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Thunivu Movie Review: Ajith dominating film raising many questions about the operations of our financial institutions

Modified On: 12 January 2023 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: A gang goes to rob a bank only to realise that there's already a break-in led by a mystery man. Who is this crazy person and what are his motives?

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Review: Director H Vinoth doesn't seem to believe in packaging his film's core subject into an expansive, grander and conventional narrative that first sets up the characters before diving into the plot. This film dives right into the plot in the first few scenes, keeping us in a state of uncertainty as it gives us events that are unfolding in real time and introduces characters along the way. And so, we get straight to the bank robbery that's the film's inciting happening.

Gangster Radha (Veera) and his men plot to rob a bank and land up there only to realise that there is a mystery man (Ajith Kumar) who is already in the bank, and is only too eager to take over the task. Even as the police, led by the Commissioner (Samuthirakani), is figuring out a way to capture the man, he learns that there is something else sinister afoot. Who is this man and what is he after?

The first thing that strikes you about Thunivu is its pace. The scenes move from one to the next in breakneck speed. It does take some time to settle down to this speed, as it does with Ghibran's wall-to-wall background music as well.

Meanwhile, Vinoth keeps packing the screenplay with all the information he must have come across while writing the film. From the way financial scams are done to what happens to the hard-earned money that customers deposit in a bank, he fills us in with a lot of information. The villains here are not just bankers, but policemen, media and politicians as well. But the rapid pace never lets us get an idea on how one feeds off the other.

The director choses to give the film its highs with scenes in which his star, Ajith, lets loose and does stuff that is more anti-heroic. From dancing like Michael Jackson to coming up with smart quips, the actor just takes over the scenes in the first half, coming up with an enjoyable over-the-top performance that brings out the whistles from the fans.

Meanwhile, Manju Warrier, who plays the protagonist's partner gets to perform some stunts and gets a terrific mass moment in one scene. However, the role doesn't offer her anything more other than that.

The other actors remain more or less functional. The film falters mainly with the performances of the actors who play the antagonists. None of them appear as a threat to Ajith's character, not even remotely.

Despite raising many relevant questions about the operations of our financial institutions and the impact that has on the common man, the film’s refusal to show it as something that affected the protagonist directly makes it impossible to root for him whole-heartedly.

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