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Lootcase Movie Review: A Quirky Dark Comedy with well written characters

Modified On: 03 August 2020 | Reviewed By:

Lootcase is a fun entertaining film with an average story but well-written characters with some amazing performances.


Director: Rajesh Krishnan | Music Director:

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Cast: Kunal Kemmu, Rasika Dugal, Ranvir Shorey, Vijay Raaz, Gajraj Rao

Director: Rajesh Krishnan

A Loot and a suitcase merge into Lootcase. This fun dark comedy is an entertaining watch and works most of the time because of its well-written characters and a bunch of awesome actors.

Kunal Kemmu plays Nandan Kumar, a technician at the printing press, with a nagging wife played by talented Rasika Duggal. Nandan is a normal middle-class guy who doesn't have money which makes him and his family fulfil there needs. One night he gets fortune in the shape of a suitcase which he calls 'Anand Petekar'(to know why you have to watch the film) which is filled with loads of cash and from there Nandan life's changes but there are goons, minister and a cop who are in search of it. The situations Nandan faces further is the crux of the story.

Lootcase can easily come in the genre of dark comedy and its theme is quite similar to Delhi Belly and the recent Amazon Prime Video Kannada film French Biriyani.

The film becomes interesting due to the actors and there interesting quirkiness like Vijay Raaz as Bala who is a Nat Geo addict and uses animals examples to make people understand the situation or Gajraj Rao who is a cunning calculative and extremely manipulative minister who makes people work with his sarcastic puns. And I like to mention one more brilliant actor Vijay Nikam who is boss of Nandan in his printing press who is hilarious in one scene-stealing scene where he talks about his father to Nandan.

The chemistry between Kunal Kemmu and Rasika Duggal is also one of the highlights of the film where they use Chinese cuisine as a metaphor for there Dirty Talks which goes well with the middle-class trait of these two characters. 

One interesting aspect of the film is how it shows us the true intentions of Nandan behind bringing the bag home. In a fight with his wife, he puts the blame squarely on her and her aspirations in life. But we saw how he almost humps the suitcase with affection so perhaps that reasoning never really lands. Later in the film, Nandan is faced with the same dilemma again, which is how we learn of his true self.

The film has lot of funny dialogues which is mainly derived from mistaken instructions and contemporary references like Ranvir Shorey says to Kunal Kemmu when he sits at the backseat of the police vehicle, Is this uber sit at the front.

The film also showcases the characteristics of an urban city where greed is the necessity of life.

Only weak lin of the films its sense of urgency to unfold the film with a cliche climax which is quite predictable with this genre of comedy. 

This lockdown you can enjoy fn driven film with no obscenity and crass comedy. You can watch it in Disney+Hotstar.

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