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'Virus' Malayalam Movie Review: A Terrific Masterpiece which should be inducted on Hall of Fame of best medical thriller of Indian Cinema.

Modified On: 10 June 2019 | Reviewed By:

The film talks about a real-life virus ‘Nipah’ which was effected in Kozhikode, Kerala last year through which 17 people died and it’s again affected the state recently in Kochi.


Director: Aashiq Abu | Music Director: Sushin Shyam

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Cast: Parvathy, Tovino Thomas, Revathy, Poornima, Parvathy, Indrajith, Rima Kalinga, Asif Ali, Kunchacko Boban, Indrajith, Srinath Basi and Soubin Shahir.

Director: Aashiq Abu

Usually, when a real-life based movie is been made as a film it uses all the cinematic liberties to make it glossy or patriotic. 'Virus' is different.

The film talks about a real-life virus ‘Nipah’ which was effected in Kozhikode, Kerala last year through which 17 people died and finding how the virus got eject to the patient through an engaging investigation.

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The interesting thing about the film is the topic of the film is quite familiar to the Malayali audience, so the filmmaker made it as a medical investigation thriller to showcase how the virus got spread and who was the actual ‘index patient’.

During the findings, the audience comes across various things which is related to the contemporary issue going on the country which includes, religious tension which quite effectively blends in the movie such as the patient who is a Muslim as to buried according to their ritual or custom but without the virus affecting the people.

The characters who are helping to find out about the virus or who are helping in the medical procedures are not shown as superheroes but normal humans doing their duty.

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These things are shown with a pragmatic touch like one of the character is an attender who is in a contract basis and to get him the job permanently in the hospital he volunteers to help in burring the virus affected the body.

This is the beauty of this film and I should also mention about the spectacular performances too who gave life to these characters. Soubin and Sreenath Basi are brilliant with their performances. Indrans, though he was in a cameo role his presence is felt till the end of the movie.

Rajeev Ravi's spellbound cinematography and the background score makes this film engaging. 

Overall, Virus is an extraordinary experience and this film is one of its and should not be missed for its realism and detail.

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