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The Kerala Story Movie Review: A Thought-Provoking Film on Alleged Radicalization and Conversion of Young Hindu Women to Islam in Kerala

Modified On: 05 May 2023 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: 'The Kerala Story' is a feature film inspired by true events in the state of Kerala, which reimagines the plight of three women affected by incidents such as love-jihad, rape, sex slavery, radicalization, indoctrination, and ISIS recruitment in a seemingly innocent town of Kasaragod.

The Kerala Story

Director: Sudipto Sen | Music Director: Viresh Sreevalsa

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The Kerala Story Movie Review: Reviewing a film that portrays the sensitive and controversial socio-political issues of love-jihad, rape, sex slavery, radicalization, indoctrination, and ISIS recruitment is a challenging task. 'The Kerala Story' is a feature film inspired by real events in Kerala that follows the stories of three women affected by these issues in Kasaragod. Due to the gravity of the subject matter, a contextual critique or review of the film may not be appropriate.

The movie starts with Shalini played by Adah Sharma being interrogated about her traumatic past, and then her backstory is revealed, which revolves around her and her roommates Gitanjali, Nimah, and Asifa, who have enrolled in a nursing school in Kasargod, Kerala. Asifa, with the help of male associates from outside, secretly plans to convert and radicalize her roommates to Islam using hallucinogenic drugs. After Shalini becomes pregnant, she is forced to marry someone other than the man who impregnated her and later embarks on a perilous journey to Syria via Pakistan and Afghanistan.

'The Kerala Story' follows a documentary-style format, with a lot of back-and-forth movement between the past and present and different locations. 

The film is well-edited, with sharp cuts and suspenseful sequences. The parallel storylines of past and present are well-balanced, with extended scenes of violence and exploitation to emphasize the agony of the women affected by it. The screenplay is engaging, following the three-act structure, with standout performances from the lead actors.

Adah Sharma's portrayal of Shalini/Fatima is intense and emotionally charged, and the other actors, including Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani, have performed well. Director Sudipto Sen has tackled a sensitive and complex subject, and the film's treatment is disturbing, with several unsettling scenes and dialogues.

The film manages to create moments that make the viewers uncomfortable and evokes questions about the current state of the country. Although some scenes are well-executed, others are dull and uninteresting, particularly when Asifa attempts to brainwash and radicalize Shalini. The film's background score falls short and distracts from the narrative.

Overall, 'The Kerala Story' is a worthwhile watch, given its earnest attempt to portray a sensitive and contentious issue. The film could have been more creative in its narrative structure and better balanced its portrayal of violence and exploitation.

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