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Shaitaan Movie Review: A supernatural thriller with unique approach and top-notch acting

Modified On: 08 March 2024 | Reviewed By:

Shaitaan Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 5 | Shaitaan offers a fresh take on supernatural thrillers, prioritizing atmosphere and tension over jump scares. Director Vikas Bahl crafts an engaging narrative around a mysterious stranger's influence on a family, expertly portrayed by R Madhavan and others.


Director: Vikas Bahl | Music Director: Amit Trivedi

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Shaitaan Storyline: Shaitaan is a 2024 Hindi remake of the Gujarati horror thriller Vash. When a family lets a stranger into their farmhouse, the man mysteriously controls the teenage daughter. The man, played by R. Madhavan, claims to have hypnotized the family's daughter and turned her into a weapon against her own family. 

Shaitaan Movie Review: Shaitaan offers a refreshing take on the supernatural thriller genre, focusing more on building atmosphere and tension rather than relying solely on jump scares or CGI effects. Director Vikas Bahl has succeeded in creating a sense of unease that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

The introduction of the characters and the gradual escalation of tension as the stranger, Vanraj Kashyap (R Madhavan), enters the family's life sounds intriguing. The mysterious control he gains over the daughter, Jahnavi (Janki Bodiwala), and the subsequent dangerous commands he issues add layers of suspense to the narrative.

One of the film's strengths lies in its ability to create a chilling atmosphere without heavy reliance on CGI. The antagonist's sinister intentions and actions contribute to this sense of dread, making for a compelling viewing experience.

While the pacing and treatment of the story are generally effective, there are some moments where the narrative may feel monotonous, particularly in the second half. Additionally, certain plot points may seem unconvincing, and there's a risk of predictability in the climax due to a scene giving away a crucial plot twist.

The performances of the cast, particularly R Madhavan as the malevolent figure and Ajay Devgn as the determined father, are outstanding. Jyotika and Janki Bodiwala also receive praise for their respective roles. The cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti and music by Amit Trivedi enhances the film's atmosphere.

Overall, despite some narrative shortcomings, "Shaitaan" offers an unsettling and gripping experience, thanks to its atmospheric storytelling and strong performances. Fans of the supernatural thriller genre may find it worth watching for its unique approach and top-notch acting.

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