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Sakath Movie Review : Ganesh in his best forms in this quirky comedy of errors

Modified On: 26 November 2021 | Reviewed By:

Baalu is an aspiring singer, who ends up on a reality show to woo the anchor Mayuri. While Baalu seems to have a happy life going, he chances upon a murder that puts him in a fix. What follows next is a quirky comedy of errors.


Director: Simple Suni | Music Director: Judah Sandhy

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The buzz surrounding Sakath has been good, especially with the teaser creating intrigue about whether or not the lead character is visually impaired. The film is a lot more than that with ample laughs, given that dialogues are Suni's stronghold. Sakath is a good outing to the cinema hall,for all.

Sakath is about Baalu, an oversmart wannabe singer, who is part of an orchestra. We are introduced to him and his simple existence, until he ends up cleverly finding himself a spot on a reality show to be close to his dream girl and the anchor of the show, Mayuri. Through his stint on the show, one gets to see the eccentricities and madness of these shows. Simultaneously, Baalu ends up being a prime witness to a murder and this brings in a lot of shocks and surprises in his life, one of which is visually impaired teacher Nakshatra. Who does Baalu end up with? What happens to the murder? The action-packed second half answers these questions.

Sakath is typical fare one would expect from Suni. The dialogues are a highlight, as is the cinematography. While the songs bring in the colour, the frames in the courtroom scenes are particularly well shot. The songs from Judah Sandhy are earworms as they grow on you, especially the two romantic numbers. One only wishes the length of the film was a tad lesser, but that's a minor grouse as the big cast and the comedy does keep one entertained. One can’t forget to mention the disclaimer, which is in Suni's trademark humour, followed by a poignant tribute to Puneeth Rajkumar during the opening credits.

Ganesh is impressive as Baalu and one cannot turn a blind eye to his comic abilities. He emphatically returns to the screens after two years with an impressive performance. Nishvika is subtle, graceful and delivers her best performance. Surbhi is charming in her debut outing. But one has to hand it to the big comic ensemble, where each of them is better than the other, be it Girish Shivanna as the TRP-hungry director, Rangayana Raghu as the doubting lawyer or Malavika Avinash as the only serious character in the courtroom, reprimanding everyone. And young Vihaan Ganesh is adorable playing young Baalu.

Sakath has a first half that takes a while to meander to its crux, the quirky courtroom drama that one witnesses in the second half. This one is definitely worth a cinema hall, especially with Ganesh being in his best form.

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