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Natasaarvabhowma Movie Review : A Revenge-Drama at its Core, Puneeth Rajkumar Starrer has all elements of a Good Commercial Entertainer.

Modified On: 07 February 2019 | Reviewed By:

Natasaarvabhowma, a Ghost revenge Drama, is an out-and-out Puneeth Rajkumar Show! It has all ingredients of a Commercial Entertainer, made purely for its target audience.


Director: Pavan Wadeyar | Music Director: D Imman

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Natasaarvabhowma tells the story of investigative journalist Gagan Dixit (Puneeth Rajkumar), who comes to Bengaluru in search of a person. In his quest, he unconsciously beats-up a Minister and a Criminal Lawyer. The answer to, is it a Ghost or Split Personality that is making him behave weird ? Forms rest of the plot.


Natasarvabhoma is a treat to all Appu Fans. Dance, Action , Drama, Comedy, Romance, Emotion and what not ? The movie showcases all dimensions of Puneeth's Talent. 

The plot is a simple revenge drama with some predictable and unpredictable twists. 

Actually, we predicted the Exact plot in out Trailer Decode, check it here :

Natasaarvabhowma Trailer Decode : Puneeth Rajkumar Starrer, A Promising Revenge-Action-Drama Entertainer! The Ghost is just an Alibi or for Real?

Except a few logical flaws, Screenplay is intriguing enough to keep you engaged throughout. The Ghost comedy tracks are good, they come organically into the screenplay. 

The first half goes in a fast pace , focussing mostly on comedy and Action. Ghost appearances are like cameos, which scares you first and then primarily gets into comedy track with chikanna, until interval. Rachita ram has major presence in first half only and brings in some chuckles.

In second half ,  flashback unfolds the romance between Puneeth and Anupama, which makes the pace of the film a bit slow until pre-climax. Major revealation happens in climax , till then director Pavan wadeyar keeps you guessing the reason behind Supernatural Behaviour of Puneeth, Ghost or split personality ?

The Action sequences designed by Peter Hein go over the Top, sometimes. Though shot beautifully, it maybe be little difficult to digest for normal Movie-Goers. Appu Fans would definitely love it.


Natasarvabhoma is an out-and-out Puneeth Rajkumar Show! You would like it as much as you like him. It has all ingredients of a Commercial Entertainer made purely for its target audience

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