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Motichoor Chaknachoor Movie Review: A one time watch which have some feel good moment.

Modified On: 15 November 2019 | Reviewed By:

Nawazuddin Siddique is fine as always but Athiya Shetty surprises with her fine performance.

Motichoor Chaknachoor

Director: Debamitra Biswal | Music Director: Bharat – Hitarth, Ramji Gulati, Arjuna Harjai, Amjad Nadeem Aamir, Siddhart Amit Bhavsar

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Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Athiya Shetty

Directed By: Debamitra Biswal

Anita Tripathi aka Ani (Athiya Shetty) has but one dream – to leave India for foreign shores and update her Facebook account with photos taken against the Statue of Liberty, or the London Eye or even the Burj Khalifa. If push comes to shove, she will settle for Pashupatinath Temple, but India will simply not do. She has decided she will marry a visa find a suitable boy who is settled in phoren and relocate post the saat pheras.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui a.k.a Pushpinder Tyagi. A Bhopal lad, who has been working in Dubai for the last seven years, his once-in-three-years visits home are in the hope of finding a bride. He is pushing 40 and hoping that the ‘laine of brides’ his mother (Vibha Chibber) keeps on bragging about will finally materialize.

Over the last few years, dramas centered on small-town India have become a sub-genre of their own. These films usually have second-tier stars, are committed to realism, and play out as comedies. Motichoor Chaknachoor snugly fits into that mold. Since it’s a film set in a small town, so its characters are defined by a ‘quirk’: here they’re not fluent in English.

The film takes an entire half to set up that premise, before taking another entire hour to unfold where Pushpinder and Anita's story could be headed. The lazy pace is the film's bane, you realize, as the intended rom-com spirit gives way to boredom. 

Director Debamitra Biswal and co-writer Bhupendra Singh "Meghvrat" struggle to create any memorable characters, too. Normally, Bollywood's smalltown films have lately thrived on two factors. The first is these films often use the peculiarities of smalltown India to set up absorbing moods and situations in the narrative -especially pertaining to humor. The second is small towns provide ceaseless ideas for interesting characters.

The film also fails to capitalise on the prospective odd couple chemistry you had hoped to see, given the pairing of Nawazuddin and Athiya. For a rom-com that can be quite a downer.

The film can be watchahble some of the comical moment and Athiya's surprising performance.

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