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Yuva Movie Review: A power-packed family entertainer showcasing the talents of the lead actor

Modified On: 30 March 2024 | Reviewed By:

Yuva Movie Review⭐⭐⭐ / 5 : Storyline: A rebellious youngster known for gang wars in his college is forced to be responsible and mend his attitude when his family falls in trouble.

Yuva (Kannada)

Director: Santhosh Ananddram | Music Director: Ajaneesh Loknath

Yuva (Kannada) Movie Poster

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Engineering student Yuva (Yuva Rajkumar) accidentally becomes a part of an ongoing fight between local students and hostelites. After he winds up college and heads home, life humbles him down.

Review: "Yuva" is a film that heavily relies on the performance of its lead actor, Yuva Rajkumar, who plays the titular character.

Yuva is a hot-headed college student who finds himself in trouble after a fight escalates. When he returns home after completing his studies, he discovers that his family is in financial turmoil due to his father's debts. The story revolves around whether Yuva can shoulder the responsibilities and challenges that come with his family's situation.

 Yuva Rajkumar exudes machismo in every frame of the film. Staying true to their penchant for hyper-masculinity, Hombale Films blends hefty doses of action with the KGF vibes to design the debut of the Rajkumar scion. His debut marks the arrival of a promising new talent in the industry.

 While the focus is mainly on Yuva's character, the portrayal of female characters is not relegated to stereotypical roles but offers support and strength to the protagonist. The absence of misogyny in the film is appreciated.

The film's action sequences are the major strength of the film, particularly in the first half, which is engaging. However, the second half incorporates too many elements, leading to a drop in energy and coherence.

The background music is effectively used to enhance action sequences but the songs in the first half are misplaced. The director's homage to late actor Puneeth Rajkumar without overdoing it is applauded.

Despite some flaws like a predictable and slow second half "Yuva" is a power-packed family entertainer with moments that can be enjoyed by various types of audiences. The film offers something for everyone and can be appreciated in theaters.

In summary, "Yuva" is a film that showcases the talents of its lead actor while delivering a mix of action, drama, and family sentiments, albeit with some pacing issues in the second half.

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