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Valatty: Tale Of Tails Movie Review: A fun movie for the family to watch together and have a light laugh

Modified On: 22 July 2023 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: The story is basically a romance between neighbouring dogs in a gated community, Tomy and Amalu. They have to elope when the latter gets pregnant because their owners are not happy with the breeds mixing. As they leave home, they form a friendship with Kari after they are adopted by his owner.


Director: Devan | Music Director: Varun Sunil

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Review: "Valatty: Tale Of Tails" impresses with its technical aspects and unique concept. The technical quality of the movie is noteworthy considering the smaller budgets that Malayalam films typically work with.

The film stands out with its novel concept, focusing on the romance between neighboring dogs in a gated community named Tomy and Amalu. The fact that popular actors and celebrities have lent their voices for the characters adds to the appeal of the movie.

The story progresses from a love story to a thrilling rescue mission when Amalu is kidnapped by agents involved in animal testing. This transition keeps the audience engaged and adds depth to the narrative.

The first half of the film is entertaining and amusing, but the potential of having dogs as the main characters could have been dealt more creatively. The movie treats the dog characters similarly to human ones, missing an opportunity to showcase their loveable and unique qualities fully.

 The most popular actors and celebs - Roshan Mathew, Soubin, Indrans, Ranjini Haridas, Raveena Ravi and Aju Varghese among others, have done the voice overs for the creatures that form the main characters. The casting for the various creatures are perfect and the actors have done an amazing job with the voice overs. The cinematography by Vishnu Panicker captures the mood perfectly, in light-hearted and in darker moments. Varun Sunil’s music is good and it works well that a couple of songs are in English.

"Valatty: Tale Of Tails" is a fun family movie that can be enjoyed together, offering light-hearted entertainment and moments of laughter.

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