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The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review

Modified On: 11 January 2019 | Reviewed By:

The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review: The inside story of how Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister of India in 2004 and the manipulation and consequences that happened after it.

The Accidental Prime Minister

Director: Vijay Ratnakar Gutte | Music Director: Salim Merchant

The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Poster

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After lot of criticism from Indian National Congress across India, the movie finally released. Was the movie worth the hype? In my view YES!

The movie revolves around Dr. Manmohan Singh played by Anupam Kher who becomes “selected” Prime Minister after lot of criticism from the opposition.

Sonia Gandhi played by German actress Suzanne Bernert, decides to name Manmohan Singh as the prime minister. The story depicts the control she had in the politics INC from the backend.

You appreciate the work the team has put in making the characters look extremely similar to the original.

Akshay Khanna narrates the story in a very gripping manner and will never leave you bored.

The story put narrates the accomplishment of Dr. Manmohan Singh under his rule from 2004 to 2014. The major accomplishment being the nuclear deal. 

You constantly get the idea of the pressure he received from Sonia Gandhi and other Dynasty member in doing good work. 

The work Anupam Kher has put in getting the look, voice and the walk right is commendable. 

Music is good but could have been better in some slow narration.

Director has done a very good job in bringing all scams in limelight and makes his first time direction look like a breeze.

Overall Verdict: The movie is a must watch to know what India went through under the rule of INC. The underdevelopment and scams being major concerns.

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