

31 October 2018
Aishwarya Rai, the only woman who has been a dream girl for every young man in the 90s who used to keep her posters stuck on the walls of every college hostel. Who can forget that face who used to bring a smile to most of our lives when she cast her magic on various brand endorsements before and after winning multiple beauty pageants.... Read more

The CID Trio Acting In Bollywood Films

25 October 2018
CID has been a treasure to most of the 90s kids who have been watching it all their lives. Most of us can’t forget the one-liners from ACP Pradyuman’s Kuch Toh Gadbad Hai and Daya Darwaza Tod Do, Inspector Abhijeet’s quick wits and intelligence and finally Daya’s macho-avatar which can put even the Hulk to shame.... Read more

Interesting Trivia Behind Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

20 October 2018
The film which brought the entire country to its knees for its impeccable storyline and gave characters like Raj, Simran, Lajjo and obviously the “most hated” Babuji who is the leader of Sanskars. The film is none other than Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.... Read more

How Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Is Quite Illogical For Us?

15 October 2018
The film which was the debut directorial of Karan Johar was released in 1998 and it created a cult following among most of the kids and young adults of that era. The title song of the film became the official theme of Dharma Productions as well.... Read more

Amitabh Bachchan's 10 best movies

10 October 2018
Celebrating his special day, here we are to commemorate his best acting roles... Read more

How Well Do You Know Ranbir Kapoor?

29 September 2018
He is the great grandson of Prithiviraj Kapoor, grandson of Raj Kapoor and the son of the iconic couple Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. The only Kapoor in the family who has completed his education when the others barely finished school.... Read more

Lata Mangeshkar: The Godmother Of Indian Playback Singing

28 September 2018
She has been in the industry for a very young age and her songs are listened by not just senior citizens but even college kids to hard-working young professionals. Despite the songs are old, they are still timeless classics which will put the rehashed versions of these songs to shame. ... Read more

What to expect from: Thugs of Hindostan

27 September 2018
Not everyday do you see a movie that is so closely related to what India was going though under the rule of the British... Read more

Yash Chopra: The Only Man Who Taught Everyone To Love

26 September 2018
There is something in every film of Yash Chopra which has been compelling a lot of youngsters to focus on love and emotions. His films have been a trendsetter for many years and most of us have even binge watched them all our lives. Sadly, the director had passed away in 2012 due to a prolonged illness but his legacy will continue for generations. ... Read more

Kareena Kapoor Khan: One Woman Many Phases

21 September 2018
Kareena has been in the industry for 18 long years and she has impressed everyone with acting, dancing and expressions. She looks beautiful when she smiles and her smile speaks everything for her in every film of hers you have seen so far. ... Read more

The Main Highlights of Bigg Boss Over The Time

19 September 2018
The most controversial show on India called Bigg Boss has kicked off the 12th season and the fans are more than excited to witness another dose of entertainment in this show.... Read more

The Memorable Moments Of Koffee With Karan Over The Years

19 September 2018
Koffee With Karan is one such show in Indian Television which gets the viewers hooked to the la de creme of the Bollywood Industry and their darkest secrets which gave the creeps to most of us. But apart from these moments, there are some moments where Karan Johar literally gets roasted from the counter-attack of his esteemed guests. ... Read more

Shabana Azmi: The Powerhouse Of Acting In Bollywood

18 September 2018
She has been in the industry for a very long time and she has impressed everyone with her applause-worthy performances in various films. Apart from acting, she has been heavily active in social activism, she had started an NGO which involved in the upliftment of the slums in Mumbai and also took a stand against ostracisation of AIDS patients.... Read more

Ramya Krishnan: The Sivagami Of Indian Cinema (Bollywood)

15 September 2018
She has been in the industry for a very long time and she has never shied away in playing negative roles in most of her films in Hindi for a short while. Ramya Krishnan has come a very long way from being a teenage girl to a full-fledged actress now.... Read more

Ayushmann Khurana: From A Punjabi Puttar To A Film Star

14 September 2018
He is a RJ, VJ, an actor, a singer and a composer too. Whoa! Looks like the soul of Kishore Kumar has managed to find space in this young lad who is the new face of Indian cinema. The lad is none other than Ayushmann Khurrana who has a very good track record in the last six years and still counting.... Read more

Best Films of Anurag Kashyap To Binge Watch

10 September 2018
He is one of the most acclaimed directors in the film industry who has managed to give content-worthy films in his decade-long career, Most of his films have been featured in the Cannes Film Festival most of the time.... Read more

Bollywood Films Which Dealt With A Bold Theme Of Homosexuality

09 September 2018
On 6th September 2018, the supreme court passed a law of abolishing the Section 377. This was a joyous moment for the LGBT community who were celebrating it at the streets of Delhi. ... Read more

Akshay Kumar: From A Young Boy Of Old Delhi To A Superstar Of Bollywood

09 September 2018
The only actor who has survived in the Bollywood Industry without any help of any godfather in the industry and still going strong with many box-office hits in the past decade. The actor is also the highest paid actor and a taxpayer.... Read more

Realistic Portrayal Of Characters By Akshay Kumar

09 September 2018
He was a young chap from Chandni Chowk, Delhi and on his father’s advice, he left for Bangkok and took training in Kung Fu. He even worked as a waiter and a chef in a restaurant over there. He tried his hand in modelling and it went well but it was an opportunity missed as he had missed the flight to Bangalore where the shoot was to take place.... Read more

Teachers We Want In Our Life And Teachers We Do Not Want Ever In Our Life

04 September 2018
Bollywood has managed to give a huge set of teachers and there are some whom we wished we had in our life and there are some we want them to get lost rather than ruining our lives with their so-called knowledge.... Read more

Character Driven Roles Of Rishi Kapoor So Far

04 September 2018
He was the chocolate boy of the 60s and he had an impeccable comic timing too in films like Amar Akbar Anthony, Karz, Bobby and Mera Naam Joker where he was a child artist. As age passed by, the veteran actor has settled down playing character roles most of the time and he has played roles which were quite iconic even now.... Read more

Kaun Banega Crorepati: The Key Elements Of The Show

03 September 2018
The year 2000 brought a change in the world of television and it is none other than Amitabh Bachchan who came into our lives with Kaun Banega Crorepati. This show was much needed for him when he was on the verge of bankruptcy and he needed to get back in the game. The game show is the Indian adaptation of US game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?... Read more

Lage Raho Munnabhai: The Cult Classic Which Has Been Winning Hearts Worldwide

30 August 2018
The year 2006 saw another film in Bollywood, which had brought a change in the society. The movie is none other than Lage Raho Munnabhai which is the sequel of 2003 Munnabhai MBBS directed by Rajkumar Hirani.... Read more

Lakme Fashion Week 2018

28 August 2018
Showstoppers at Lakme Fashion week 2018 that took place in Mumbai that will blow your minds... Read more

10 Bollywood Films Based On Fictional Works (Chetan Bhagat Not Mentioned)

23 August 2018
Just like Hollywood, even Bollywood Has a flair for adapting famous literary works and making it into a cinematic masterpiece and the audience have loved it. We are not discussing Chetan Bhagat’s books. Sorry Fans I don’t mean to hurt as I’m a fan too of Bhagat.... Read more

The Female Directors Who Are Currently Ruling Bollywood

21 August 2018
Bollywood has opened its doors for women who have shown their immense dedication in the world of films and they have shown that even they can give good stories like the highly acclaimed directors of Bollywood.... Read more

Remember Sholay: The Landmark In Indian Cinema

14 August 2018
Kitne Aadmi The? Are O Samba. The most iconic dialogues from the iconic film Sholay which was much more popular than Why So Serious? line of The Joker from The Dark Knight is remembered even now for its pop culture references and the introduction to the Wild West to the Indian Audience. ... Read more

These Bollywood Films Might Get The Inner Patriotism In You

13 August 2018
Independence Day have got most of us a feel proud moment of being an Indian and we are living the vision of various freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Even though it's been a long time since we achieved freedom, still there are issues in our country which we are battling for years.... Read more

Sunidhi Chauhan: The Girl Who Rules The Bollywood Music

13 August 2018
She started out in the music industry at the age of 16 and started giving multiple chartbusters from the year 1999. She had no formal training in music but still she is regarded as the Mariah Carey of India. ... Read more

Sridevi's Most Unforgettable Roles

13 August 2018
24th February 2018, the day which had shaken the entire country with the sudden demise of a veteran actress, Sridevi. The news left us completely shattered as most of us grew up watching her films and even dancing to her songs in weddings and school functions.... Read more

It's Proven That Bollywood Has Literally Shown A Fake College Life

06 August 2018
Parties, exploits, bunking adventures and love stories, this is college. Which Bollywood has been glamorizing for many years and the kids who have just completed their high school are filled with such glittery stuff like rolling in a Lamborghini or worst having multiple girls falling for you. ... Read more

Celeberating 18 Years of 'Dil Chahta Hai' : The film which gave a new dimension to friendship films, How Well Do You Know About DCH?

06 August 2018
If 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun' brought the families together and DDLJ made most of the relationships romantic then there is one film which gave us another bond and that is friendship. The film is titled Dil Chahta Hai which was the trendsetter for the younger generation and most of us love it even now.... Read more

The Only Best Friends Of Bollywood We Wish We Had

05 August 2018
Every Bollywood film has a side hero and the best part about it is that the friends of the protagonist are the driving force in the film. This is the only thing which has been implemented in every film.... Read more

Best Roles Of Kajol Which Makes Her Memorable Even Now

05 August 2018
The only actress who has aged gracefully like a vintage wine, Kajol. Despite being a mother to two children. Most of us can never forget her innocent smile and her child-like looks. She has been ruling both the generations with her films. She has never failed to impress us in one bit.... Read more

Hum Aapke Hain Koun! Family: What Are They Doing Now?

05 August 2018
The film which was a trend setter for most of the families back in those days. The film not only brought the family together but also added some fun elements like childish pranks, games and many things which were popular in every household during weddings and family get-togethers. ... Read more

How Well Do You Know Taapsee Pannu?

01 August 2018
Despite being a Sardarni, she has proven her versatility in various regional languages like Tamil and Telugu. It’s not that she has forgotten her roots, she has been pretty much active in Bollywood with serious and women-oriented roles.... Read more

The Best Songs Which Are Sung By Sonu Nigam

30 July 2018
Much before Arijit Singh came to soothe our broken hearts with his songs, Sonu Nigam was the one who made our day with his melodious songs. Apart from singing, the singer is also talented in mimicry which made most of us go ROFL at an award function ranging from mimicking popular music directors to singing about Demonetization.... Read more

The Best Directors Of Bollywood Who Have Taken A Different Path Of Making Films

24 July 2018
Mostly Bollywood was stereotyped for putting too much of song and dance frequently in their films to attract the audience. But as the time passed by, this formula turned out to be stale and now most of the directors have started focusing on giving path breaking stories in their films.... Read more

Naseeruddin Shah: The Only Actor Who Has Shown That Age Is JUST A Number

19 July 2018
The only veteran actor who is popular with people of both the generations and has never shied away from giving us noteworthy performances in many films ranging from commercial ones to the critically acclaimed ones.... Read more

Best Songs of Sukhwinder Singh Which Most of Us Love

17 July 2018
He is known as the powerhouse of the music industry with his addictive voice and he has sung many numbers which have become chartbusters. Most of us remember his songs like anything.... Read more

Radhika Apte's golden 2018

17 July 2018
As Ranbir shines for his role in Sanju, Akshay Kumar making the headlines and us finally seeing dream like pairs (Ranveer and Deepika) finally revealing their love, Radhika Apte has been rigging up her own stream of success. Half the year done and 4 successful projects under her belt. ... Read more

Best Roles Of Priyanka Chopra Which Made Her An International Star

17 July 2018
After winning the Miss World title in 2000, PC aka Priyanka Chopra made her debut in films in the year 2002 with a tamil flick opposite Vijay. She then entered Bollywood with the film, The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy in the year 2003. A year later, she impressed everyone with her role in Aitraaz and made history by winning awards for it. ... Read more

How Well Do You Know Our Desi Girl aka Priyanka Chopra?

16 July 2018
She has come a long way from being an awkward, ugly and a gawky teenager and stun everyone by winning the Miss World in 2000 and set her steps in Bollywood three years later. After highs and lows in the industry, she managed to win accolades for her acclaimed films like Aitraaz, Fashion, Kaminey and Bajirao Mastani. ... Read more

Prove It If You Are A Fan Of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

16 July 2018
10 years after creating friendship goals with Dil Chahta Hai, Farhan Akhtar came back with yet another film which involved three best friends in an urban neighborhood. This time it was not just about friendship, it also involved travelling, relationships, inner conflicts and parental pressure. ... Read more

Best Songs Of Katrina Kaif Till Date

13 July 2018
Despite being mocked for inability of speaking in Hindi, Katrina has come a long way from being plastic and proving her worth in acting in a handful films like New York, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. She is known for giving her best when it comes to dancing and she has proved it in various songs.... Read more

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Sandeep Singh: The Real Soorma

12 July 2018
We are just waiting for the film to release in the theatres and witness the motivational journey of Sandeep Singh who battled against all odds to rise from the ashes and fly like a phoenix. ... Read more

16 years of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Epic Devdas: What All Went While Making It?

11 July 2018
Devdas, a classic tale written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay was adapted into films multiple times and in the year 2002 Sanjay Leela Bhansali adapted it by featuring Shah Rukh Khan as Devdas, Aishwarya Rai as Paro and Madhuri Dixit as Chandramukhi. ... Read more

Best Roles Played By Ranveer Singh

06 July 2018
The livewire of Bollywood, the only actor who has shown his immense talent with films of various genres ranging from romance, action, comedy, period and drama films. ... Read more

How Well Do You Know Ranveer Singh?

05 July 2018
Ranveer Singh has become a new age superstar in today’s generation, he has proved it with his versatility of his roles. He is also known as the livewire of Bollywood with his exceptional energy.... Read more

Actors Whose Careers Were Revived By Their Films

02 July 2018
When a ray of hope falls in the darkest of times of every person, that person wakes up and walks towards the light and eventually overcomes the darkness. This is what happened with the actors in Bollywood who took risks by walking on the dark path and eventually leading their way towards the light. ... Read more

A 23 Year Old Journey Which Changed Sanjay Dutt's Life Forever

27 June 2018
Everyone knows about how Sanjay Dutt’s timeline in jail started in the year 1993 when Mumbai was reeling with the fear of a multiple coordinated attack which happened when Sanjay Dutt was shooting in Mauritius for his film with Feroz Khan.... Read more

How Well Do You Know Do You Know Arjun Kapoor?

26 June 2018
Arjun Kapoor has come a long way from being an obese boy at young age to the ruggedly handsome chap who has been swooning a lot of ladies with his looks. He has been proven his versatility with movies like 2 states, Finding Fanny and finally Ki & Ka which showed that apart from playing action roles he can also be a romantic chocolate boy as well.... Read more

Best Roles Of Sanjay Dutt Most Of Us Loved Till Date

26 June 2018
Sanjay Dutt has been blending in different roles in different genres ranging from crime sagas to action thrillers to romance to comedy. Baba has shown that he is just unstoppable in playing these roles. ... Read more

Various Aspects of Sanjay Dutt We Might Get To See In Ranbir Kapoor's Sanju

25 June 2018
With Sanju’s release date coming near and we are just waiting for the theatre gates to open up so that we can witness the rollercoaster ride of Sanjay Dutt.... Read more

From Negativity to Positivity Attitude In Bollywood Movies

18 June 2018
Most movies are famous for showing mostly protagonists who are self-righteous most of the time but there are some protagonists who were laidback, troubled, scared and pessimistic. But as movie progresses they change.... Read more

Why Do We Love Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Even Now?

18 June 2018
It has been 19 years since Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam released in theatres, the only movie which has been a golden favourite to both critics and masses alike. We might have watched it many times on TV only for the love triangle between Nandini, Sameer and Vanraj. ... Read more

17 years of Lagaan: The Unknown Facts About The Movie

15 June 2018
The movie which was not going to be a hit turned out to be one of the best movies till date. Owing to the success, the movie went on to be featured as a subject in most of the management schools in India to the TIME magazine’s list of best sports movies. ... Read more

What Do We Usually See In Imtiaz Ali's Movies?

15 June 2018
The only filmmaker who is famous for giving wonderful joyrides in his movies and immortalising characters like Geet, Adi, Veer, Harleen, Meera, Jai, JJ aka Jordan, Veera, Mahabir, Ved and Tara. Most of his films gives a very good glimpse of life to the viewers and also give us serious travel goals as well.... Read more

Best Albums Ever Composed By Pritam

14 June 2018
The music director who was once infamous for plagiarism and went on giving hit chartbusters in the bollywood industry for decades is this man who is now riding high with a lot of applause and accolades in his hand.... Read more

Top Salman Khan Eid Releases

14 June 2018
The year 2009 marked the entry of Sallu Bhai with a smashing entry of Wanted during Eid which was the highest grossing movies in the box office. From that day on, there was no turning back for Bhai towards the road of success.... Read more

Which team is your favourite celeb sporting?

14 June 2018
A month of crazy action and news from Russia would be flooding the days headlines for the next 31 days of the 2018 World Cup. Let's see who's supporting which country among the line-ups we have in the Bollywood roster.... Read more

Best Roles Ever Played By Kirron Kher

14 June 2018
She’s now the member of parliament and she’s also the long standing judge for the Indian version of Got Talent. She’s none other than the gorgeous Kirron Kher.... Read more

15 Celebrity Siblings who chose to not be in the Limelight

12 June 2018
It takes courage to be a face in the industry, even harder to stay out of it if you are connected by family.... Read more

Ranveer Singh looks suave on the cover page of Femina Men's Special Issue

12 June 2018
Ranveer Singh featured on the Femina Men's May issue and well, the actor looks sexy and suave. On the work front, he will be seen in Rohit Shetty's Simmba.... Read more

Let's drool over the most popular celebrity couples in India

08 June 2018
If you haven't already, bless your eyes with couple goals existing within the celebrity circle... Read more

Amitabh Bachchan corrects Brahmastra co star Alia Bhatt's mistake in a hilarious tweet

08 June 2018
The latest update is that Alia is learning a lot from the veteran actor while preparing for the film. Even she is not expecting to learn something, she is!... Read more

Best Roles Played By Sonam Kapoor In Her Career

08 June 2018
Sonam started out as an assistant director to Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his film Black, she later made her debut in Bhansali’s directorial Saawariya alongside Ranbir Kapoor in the year 2007. The movie bombed but it fetched her the superstar of tomorrow award at the stardust awards.... Read more

Shah Rukh Khan Had The Most Savage Comeback To A Twitter Troll

08 June 2018
We love every time Shah Rukh Khan connects with his fans on Twitter.... Read more

Birthday wishes to the queen of fitness : SHILPA SHETTY!, A Quiz To Know Her Better

08 June 2018
An actress, a businesswoman and a fitness diva, she's one and only Shilpa Shetty who is celebrating her birthday today.... Read more

9 Movies Which Inspired Real Life Crimes

06 June 2018
Most Indian News Channels are flooded with a lot of news which are mostly crimes like murder, rape, robbery and many others. ... Read more

16 Bollywood Movies Which Showed That You Don't Need A Male Hero

05 June 2018
Most heroines were stereotyped in Bollywood for only being a showpiece in most of the movies. But these movies proved that even heroines can give performance oriented roles and they have achieved it too. ... Read more

For the last time, Veere di Wedding is not about Feminism or Women Empowerment.

05 June 2018
This is a primarily light-hearted story about 4 protagonists, who happen to be female and their friendship. This isn't a 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' or an 'Angry Indian Goddesses.' The idea was to make an entertainer with females in the lead and in that aspect, and the makers have more or less succeeded.... Read more

Swara Bhasker Proves To Be An Absolute Kock Out in The Masturbation Scene In VDW

01 June 2018
Veere Di Wedding, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor ahuja, Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania, is a film that we didn’t know we needed.... Read more

Happy Birthday Maddy!

01 June 2018
Madhavan aka Maddy has been a very talented actor for many years and still going strong with his roles in movies like Rang De Basanti, RHTDM, 3 idiots, Tanu Weds Manu and its sequel. He's currently enjoying success of his web-series Breathe.... Read more

11 Bollywood Movies which forced the society to change for better

31 May 2018
Bollywood Movies are mostly done to entertain but have you though if these movies could change our society and bring positivity in our lives?... Read more

Sare Karo Dab? I Guess Not.

31 May 2018
Known for "All black", "Swag mera desi", "Toh Dishoom" and "Dhaakad", Raftaar launched fourth single "Sare karo dab" from the album. ... Read more

Sanju Trailer Decode: Ranbir is back with his Rockstar days!

31 May 2018
No doubt, the Sanju trailer is a winner and everyone’s waiting with bated breath for the film’s release on 29 June. Ranbir Kapoor is brilliant as ever, Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi seem to be in top form and the film promises to be a helluva roller coaster ride.... Read more

Striking a pose like true blue fashionable BFFs, Kareena and Sonam are a sight on the latest cover.

30 May 2018
Their attitude and sass is their biggest strength and it’s on fine display on the cover. The issue also has many more gorgeous pictures of the two divas and exclusives interviews too.... Read more

Let's See If You Truly Love Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani By Taking This Quiz

30 May 2018
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is considered to be one of Karan Johar's best flicks produced by him, the movie also revamped Deepika's career and made her a bankable star with her perfomance as Naina Mathur a shy, awkward girl.... Read more

5 Years Of 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani': Life Lessons from the movie

29 May 2018
The movie which proved that you don't need a Khan to make your film a blockbuster, this movie is remembered by the youth and gave a lot of life goals too. This movie brought back the old couple Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone back in the silver screen.... Read more

15 Movies Which Showcased Serious Friendship Moments

29 May 2018
Some Friends are just more helpful than Facebook friends, who actually stand by you even during tough situations. Despite some minor differences, they patch together in the end.... Read more

Disha Patani has been giving us some major fitness goals!

29 May 2018
The diva who is very active on social media never misses grabbing eyeballs of the audience by sharing tidbits from her glamorous life.... Read more

Our Reaction to Salman's 'Selfish':Gareeb version of 'Dil Diya Gallan'

29 May 2018
Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Race 3 has created quite a buzz on social media even before it has released. Starting from the trailer that got the Twitterati talking to the viral dialogue of Daisy Shah, “Our business is our business. None of your business!” WHAA?... Read more

Bollywood's Biggest Rivalries That Made Headlines for Years

28 May 2018
Rivalries in Bollywood are not a new phenomenon. Maybe we read about them a lot more now because of how much scrutiny the actors are under, but for as long as there have been movies, there have been power struggles. Here are some of the biggest rivalries the film industry has seen over the years.... Read more

Mona Ghosh Shetty: The Real Voice For Every Actress

28 May 2018
Mona Ghosh Shetty has been a successful dubbing artist for almost every bollywood actress who were having a very weak knowledge in hindi and she has even voiced for the hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry as well.... Read more

Times When We Wish To Tweak The Endings Of Bollywood Movies

28 May 2018
Tragic Endings have been a part of our movies for a very long time and it is high time that the audience should need some motivation rather than pessimistic attitude.... Read more

5 Movies which will make you cry

25 May 2018
Here's your weekend getaway to watch movies to channel your inner most emotional side.... Read more

Birthday Wishes Pour in for our Favourite KJO!

25 May 2018
Karan Johar is one of the most successful filmmakers in the industry. He has depicted love, friendship, family ties and love stories in the best possible manner. He is a self created man with multiple careers namely being actor, producer, director, costume designer, screenwriter and television host. ... Read more

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARAN JOHAR : Bollywoods biggie turns 46

24 May 2018
Karan Johar has been in the industry for more than 20 years, he has a track record of directing every hit film without a single flop. Karan Johar makes sure to bridge the generation gap between youngsters and elders in his movies.... Read more

Our Veere's Are On a Roll ! 'Shivoham Shivoham'

24 May 2018
When it comes to ‘Veere Di Wedding’ team, the girls just want to chill and have some fun on and off the sets. The ‘Veere Di Wedding’ girls Sonam Kapoor, sister and producer Rhea Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan are not just work friends but real life BFFs and this seems evident in every frame on and off the camera. ... Read more

The Best Scenes Of Every Karan Johar Movie You'll Love

24 May 2018
Karan Johar has been in the industry for many long years, he started his career by acting in TV Shows in DD, a short cameo in Aditya Chopra's Cult Romance Tale DDLJ and then finally being the part of his father's production house and directing KKHH which turned out to be the most iconic movie even now. ... Read more

Tried And Tested Formula Of Bollywood Filmmakers In Their Films

23 May 2018
Tried & testing never helps, in today's time especially when the audience is looking for a good story rather than star power in movies. Even a superstar will make a movie stale.... Read more

B Towners Who Desperately Need a Stylist!

23 May 2018
We are always in search of fashion inspirations from our Bollywood celebrities but looking at these B-town ladies we need a rethink. Like what were they thinking before they stepped out?! We know you all want to make a fashionable mark but ladies, do look in the mirror twice before you step out. Have a look at the WORST and BEST dressed of 2018! ... Read more

The Most Expensive Bridal Attire Worn by Bollywood Actresses

22 May 2018
The wedding day is one of the most important days in anyone’s life and when you are a celebrity it is only natural that it becomes a national news. In our film industry, it is indeed a grand affair.... Read more

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Kabhi Sexy, Kabhi Sanskari!

21 May 2018
10 times KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN proved that she’s the ultimate Begum and how!... Read more

8 Bollywood Besties we cannot get over

21 May 2018
Indian film industry is known for temporary relationships, but some cases are exceptions in which they stand for each other in each situation. Having a best friend in a life is very important. These bonds are unbroken. It is always great to see when two leading actresses of Bollywood are friends.... Read more


19 May 2018
What you know about the most versatile actor of Indian Cinema. His struggles towards what he is today. Take the Quiz Now!... Read more

Best Roles Of Nawazuddin Siddique Which Were Show Stealers

18 May 2018
Nawazuddin started out as a small-time actor in movies like ‘Sarfarosh’, ‘Munnabhai MBBS’, ‘Dev.D’ & finally ‘New York’. He slowly shot to fame with supporting roles in movies like ‘Kahaani’ and ‘Talaash’.... Read more

Race 3 Trailer Decode: 'BHAI KA SWAG': Time for a blunt!

16 May 2018
“DIL MEIN AATA HU, SAMAJH MEIN NAHI” Salman Khan took this dialogue too seriously and now we fail to understand why Race 3 is even made!... Read more

Only A Hardcore Fan Of Madhuri Dixit Will Win This Quiz

15 May 2018
Are You Perrrfect or did you Maar Daalofied yourself? Take this Quiz to find out!... Read more

16 Madhuri Dixit Songs For Every Aspiring Dancer On Her Birthday

14 May 2018
The only actress who has been a dream to most of the 90s kids and always graced everyone with her cute smile and angelic looks, that is none other than Madhuri Dixit. Despite being the mother of two right now, the beauty and grace remain the same in her dancing too for which she is well known for.... Read more

Top Highest Grossing Movies Of 2018

14 May 2018
Padmaavat, Baaghi 2, Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, Raid, Pad Man, Raazi... Read more

Top 10 Bollywood Movies of 2018!

14 January 2018
2017, may have disappointed the audience, as regards to the Bollywood movies, released that year, but 2018, has many blockbuster movies to be released. ... Read more

Indian Actors Who Have Made It Big in Hollywood

11 January 2018
Here is a list of Indian Actors who have not only shown their talent in Bollywood but also stolen hearts of many across the globe. ... Read more

Disasters Of Bollywood in 2017

02 January 2018
These were the movies in Bollywood which dug a hole in the pockets of Movie Makers. ... Read more