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Roberrt Movie Review: Darshan starrer lives up the expectation and delivers a mass entertainer thou's with a done and dusted story line

Modified On: 11 March 2021 | Reviewed By:

The film is directed by Tharun Sudhir. It is one of the most anticipated Kannada films of this year and it ticks all the expectation of Darshan fans.


Director: Tharun Kishore Sudhir | Music Director: Arjun Janya

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Cast: Darshan, Asha Bhat

Directed By: Tharun Sudhir

Roberrt is one of the biggest Kannada films (starring a superstar) to release in theatres post COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. 

The film stars Darshan as Raghava, a simple, obedient, god-fearing person. The story revolves in Lucknow who is a cook at a catering service that supplies south Indian food to funeral ceremonies. He has a son named Arjun, who is the opposite of Raghava. Vengeful and obstinate, Arjun finds it impossible to sleep at night till he gets even with people who have crossed him.

The father-son duo is leading a peaceful life until Arjun’s vindictiveness gets him in trouble with a powerful gangster. Raghava is forced to abandon his pretence at humility and wake his inner demon to protect his son. Soon, all the secrets that Raghava is trying to protect begin unravelling.

Its an out and out Darshan's show. The film is made for Darshan fans who were eagerly waiting for this film for one and a half years. The filmmakers had revealed just a few massy dialogues along with some sparse action scenes and some songs. And this selective revealing works for the film as there is enough to get the audience wowed. There's not only an action treat for Darshan fans but also an emotional drama that weaves those moments together.

Though the story of the film is a done and dusted plotline of several mass entertainers which you have seen before. But it still manages to entertain and has enough to cater to the family audience too. 

While the film majorly revolves around Darshan's character and has a heartwarming tale to support it, the rest of the cast members do their bits and shine. If Ravi Kishen provides some of the thrills in the first half, Jagapathi Babu and P Ravi Shankar provide the menacing bits for the second half.

The other two members who need to be mentioned are Vinod Prabhakar and Asha Bhat. Vinod has a character that will be loved by the mass audiences and looks his best in his career. Asha makes a good debut and proves that there's a good new local talent who can find her space in Sandalwood.

Overall, this mass entertainer will fulfill the expectations of Darshan fan and will be treat for them to watch the star on big screen.

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