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Neeyat Movie Review: This murder mystery will keep you hooked in parts

Modified On: 07 July 2023 | Reviewed By:

Neeyat Storyline: Neeyat is a murder mystery that takes place at a gothic Scottish castle during a stormy night.

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The story revolves around the death of Ashish Kapoor, an exiled billionaire, at his own birthday party. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes apparent that every guest in attendance has a motive to kill him, making them all prime suspects. CBI Officer Mira Rao must use her skills to solve the murder.

Review: Neeyat, directed by Anu Menon, presents a promising premise—a gothic Scottish castle, a stormy night, and a murder mystery with multiple suspects and motives. The film introduces us to a cast of characters attending a billionaire's birthday party, including the exiled Ashish Kapoor (Ram Kapoor) and his acquaintances. CBI officer Mira Rao (Vidya Balan), who initially arrives to extradite Ashish, ends up investigating his murder. While Neeyat has all the ingredients of a thrilling whodunit, it falls short in execution.

The film starts strongly, establishing the colorful characters and their relationships. The cinematography by Andreas Neo, art direction by Lydia Moss, and overall treatment of the film are commendable. However, as the mystery unfolds, the plot becomes thinner and relies too heavily on conveniently placed clues. Mira is often privy to important discussions while unconscious, and the presence of glow-in-the-dark socks and carelessly hidden papers behind mirrors feels clichéd. These elements make the unraveling of the mystery less compelling.

Vidya Balan portrays Mira Rao, the intelligent and awkward CBI officer, delivering a decent performance. While Balan's acting is commendable, it does not reach the heights of her previous roles in other films. Ram Kapoor shines in his portrayal of Ashish Kapoor, showcasing versatility in depicting the infamous tycoon's various emotions. Rahul Bose's portrayal of the party-hearty character feels loud and unconvincing, while Shashank Arora stands out as the troubled son, delivering impeccable dialogue timing. Neeraj Kabi and Niki Walia also deserve praise for their performances.

Neeyat is watchable primarily due to the performances and stylized presentation. It offers a few spooky scenes that add to the atmosphere. However, as a thriller, the movie lacks a tightly woven screenplay and sufficient suspense and surprise elements. The abundance of characters to investigate causes the pacing to dip, resulting in intermittent dragging of the narrative.

In total, Neeyat has potential but falls short of expectations. While the performances and stylization make it worth a watch, the film would have benefited from a stronger screenplay and more engaging suspense and surprise elements.

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