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Tatsama Tadbhava Movie Review : This thriller is worth viewing in theaters, promising an engaging and suspenseful experience

Modified On: 16 September 2023 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: Arika ( Meghana Raj ) desperately inquires about her missing husband and seeks help from the Doddabale Police Station, led by Inspector Aravind Ashwathama ( Prajwal Devaraj ).

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Review: Tatsama Tadbhava is a mystery thriller with elements of suspense and a focus on character development. Arika (Meghana Raj) knocks on the doors of a police station seeking help in finding her missing husband. A seasoned police officer, Arvind Ashwattama (Prajwal Devraj), is assigned to the case. As he delves deeper into the case, he finds the body of the missing person in the basement of Arika’s own house. This twist in the plot adds complexity to the story, leaving the audience with questions about Arika's involvement and the real culprit.

The first half of the movie is engaging, with interrogations and investigations keeping viewers interested. However,the director attempted to introduce the twist towards the end, and hence partially successful in surprising the audience.

Additionally, the film appears to touch on social issues such as homosexuality and schizophrenia, suggesting that it explores deeper themes beyond the central mystery.

The performances Meghana Raj and Prajwal Devraj, are praised for their effectiveness in their respective roles. Arvind Iyer and Balaji Manohar prove their mettle in their small-but-pivotal roles. Srinivas Ramaiah’s cinematography and Vasuki Vaibhav’s music add technical brilliance to the thriller.

In conclusion, the movie is a well-crafted investigative thriller with strong performances, technical excellence, and an attempt to provide depth to its storyline by addressing social issues. The film is recommended for viewing in theaters, promising an engaging and suspenseful experience for the audience.

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