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Luka Chuppi Movie Review : A Tale of Lies and Misunderstandings, But not to the Point

Modified On: 01 March 2019 | Reviewed By:

Lukka chuppi is a light heart Rom-Com. it is a sure-shot Entertainer and keeps you engaged throughout the show, but not beyond. it lacks a substantial Story. Made purely for its target audience, youth, it is definitely a one-time watch.

Luka Chuppi

Director: Laxman Utekar | Music Director: Badshah

Luka Chuppi Movie Poster

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Set in a small town of Mathura, Lukka Chuppi a couple (Karthik and Kriti) who decides to get into a live-in relationship. In a series of lies and misunderstandings, their families get to know that they are already married. Though their families have accepted them but they didn't had a real marriage yet. will they succeed in getting Truly married? forms rest of the plot.


Though the story is already revealed in Trailer, the screenplay and direction keep you intrigued and curious throughout. The movie delivers what it promised, Entertainment and Humour. Lukka chuppi tries to target the stigma around live-in relationship but chooses not to touch the uncomfortable aspect of it. There is no real opposition or Struggle anywhere, everything is a minor conflict that gets resolved on its own. Perhaps it's a choice to make it a light-hearted Entertainer, that everything comes easy to the Lead couple. Movie Also tries to satire the political scenario in UP but plays it very safe.

The movie opens with a subplot explaining the opposition to live-ins in our society, then it completely dwells into lives of our leading couple. The rise of love, episode, between them is fast paced , as we already know the main agenda of the film isn't their love but what happens after that. Then the remaining story is somewhat all there in the trailer itself. First the neighbors then the families get shocked, but none are extremists and get convinced or give up easily.

The characters are very underdeveloped including the leading pair, There are situational chuckles bought in by them but none makes a lasting impression, except to some extent Pankaj Tripathi’s character, who with his comical mannerism steals the show in some scenes. The motives of each character deviate to fit in the narrative of the movie. like in Kriti salon's character who is not happy in second half with fake marriage gets ready to get married even with burning papers and mantras from youtube as seen in trailer, that sounds confusing and drags the second half with repeated attempts expecting different results.

Background score is a major highlight to the movie , it just sets your mood before the scenes even begin. Songs are majorly remixes so they are already chartbusters.

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