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Peranbu Movie Review : A Soul Soothing Saga!

Modified On: 05 February 2019 | Reviewed By:

Peranbu , which premiered at 'International Film Festival - Rotterdam' on 27 January 2018, finally released worldwide on 1st April 2019. Mamoothy Starrer has caught the attention of cinema lovers worldwide since last year. The regular shooting of the film was started in January 2016, It has been three years of wait.

Peranbu (Tamil)

Director: Ram | Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Peranbu (Tamil) Movie Poster

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Peranbu is the story of Amudhavan (Mamoothy), who is trying to take care of his Spastic (typical of cerebral palsy) Daugther. what obstacles he had to face in this journey, forms the plot.


How do you relate to this story ? Not literally (for that you'll have to have a spastic child, I sincerely wish you never do), But see it this way, if u have a dream/Goal and that's unconventional. what will you do for/with it ?

Coming back to review, if you thought that this movie will be all about Crying and Sympathizing, given it deals with Cerebral palsy, you're terribly mistaken! the movie about Gratitude and tries to make you grateful for being just normal, which is not considered as a Blessing Nowadays.

Though the main plot of the movie is the relationship between father and daughter. There are many Sub-plots that create subtle conflicts, that are necessary for cinema format. these sub-plots deal with Trust, Greed, Inequality, LGBTQ as well, and have conclusive endings.

The screenplay, by Ram, is a beautiful fusion of Drama and Realism, which is a hard-hitting contraction to the nation "for drama we must fictionalize". the Screenplay is divided into 12 chapters with each titled as a characteristic of nature. example, "Nature is Ruthless", "Nature is Compassionate", etc.

The characterization of Amudhavan (played by Mammootty) is an epitome of Patience and perseverance. we'll be wondering when will he breakdown, which he finally does in pre-climax. Amudhavan had to leave his job and return from Dubai. since his wife eloped leaving their daughter all lone, this is the inciting incident of this film. from here the journey of Amudhavan (Mamoothy) and his spastic daughter Paapa (Sadhana) begins.

You just cannot refrain to adore the composure portrayed by Mammootty as Amudhavan. the authenticity of the portrayal of Paapa by sadana, makes you sympathize with her. Performances are the next USP of this movie which are very apt to the narrative. Anjali's portrayal of a guilt-tripping traitor is accurate and Anjali Ameer's role of a transgender sex worker is to the point.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is mesmerising and gets you into the mood of the scene, every time. the BGM does magic and keeps you intrigued to the happenings on screen.

you won't have any complaints with technical departments like Cinematography, Editing, Set Designs, etc. except that why the film ended? it should never end.


This film is not a regular film or of the one which makes you love it by scene one.

it is a calm journey that gives you the same peace by the end of it, that you get after a perfect Meditation session.

There is a dialogue in the movie

 Comparing one person to another is brutal .

Same way, Comparing this movie to any other is a Sin. it is one of a kind!

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