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Toby Movie Review: A Good Cinematic Experience, With Slow-Paced Narration And Predictable Premise

Modified On: 28 August 2023 | Reviewed By:

"Toby" Storyline: "Toby" explores the complexities of human nature and relationships in the backdrop of a quaint village named Thamas Katte in Coastal Karnataka.


Director: BASIL ALCHALAKKAL | Music Director: Mithun Mukundan

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The story revolves around Toby, a man who is referred to as both a devil and an angel due to his uncanny nature. The newly appointed station inspector, Sampath, takes an interest in Toby after meeting Jenny, who is searching for her missing father. The film delves into Toby's past, revealing his abandonment as a child, his close connections, and the impact of newcomers on his world.

Review: The film is praised for its performances, particularly Raj B Shetty's portrayal of Toby, even without any dialogue. Chaitra's performance as Jenny and other cast members also contributes to the authenticity of the characters. The film's cinematography by Praveen Shriyan is visually appealing, capturing the beauty of nature and the contrasts in Toby's life.

However, the film is criticized for its slow-paced narration and predictable premise. The lack of surprise elements and an ordinary climax are noted as setbacks. The film does not fit into a single genre but contains elements of various genres. The analogy of Toby being compared to the village's protector goddess, Maari, adds depth to the film's themes.

While "Toby" is considered a good cinematic experience, it's suggested that it leaves the audience wanting more. The review also hints at a surprise for fans of the "Garuda Gamana" series in this film, which could be a reference to another work by the same creator or director.

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