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Pattas Movie Review: Dhanush and Sneha's performance saved this average film.

Modified On: 17 January 2020 | Reviewed By:

The film is the same old commercial revenge film though the film has its moments and a fine performance from the lead, still, it lacks the grip.


Director: RS Durai Senthil Kumar | Music Director: Vivek & Mervin

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Cast: Dhanush, Sneha, Mehreen Pirzada and Naveen Chandra

Directed By: RS Durai Senthil Kumar

In Pattas, RS Durai Senthil Kumar and Dhanush join hands for the second time after successful Kodi. Dhanush's return to an action avatar with a double role is mildly engaging, but the familiarity of the plot and uninspired writing is a dampener.

The revenge drama is a slightly interesting sub-plot about a forgotten ancient Tamil martial arts form called Adimurai.

Despite being interesting in parts, especially when the story deals with the ancient martial arts form, Pattas doesn’t rise above the clichés that constitute mainstream revenge saga. This is the story of a petty thief who locks horns with the man responsible for his father’s death as he hopes to popularise the martial arts form once practiced by his father.

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The story of a son avenging his father is not an exciting plot point anymore unless the story is packed with highs that make you sit back and get invested in the story of revenge. Unfortunately, Pattas doesn’t quite make you go wow and is solely salvaged by Dhanush’s presence in dual roles. If not for Dhanush and Sneha, who gets meaty parts, there’s nothing exciting in Pattas to even discuss.

Sneha is terrific as Kanyakumari, both in the extensive flashback as well as in present times. With her warm smile and expressive eyes, the actor makes her mark all through, especially in the stunt sequences. though Pattas is quite modest in its ambitions, the tropes are similar to two men in competition with each other, a slighted son and his blood-thirst, betrayal, a young man who does not know his origin story, and a journey towards rightful revenge.

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Dhanush returns to playing dual character after Asuran as father and son. It’s refreshing to see how he sells the age difference between the characters with performances so unique. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the roles played by Dhanush, who once again proves his versatility in two characters that are poles apart. It’s amazing how Dhanush plays the two characters so differently without any hangover of one character on the other.

Pattas isn’t the perfect festival entertainer but an in-form Dhanush and an equally terrific Sneha make this an engaging watch.

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