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Neru Movie Review: A realistic and mass-appealing courtroom drama that addresses societal issues

Modified On: 26 December 2023 | Reviewed By:

Neru Storyline: Set against the backdrop of the Indian legal system, Sara, a blind artist, seeks justice post a traumatic incident and she points the police to the culprit. But is the evidence strong enough to implicate him?


Director: Jeethu Joseph | Music Director: Vishnu Shyam

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Review: Neru vividly depicts a gripping and socially relevant courtroom drama. The film delves straight into the plot, focusing on the challenging circumstances surrounding a blind rape victim, Sara, who uses her skills as a sculptor to identify the perpetrator. The narrative then unfolds as a court procedural drama, exploring the power dynamics between the accused, a wealthy and politically influential individual, and the victim.

The film introduces a legal battle where the victim's fight for justice is pitted against the influence and wealth of the accused. Mohanlal delivers a superb subdued performance, which gives the film its wholesome temper. While it might seem that Mohanlal carries the film, it is a coming together of a superb, flawless cast, whether it is Santhi, Siddique, Priyamani, Jagadish, or Mathew Varghese, who plays the judge. Of course, Anaswara is the other star of the show, switching between vulnerability and grit with perfection. There is a final moment between Sara and Vijayamohan that both actors do so well, that it will leave a lump in the throat.

The work of, the director, Jeethu Joseph, is commendable for delivering a timely film that addresses important social issues. The portrayal of the legal system, the manipulation of evidence, and the victim's struggle for justice are depicted realistically, offering viewers a thought-provoking experience. The film is lauded for its well-crafted dialogues and significant moments that address issues like consent and the fight against injustice.

The interactions between characters are highlighted as special, portraying tender and respectful relationships, even in the face of tragedy—the skillful weaving of moments of fun within the family dynamic. The music by Vishnu Shyam and cinematography by Satheesh Kurup are also praised for complementing the film's tempo and capturing the essence of the characters and scenes.

The final scene, where the rape victim, Sara, reveals her face with pride, is a powerful and impactful moment in the film. The review acknowledges that while Mohanlal's performance may seem central, the overall success is attributed to the ensemble cast.

In conclusion, Neru is recognised as a realistic and mass-appealing courtroom drama that addresses societal issues and is likely to resonate with a wide audience.

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