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Roast Of Student Of The Year 2: What's Not That Good In The Movie - 'Everything'

Modified On: 10 May 2019 | Reviewed By:

Skin-show, Dance Moves, Uncalled for Action sequences, Fashion Brands and to encompass them all a Movie! not what we need but what we Deserve for making the first part itself a Super Hit.

Student of the Year 2

Director: Punit Malhotra | Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar, Meet Bros

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The story has so many facets that you just can't define it in a single line, but we will still try. Rohan played by Tiger Shroff has a dream to impress his childhood crush Mridula played by Tara Sutaria and in this quest, he joins the college of Mridula, any guesses i.e. St. Teresa. But Mridula is a gold digger she ditches Rohan for the college stud Manav and here begins the revenge-seeking competition of “Student of the year”. indeed they hired an actual writer to write this. Also, there is a love triangle, Shreya played by Ananya Pandey is a college bitch and sister of Manav but soon starts sympathizing with Rohan because of what Mridala did to him.

Skin-show, Dance Moves, uncalled for Action sequences, Fashion Brands and to encompass them all a Movie! which is not actually what we need but what we deserve for making the first part itself a Super Hit! Movie opens up by mocking itself with a dream sequence of Rohan easily winning the Student of the year trophy by a unreal kabaddi match which no one would have bothered to doubt unless they themselves disclosed it to be a dream sequence, at least in the theatre I went for which was running almost full house despite being a morning show.

Student Of The Year Full Movie Review

Then we get to know Rohan’s actual dream is to impress Mridula by winning the student of the year trophy, for which he was building 6 pack abs since childhood. Though the movie since its prequel has already established that it doesn’t consider rationality for real but this time it pushed itself to a new low by its impractical attempts to encash the USPs of its star cast.

You have to give it to student for breaking some gender-based stereotypes like a female PT teacher but at the same time being sexist too for not having a single female contender for Student of the year at least last time we had Alia in the race never the less, this time it was a all men competition not all men though only masculine men with 6 pack abs playing gymnastic kabaddi, which they themselves mock in the commentary for kabaddi match. End of the day everyone knows who is gonna win but still, people were at the edge of their seats praying for tiger, at least in the theatre I went for.

Student Of The Year Trailer Decode

Yet another college romance drama from Dharma productions after the immense success of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' and 'Student of the Year 1' . All of them defining a college life that almost no one experienced in India but still all are successes which prove such movies are made to please a target audience base which is very loyal. if you have made up your mind to watch SOTY 2 nothing can change you and if you have made up your mind to not watch it nothing can make you, indeed we all have seen the trailer we all are wise enough to make that choice!

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