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Movie Review: Hamare Baarah ⭐⭐⭐

Modified On: 21 June 2024 | Reviewed By:

Hamare Baarah storyline:"Hamare Baarah" revolves around Mansoor Ali Khan Sanjiri (Annu Kapoor), a devout Muslim with rigid views on family life.

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He faces opposition from his family, particularly his daughter Alfia (Aditi Bhatpahri), when he refuses to allow his young wife Rukshar (Ishlin Prasad) to terminate a risky pregnancy. Alfia seeks legal intervention with the help of lawyer Afreen (Ashwini Kalsekar), leading to a courtroom battle challenging Khan Saab's patriarchal authority and religious beliefs.


Director Kamal Chandra and writer Rajan Agarwal set up a compelling premise in "Hamare Baarah," exploring deeply rooted family dynamics and patriarchal oppression within the Sanjiri household. The narrative deftly portrays Khan Saab as a domineering figure whose orthodox beliefs clash with modern values, particularly concerning women's rights and reproductive choices.


Characterization: Annu Kapoor delivers a powerful performance as Khan Saab, portraying him as a complex character with unwavering convictions. His Urdu dialect adds authenticity, though his portrayal may come across as excessively loud.

Storytelling: The film effectively builds tension through its courtroom sequences, highlighting the clash between traditional values and modern aspirations. Alfia emerges as a symbol of defiance against patriarchal norms, portrayed convincingly by Aditi Bhatpahri.

Courtroom Drama: While occasionally loud, the courtroom scenes maintain high stakes and dramatic tension, reflecting the societal conflict at the heart of the story.

Acting: Ashwini Kalsekar impresses as Afreen, the assertive lawyer, while the supporting cast, including Paritosh Tripathi and Manoj Joshi, deliver notable performances despite some caricature-like portrayals.


Execution: The film occasionally leans towards melodrama and loud theatrics, diminishing the impact of its powerful themes. The half-baked love story subplot and forgettable music score detract from the main narrative.

Representation: Women characters, aside from Alfia and Afreen, are largely depicted as passive victims without agency, which undermines the film's message of empowerment.


"Hamare Baarah" effectively addresses themes of women's empowerment and challenges toxic patriarchal norms through its intense narrative and strong performances. Despite some shortcomings in execution and character portrayal, the film remains a poignant reflection on societal issues, urging audiences to confront ingrained prejudices and embrace progressive change.

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