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Rider Movie Review: A movie with romance and lots of mass appeal

Modified On: 26 December 2021 | Reviewed By:

Chinnu and Kitty develop a deep bond at an orphanage in childhood. Now grown up, they are Soumya and Surya, both of whom are in search of their lost childhood friend who they love unconditionally. Will they find one another?

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Vijay Kumar Konda,noted Telugu filmmaker, makes his Kannada debut with Rider. This film sees Nikhil Kumar as a lover boy with the required massy touch. The film has created some expectations, especially because of the music. But the love story, which could have been magical, ends up being a little tiresome because of the length.

The story is of Chinnu aka Soumya and Kitty aka Surya. The two separated childhood friends are now in love with each other, albeit it has been many years since they have had a chance to meet. They are both in search of each other, but seem to be lacking that serendipitous miracle that will unite them. Multiple characters unite to help them in their search.

The idea of an old school romance is welcome, as we don't get to see such love stories as often these days on screen. What disrupts this attempt is the excessive commercial elements. There are too many fights and unnecessary plot twists that delay this tale of the lost lovers trying to unite. While the romance and comedy scenes stand out, the fights and added mass elements play the speed breakers to a smooth narrative. The interval block, especially, seems dramatic but it becomes hard to suspend one's disbelief in that hugely cinematic depiction.

Nikhil Kumar has blossomed into a good performer and looks extremely affable in the romantic scenes. New entrant Kashmira Pardeshi has a role almost equal to the male lead and does an earnest job. Chikkanna has a role that takes him beyond the comic entertainer and he is a treat to watch. Garuda Ram is a misfit for the role and his track as the negative lead is less than convincing. Arjun Janya's background score is appludable.

In a nutshell Eventually, Rider is a film that could have been a better romantic movie, but for the excessive masala fare, especially with its extended climax sequence. But, if you like a romance with mass elements, this could entertain you.

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