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Tenet Movie Review: A mind twisting spy thriller which will be only loved by Nolan's fan

Modified On: 04 December 2020 | Reviewed By:

Tenet is ambitious and creative but it goes too overboard.


Director: Christopher Nolan | Music Director: Ludwig Göransson

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Cast: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh

Director: Christopher Nolan 

If you are watching a Nolan film its not an easy watch because you have to keep your brain at check so that you understand every bit of the film which is the reason Nolan is the most celebrated filmmaker of this generation but this doesn't always work for every cine watcher.

The protagonist of this film doesn't't have a name and  known as the protagonist who is hired by the secret service called Tenet and he has to stop World War 3. But this is not the usual spy thriller, its a Nolan film and here the protagonist should fix the issue in future but its not a time travel but time inversion. 

The CIA has procured certain bullets that seem to be able to travel invertedly and backwards in time and they believe there's more, and a variety, where this came from. The protagonist must crackdown the weapons dealer who creates and supplies such deadly arms, deadlier than nuclear weapons, that could potentially annihilate the world in the wake of World War III. And thus starts the journey of a spy, with a few allies he finds on the way, to the end. But it is not that simple.

The film becomes absolutely confusing when the normal time movement collides with time inversion. Christopher Nolan goes a bit too far this time, creating a complex story about time. It was almost as if he doesn't want his audience to understand it, and if one asks too many questions, there is a slight condescension waiting for them. We are shut up with 'Is your head about to explode yet' like Neil tells the Protagonist, at least thrice in the film.

Christopher Nolan's USP in his films are even though he creates a complex film it always works when the characters have an emotional goal. Such as in Memento the lead has to take revenge for killing his wife, in Inception Cobb is terrified by his wife's loss or in Interstellar the lead's relationship with his daughter. But the issue in this film the emotional back story of Kat is not convincing.

the action sequences in the film especially the time inversion stunt sequences are path-breaking which will only be enjoyed in IMAX. Tenet would have been infinitely more enjoyable had Nolan resisted the urge to explain the mechanics of his world at every turn.

the performance of the film is not tp-notch though the film is plot-driven more than character-driven. The climax of the film has a twist but couldn't uplift the entire film because of the performances.

Overall, Tenet is a high concept film which will be enjoyed mostly by Nolan fans, rest you need a multiple watching which is task!

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