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‘Premier Padmini’ review: A well written fun family ride.

Last Modified On: 29 April 2019 | Reviewed By:

This is seldom Kannada film that deals with relationships, of many kinds, in urban and rural settings.

Premier Padmini

Director: Ramesh Indira | Cast: Jaggesh, Madhoo, Sudharani, Sihikahi Geetha, Panju

Premier Padmini Movie Poster

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Premier Padmini is a film about a man who loves the vintage car ‘Premier Padmini’ and how the car takes him on a new journey of life with his favorite companion – his driver.

Driver Nanjundi (Pramod), a villager, comes to Bengaluru to start a new life. Vinay (Jaggesh), a single middle-aged man hires him to drive his favorite car - Premier Padmini. The car is old and has been with him for years. It has seen him through the ups and downs of his life. Vinay and Nanjundi soon become very close and develop a special bond. Other than the employer-employee equation, there is more to the rapport that they share. And for the first time, Vinay opens up about himself - his wife Shruthi (Madhoo) and how she left him for another rich man (Rajesh), Vinay’s caring and sweet neighbor Spandana (Sudharani) and his present turbulent life.

This film is about the relationship and washes out all the clichés of a particular relationship which is never-seen-before in Kannada cinema which generally portrays all sort of relationship in quite a melodramatic way especially in mainstream cinema.

This is Jaggesh’s most matured and polish performance. After seeing the artist in such a role we need this gifted actor to do more roles like this.

Madhoo and Sudharani are aptly cast. Madhoo aces her role with ease while Sudharani, the woman next door, fits in well.

Nanjundi’s character is very well written. How he comes from a village and gets adjusted to the turbulent relationships around him, without being judgmental, is what makes his character special.

Ramesh Indira’s direction keeps the film entertaining all through and we must say that he has done enough homework to get the family drama genre right. Arjun Janya’s music is soothing, and the album which has four songs is pleasant on ears.

This film is a small gem in Kannada cinema, if you are tired of mass masala films like Yajamana and Hebbuli, then you can reserve a ticket for a roller coaster ride in Premier Padmini.

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